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**NEW!** Real Time Verified GSA Auto Approve Lists - 300K+ per month - site lists [by loopline] **

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Blue Box Real Time Sync
Blue Box is my custom solution that is the first of its kind for GSA SER lists.  With Blue Box sync every new auto approve target that I acquire is auto synced into your copy of GSA SER in real time as I verify it.

No more waiting days or weeks for a new list release.  No more remembering to login and download the new list.  No more having to go to each project and import it or set it up as a global list.  No more Hassle.

All you have to do is set it up the first time.  Once Blue Box is integrated with your copy of GSA SER, you don’t have to mess with it again.  Simply build your campaigns like normal, set the filters you want and SER will auto build links to existing and new campaigns using my auto approve lists.

  • New Targets Added in Real Time
  • No Hassles
  • Broken Targets Periodically Removed
  • Updated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Master Lists
Regular Auto Approve lists are also available.  These lists will contain the same database of targets that Blue Box does.  Every 10 days the latest database of urls will be loaded into the members area for manual download.

  • Works with GSA SER and other programs
  • Includes the entire database of working URLs
  • All Broken targets from prior lists are automatically removed
  • New targets added
  • Included with Monthly Membership
  • Updated every 10 days

Limited 1 Off Lists
1 Off lists are a 1 time purchase.  1 Off list purchases are sold to non monthly members.  All monthly members automatically get all the targets from the 1 off lists.  They are automatically loaded into Blue Box as well as the Master lists in the members area.  More information follows later down the page.

  • Includes a portion of the database of good URLs
  • New Lists 1-3+ times per month.

Auto-Approve Verified
All urls are auto approve verified, no waiting for a moderator to approve your links.  All you have to do is load them GSA SER and it will do the rest. (unless you are using Blue Box, then they are auto loaded for you)  This saves you from having to do all of the following:

  • Source proxies for scraping
  • Scrape targets
  • Post to them
  • Check Verification emails
  • Verify found links
  • PR Data is also included with many of the urls.


Membership – Best Value

A monthly membership is the best way to take your rankings to the top.  Monthly members get Blue Box real time sync as well as the master lists (same targets as Blue Box, but for anyone not wanting to use Blue Box, or if using lists with another program besides GSA SER).  Monthly members get all the targets from all the 1 off lists I release, plus targets that are not released to 1 off list buyers.

  • Blue Box
  • Includes the entire database of good URLs
  • All 1 off lists
  • Exclusive targets not released to 1 off buyers

Every full monthly subscriber gets ongoing access to ALL auto-approve lists as well as Blue Box Real Time Sync.

In the past, I sold lists individually, but this was not the most cost-effective solution for many of my customers.

I release new lists at least 3 times per month – sometimes more. That means I’m constantly refreshing and adding new URLs. If you bought these lists separately, you’d be spending well over $100 every month on average.

My customers asked me for a better solution, and I’m happy to accommodate…

For a low subscription of just $58 per month, you can now get ongoing access to ALL the lists.

With a monthly subscription, you get WAY more value and more URLs. Rather than buying just one list here and there, you get the total volume of URLs: over 300,000 per month.  New targets constantly added and broken ones removed.

It just makes more sense for your wallet – AND the wide range of URLs ensures that you are diversifying your link-building, which Google loves.


1 Off Lists

1 Off lists are for those users that don’t need to do a lot of link building, or those wanting to test out the service.  This is the most expensive option long term.

  • One and done purchase with no reoccurring subscription
  • The least expensive option upfront, but the most expensive option long term
  • A portion of the total links available in the database
  • 1 Off list purchases do not have access to Blue Box real time sync

Some customers still prefer to only purchase an occasional list for link building on markets that don’t have high competition, or to supplement their own link building efforts.  Others just want to trail the service without spending as much today or signing up for a subscription.

1 off lists are the way to go if this is what you need.  I do not strip out the top quality links, like contextual, dofollow, links that allow anchors etc… You still get the same quality of list that the full members get.

I do however release additional lists that are exclusive for full members that are not sold as 1 off lists.  If you buy 2 or more 1 off lists per month you will be spending the same or more on average then a full membership and getting half or less of the total targets and benefits.

1 off lists are also often severely limited in the number of copies sold, as all full members get all 1 off lists so in order to maintain quality I limit the number of 1 off list sales accordingly.


You will need Captcha solving to take advantage of these lists.  I recommend GSA Captcha Breaker, if you do not already have it.  It is a 1 time purchase and you can use it as much as you want.

100% of my lists are built ONLY using GSA Captcha Breaker!  No more buying human solving services or monthly subscription services for captcha solving!


Read More




1 Off lists can be purchased on the 1 off page, click below to view currently available 1 off lists.

Purchase 1 Off Lists


Let one of my current Blue Box sync users sum it up for me:



  • looplineloopline
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  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    @loopline I can't see any 1-off lists available or am I missing something?
  • looplineloopline
    Oh yes, sorry, I failed to specify that.  My mistake.  I am still working on the membership side of the house.  I have a lot of tweaking and improving I want to do and then new things I want to offer to add value to the membership side. 

    I just got done launching a promo list, but it will be a couple days yet before I really have a unqiue enough list to launch another.  Ill message you the promo list details if you would like to purchase. 
  • Sub'ed.   Can't wait to give this a try. :)
  • looplineloopline
      Thanks for subbing!  I just activated your blue box account, let me know if you have any issues.  Feedback is also welcome, both constructive and positive, I strive to improve my products in any way I can. 
  • I actually do have a few questions but i'll PM  you with those. :)
  • I am really Happy to see Matt start Offering GSA Auto Approve List.. He is one of the Best Seller in the Market.. I will surely buy the List next Month....
  • Yeah, I was a buyer of Matt's list for Scrapebox (irrelevant for me now), and I can say that
    his list are always was top notch.

    Also Matt made tons of tutorials on link building and etc.
    I recommend you to find and watch them.
  • looplineloopline
    @tutughosh and @Crownvic thanks for the feedback, Im glad you always found my lists top quality and that you found my videos helpful.

    Thanks to all who signed up and haven't posted as well. 
  • Just signed up. Looking to get started now :)
  • looplineloopline
     Thanks for signing up!  I just activated your Blue Box account and you should be all set. 
  • Thanks. Got that all set now.
  • looplineloopline
    Your welcome, glad you were able to get it all setup ok. 

    Also I was having some issues with the videos in the members area, Ive worked on them and I think they should stream fine for everyone now, although perhaps with a bit of initial buffer time.  If anyone has issues with them, please let me know. 
  • looplineloopline
    If anyone notices that the size of the list is getting smaller over the course of the next couple days thats because there is a list purge in process.  Multiple times per month I go thru and purge the list and remove broken targets.  New targets are also being added while broken targets are being removed so it may also just seem to hover around the same size. 

    As for overall news Im currently scaling servers and moving around the slow ones to faster server companies, so the rate at which lists are produced will go up shortly, although current list size exceeds 100K verified urls. 

    Also new features coming in Sept, at which point price will go back up to $58. 
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    Just subscribed to the monthly service. 
    Looking forward to using it. Anything that Matt does is great!

    Thank you Matt. 
  • @loopline very interested in subscribing but i can see on current list there are only 55 bookmarking sites and that is the module i am most interested in, do you think the list size for BM will grow over time to be at least a couple hundred?
  • looplineloopline
      Thanks for signing up and for the kind words!  I just activated your Blue Box account.

    The stats on the home pages are manually updated, and I haven't updated them in 14 days now.  That said, social bookmarks are not something that are readily abundant in verified auto approve lists.  For example, here is the current stats:
    Category - Social Bookmark....: 76

    Bearing in mind that part of the database is unavailable, due to a broken links purge (when I purge broken links parts of the database are unavailable at different times while they are being purged) so by the time that finishes tomorrow or late today, there will be more, but not a lot more, less then 100 probably. 

    However I have done a lot of research in this and if you go look at any verified list stats here on the forum, you will find very low social bookmarks.  For example, another quality list provider is SERlists, and here is the stats of their most recent red list, which is the largest one they offer.

    You will see social bookmarks:
    Category – Social Bookmark….: 85

    I have not really looked into why this is or if I can specifically target bookmarks, but given the overall average of what I have seen in my tests and other providers, its not something that is going to be available in bulk.  So the answer to your question is "maybe" there will be more, if they are available and if SER can target them, but "probably" not. 

    Either way thanks for the interest. 
  • Hey Matt, 
    I wanted to get this too, but the social bookmarking module is what I am also interested in... I almost purchased UD today because of it.
  • looplineloopline
    @itsmytime and @mdsurf I guess that means Ill be exploring bookmarks to see if its something that SER can do a lot of and if there are lot of targets out there. 

    If you want to sign up here:

    Ill send out a mail if its something that I can do. Im taking my kids to teh zoo and aquarium and stuff this weekend for labor day weekend here in the US, so Ill be stlll working, but working less.  When I get back to the office next week Ill look into it.  Thanks for the feedback. 
  • Hi Loopline , i wanna know how you're planning to manage your list sells. Will you set a user-limit for the lists, so it won't be over-used by a lot of people , and then loose its efficiency in ranking our websites ?
  • looplineloopline
      Yes there is already a limit.  There will be a max of 100 members per list.  So each 100 members that joins will get put into a group that gets a unique list with a unique cluster of servers producing that list. 

    So lets say that 200 people join.  The first 100 will be put into group 1 and the next 100 people will go into group 2. 

    Group 1 will have a cluster of servers that are producing lists and merging it into 1 large live synced list to that group 1 user base. 

    Group 2 will have a different cluster of servers that will start with different "starting points" and will build a different list and that list is all merged into 1 large list that is live synced to that group. 

    Given the size and scope of the internet, I can't guarantee that there will not be some bleed over between the lists, but there are many different points at which to start building lists and many different ways to approach it.  In fact there are so many that I often find myself chasing too many different paths and I have to rein things in and focus my testing and experiments.  lol 

    Needless to say of course that it is the internet so just because I have a target in one of my groups or even in multiple there is nothing to stop any person from scraping that target from a search engine and using it.  So I of course can't guarantee that no one else will be using the targets in my lists.

    That said the other end of the spectrum, which is what your referring to, is that if 2000 people all start using the same list it dies very fast and is ineffective. 

    So thus 100 members is the max per list group. 

    Another thing I do with the live sync is to purge the broken links.  I just finished a list purge so, so all broken targets that I could not build a new link on, were removed.  So by purging broken targets multiple times per month it keeps the lists fresh and effective.

    So by limiting the number of people that can receive a list, and by also keeping the lists fresh, use of the lists is both efficient and effective for everyone.
  • Just signed up and got the blue box setup and I don't think my SER setup has ever made so many verified links! 

    I have purchased other verified lists before and none have performed like blue box has. 
  • edited September 2014
    Yeah his real time sync targets are off the chain. I have got as high as 80% verification to submission rates not including blogspot, indexers, video & url shorteners & a few others.
  • Yeah, I'm running a contextual right now and only if CB could break that AltoCMS-LiveStreet captcha then I would be in business :) 
  • Hey loopline,
    I have a question about your auto approve list, do I need ser engines to utilize the full power of the list?
  • looplineloopline
    Thanks for the feedback and glad that your getting great success!

    Also thanks for the great feedback!

    No.  I will be adding SERengines, reCapthca Targets and Text Captcha targets, all down the track.  They will all be optional though.  Meaning SER engines will probably be in with the regular lists, but Ill have a separate blue box folder specifically for reCaptcha and Text captcha targets, so that if you don't want to utilize them then it won't slow things down, but if you do want them you can bring them in as well. 
  • Yep Deff loving this and well worth the money. :)
  • Hello loopline. Please send a PM with your skype id.
  • looplineloopline
    Glad you loving it! Sent you a message as well.

    Message you. 
  • just signed up and went to sign up for social networks sites but the vast majority of the sites were coming up as engine not regonized (i got less then 50 total sign ups for the entire SN list), what's going on here?
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