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GSA Script Editor (Notepad++ SER Edition)

edited April 2013 in New Engines/Platforms
Anyone who likes to build, edit and improve GSA scripts has to use an editor. Search Engine Ranker uses simple *.ini files which are stored in your program directory (...\Program Files (x86)\GSA Search Engine Ranker\Engines). To open and edit these *.ini files you can use text editors like MS-Editor, PSPad or Notepad++. 

Notepad++ is well known for his ability to add an user defiened (script) language to change the look and feel of your scripts. As the latest version of Notepad++ doesn't support some highlighting options yet we have to use a patched beta version. Please take a look at the README file once you have downloaded and unzip Notepad++ GSA Edition if you want to know more about this.

Included to this editor is a GSA Script Helper File which is a converted version of the official script manual of GSA Search Engine Ranker. You will find this file in your ...\Notepad++ GSA Edition\scripts folder.


Single View

Dual View

GSA Script Helper

New: Calltips (press "CTRL+Space")

I'd open an *.ini but it doesn't look like in the screenshots?
- make sure you opened the right notepad++ executable. There are 2 executables in your folder. You need to open notepad++2.exe
- every time you open a new document you have to change the language. Please change it to "GSA Script" (Language -> GSA Script)


1. Unzip "Notepad++ GSA" and move the unzipped folder to a directory of your choice (c:/desktop/ OR C:/program files/)

2. Open "Notepad2++.exe"
ATTENTION!!! There are two exe-files in the main folder. YOU HAVE to open Notepad2++.exe AND NOT notepad++.exe (*)

3. Open "GSA - Scripting.txt". You find this textfile in your script directory of your notepad++ installation (C:/program files/notepad++ gsa/SCRIPTS)

You could also open a script from GSA, but I advice you to BACKUP THEM FIRST before you touch any of them! Copy these scriptfiles from ".../program files/gsa search engine ranker/engines/" to ".../notepad++ gsa/scripts". You can open/edit these files within the script-folder safely.

4. Change the "Language" to GSA Script (-> Language -> GSA Script). You should see the difference now to the normal text language.

5. This package has an auto-safe plugin installed. Go to "Plugins -> Auto-Safe -> Options" and change the settings if you want to. (**)

6. If you don't like the colors of the highlights or want to add new variables you have to click "View -> User-Defined Dialogue...", choose "GSA Script" (User language) and move to the "Keywords Lists"-tab.
To change colors you have to click "Styler" analouge to the group. To add a new variable you have enter "CTRL + Enter key" to add a new line.

(*) (**) USE THIS SOFTWARE AT OWN RISKS! This is not an offical release of Notepad++. There are 3 major changes compared to the latest notepad++ release.
I. This is version 5.9.3 of Notepad++. This is not the latest realease but you have to use this until Notepad++ supports "Multi Part Keywords" officially
II.  In order to have necessary highlighting options in the user define dialogue I had to add a patched notepad++ version. There are two patched files. (Notepad2++.exe and SciLexer2.dll) which you won't find in any offical release of notepad++
If you want to know more about it:
Source: (Patch version "")
III. Auto-Safe Plugin.

Recent Changes:
- v0.1 released
- v0.15 released (only some small fixes)
- v0.2 released: implemented calltips (press "crtl+space), minor changes and fixed, new keywords


  • Great work Ozz.  This should help until we have the platform trainer, and possibly still be very useful afterword for fine tuning.
  • Ah, so you're the Ozz who's been sending Sven all those new platforms, eh! Thanks for this!
  • Usefull, was already using notepad++, so will give this a go

    Thanks a lot.
  • I think the download link is down...can you give another link?
  • OzzOzz
    edited September 2012
    Updated to v0.15:

    Hopefully its working as I've tried to improve this edition yesterday.
    However, this version has some added and fixed keywords. Just remember to open notepad++2. The manual and the web2.0-template are in the /script folder. Once you have opened a document, change language to "GSA Script".

    Next release should have cooltips (=auto complete variables). Thats what I'm working on atm.

    PS: FU@mediafire

    Edit: changed mediafire url once again, as the first version was in german?? let me know if everything is working fine.
  • Nope, not working at the moment...
  • OzzOzz
    edited September 2012
    wow, blocked for file validation again (it's all freeware, but I don't know if mediafire blocks this by default, someone at notepad++ or a reader of this forum doesn't like it)

    thanks for letting me know. I will try to find another solution/filehoster.
  • edited September 2012
    Encrypt/Zip it with password and upload it again, then it should work without any problems (until someone reports it what I don't think).
  • yes. that's the route I will take for now.
  • I think they have scanning tasks which have lists with databases of software (their checksums). Looks like notepad ++ is contained in such a list.
  • Download link is not working...
  • I know. I try to add something to the next version first before I upload it again.
  • The link is working. You have to copy the url and put it directly in the browser without  instead of clicking in the link. Mediafire ban some sites.

  • thanks! thats good to know.
    however, next release is coming soon.
  • I downloaded the file, I already had installed notepad++ can I just add some files or do I have to install this version?
  • OzzOzz
    edited September 2012
    No, you should just unzip that file and put it in a folder you like to like "../programmes/Notepad++ GSA". Its like a portable version.

    This is needed because it make use of 2 patches for "multi line keywords" which are not supported by the latest NP++ release yet.

    Of course you don't have to use your original NP++, but not at the same time. Just make a link to "Notepad++2.exe" on your desktop and open it when needed.
  • OzzOzz
    edited September 2012
    v0.2 uploaded:

    new: calltips (press "ctrl+space")

    Its not perfect though, but a nice addon I think.
  • are there any alternative downloads for the 
    GSA Script Helper File for NP++ 
    dont need NP++ have it already, however doesnt matter for me i would take the whole package as well
    all download links are broken and dont carry the file
  • OzzOzz
    edited September 2012
    you need the whole package as a necessary addon is not supported by the official np++ software. just unzip the file in a different folder and always open "notpad++2.exe".
    you don't need to uninstall your other np++. both versions will work fine but you can't run them at the same time.
  • Thanks Ozz you super genius. Downloading this now... it will save a stack of time. Cheers NR
  • Anyone have a link that works?
  • Thanks d3ad. Nice community you have here Sven 
  • fixed in OP. thanks d3ad
  • bumping a year old thread , is it possible to add the gsa script to already installed npp .
  • SvenSven
    To bad but @Ozz somehow disappeared. I hope nothing serious happened to him and he is well.  :-S
    Thanked by 1the_other_dude
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