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  • @penumbra,just a couple of days to go. :)
  • if a few of big player use the list, will they be spam to death? so how is quality possible?
    anyone have good success from it?  

    not to offend, just curious how you by pass it or not?
  • @young_gooner These lists are fresh right? I can buy them now and get a new fresh list? :)

    Also, do these lists overlap with each other, or are they unique?
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    You have 150.000 contextual unique domain targets where you can post your link?
  • penumbrapenumbra Antarctica
    What captcha services you used when verifying these links?
  • 1957525979 our lists are ONLY sold to 50 people maximum,so quality is still maintained eLeSlash  yes,thats correct @penumbra,we recommend reverseproxies ocr and gsa captcha breaker.
  • @metster you dont have to worry about the quality,the quality of our lists,its the best out there! just try the small package and see for yourself
  • @young_gooner What is the average verification time for the contextual links? Do they get verified instantly or do I have to wait a few days?
  • @monie,it generally depends on the platforms,some get verified faster than others.
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    pending customer service response. 
  • @black what do u exactly mean? i accepted your skype request, :)
  • !!!!AVOID THIS SCAM!!!.

    Purchased the "giant" list last month. Received the list and the welcome email:

    "Thanks for your purchase.Enclosed is the Giant Killer List. In two weeks time you will receive another fresh, updated list.Don't forget to follow the pdf guide."

    I NEVER received the fresh updated list promised. I email support on OCTOBER 5th to inquire about the updated list. Response was to check spam and inbox. NOTHING THERE.

    I got charged $60 via auto rebill. I requested a refund of the money BEFORE he sent the list.

    I requested the refund HERE: ( 1:13 AM OCTOBER 12 )

    You sent me the list at : ( 2:12 AM OCTOBER 12)

    At this time I got him on skype and his responses were fucking garbage.

    [9:56:52 AM] ME: send me the refund for the second transaction
    [9:57:20 AM] ME: we can look at the list sent as fixing the problem with first purchase not receiving the "updated fresh list in 2 weeks"
    [9:58:22 AM] Young gooner: We DONT OFFER UPDATES ANYMORE. Just check our website,we usually update any info regarding our services

    Then why the fuck did your welcome email say to expect a new list to be sent in 2 weeks?

    He blamed me for not reaching out to customer support via other means other then his company email support. LOL. His lists are garbage and customer service is even worse. STAY AWAY

  • Dude you are just crazy,thats all i have to tell you.
  • Yes,i told you,emails are sent automatically,the emails are pre set the same way,so thats why you recieved an email containing the same message that is always sent to anyone who purchases,but if you are our regular customer,you can check our site,we update any info regarding our services..
    You say our lists are garbage? Lol, Good luck in finding "Good" lists, i am CONFIDENT our lists are the BEST out there, you just dont know how to use them thats why you call them garbage,instead of asking for help regarding the lists, all you do is talk garbage to me, calling us "fake ass company" well good luck to you finding a real ass company
  • you told me in skype the emails are sent by someone. how is it sent automatically if the list was sent hours after purchase? Clearly not automatic. why the hell would i check your website for updates when the welcome email clearly states i will be getting an update in 2 weeks for a fresh list. THAT MAKES ZERO SENSE. If you make changes to your product why don't you also CHANGE THE EMAIL preset. Anyone with a brain can figure that one out. AVOID THIS SCAM ASS COMPANY.
  • Ok,you know everything, =D>   =D>
  • nope, i don't. but i know a shitty company when i see one and i hope the rest of the world can see how this guy does business. 
  • I will not argue with you my friend. Good Luck to you..
  • sure np, i'll just have to chargeback. fucking waste of time and neg PR for all parties involved. what a sad way to do business.
  • how you talk potrays your image,not my image,so you can do what you want my friend,we have very happy customers and if anyone doesn't like the list,you simply just cancel the billing,its not difficult.
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    how you respond to your unhappy customer portrays your "company" not the consumer. placing the blame on the customer (blaming me for expecting an updated list because your welcome email EXPLICITLY says to expect one and then saying i shouldve read your website to see that its been discontinued) is a huge redflag that should tell people to stay far from your company. 
  • Listen,once again am repeating,we changed the update system,remember we provide contextual lists,not crappy comment links,so.if you had a problem with our list from the beginning,you could have asked for help in regards to the list,instead of coming out and saying we are a fake company..Anyway,Good Luck to you in your IM journey.
  • bestimtoolzbestimtoolz High PR WEB 2.0 posting service - affordable !
    The quality can provides only FCS Networker when you create your own private blogs. SER is perfect for 2nd and lower tiers. You can`t expect quality with the blogs spammed to death by anyone who is able register there and drop the links.
  • @bestimtoolz, you may be right about FCS Networker,i'v never used it,but all i hear is good things about it..BUT GSA SER is more powerful,1million times,its just that people don't know how to use it AT ALL. the people who purely use gsa to rank their sites,NEVER share their tactics to the public,so all these myths about ohh GSA is for "lower tiers only" ohh, ultimate demon is "good "for tier 1, is just bs ,people fall for these myths instead of learning how to use the software and experimenting..Thats how Big companies do their SEO. Experiment,find the method that works,and Cash in,Simple! :) GSA is the GODFATHER of SEO tools,thats all i can say  \m/   \m/
  • and here you are selling $60 lists...oh the irony.
  • and by the way, at original time of purchase you did NOT have anything on your website about cancelling the fresh updated lists in 2 weeks. Changing your product AFTER someone purchased it based on what was offered at the time of sale is fucking fraudulent.
  • @blackhat you have issues,i will not argue with you any more,
  • yeah because you're a fraud. You'd rather deal with this bullshit then do the right thing and deliver what was promised or refund me.
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