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SEO has changed from the past years and as we speak ,we all know the recent google updates.We know what Google likes and what Google doesn't like.So its up to us to give Google what they want and in return they will give us what we need,plain and simple! Thats the rule of life,you take,i give ,you give,i take,SIMPLE! and this applies to SEO as well. So i'l just go straight to the point,what you need in order to rank in 2014 is CONTEXTUAL LINKS +social signals , plain and simple! :)

Feed Google with these links and Google will give u higher rankings on their search engine.So,how do you get contextual links?and how many can you get?remember SEO is a balance of quality and quantity too.Even though the days of spamming are almost over ,still you need a reasonable amount of links(GOOD QUALITY) to start ranking. Finding a huge list of contextual links can be hard,costly,tiresome,and needs a lot of effort.
First of all you will need
1.At least 5o private proxies -$40 and above,depending on which provider you use
2.scraping software-scrapebox or gscraper-$52 and $68 respectively,
3.HUGE footprints to scrape for more targets
4.dedicated server or a powerful vps-over $100(i recommend Powerup Hosting,in my opinion they have the best  vps and dedi's out there) 5.Knowledge on how to get good targets-this type of knowledge has no price tag yet,but its on a higher side ;)

In short you need to have reasonable resources to be able to scrape for good targets.So thats where our services come in,to reduce cost,resources,work,all you do is import the list  that will be sent to you through email by us in gsa,and start seeing your  VPM(verification per minute) rise.

We have 3 types of lists that will cater for anyone who is serious in uplifting his SEO game
 pocket hercules list Buy Now Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by dark horse list Buy Now Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by giant killer list Buy Now Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by

With our lists you can directly link to your site(tier1) and get NO PENALTIES AT ALL..BUT,you have to set up some filters and also lower the threads to make sure you dont build tons of links to your money site in one day. Our site lists are of high quality and NOBODY in the market has access to this list yet.We are not here to hype you up or anything,we believe our Gsa Ser List will 100% help you improve your, try out our services.If you are interested for a bigger list,pm me on gsa forum  @ young_gooner or contact us  here

When you purchase one of the above lists,you will recieve an email with the lists and also a "HOW TO GUIDE" on how to set up your projects to maximize and get the best out of the high quality list.I 100% GUARANTEE THIS WILL BE THE BEST LIST YOU HAVE EVER PURCHASED.
If you encounter ANY problem whatsover with any list,pm me and i will look into it,immediately and sort it out.
 p.s Due to time difference expect a reply after an hour or two.


  • For those interested pm me for a 15% off discount.ONLY THE FIRST 50 PEOPLE!
  • Just to confirm, all these lists are for Identified links ? Or is there any Verified list as well?

    I am asking this because, even i scrape with Gscraper with good footprints but usually get only 700-800 links verified from 100k-200k unique urls (from unique domains) 
  • Ofcourse verifed, the first type of list(PH List) has over 100k pure contextual targets,thats the same list that i had it run on gsa for almost a week and i got over 25k verified,keep in mind i was NOT  using a 3rd party solving service,(death by captcha,recaptcher etc) ..Yesterday  i imported the same list using only death by captcha and am amazed within 40 mins i got 3k+unique domains,   another unique domains
  • 150k contexuals for $51? Hmm that's tempting..
  • @bangkoklad,yes thats i right,but i hope you read the sales page properly. :)
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    150k unique contextuals (unique doains)? All verified within the last week? If so PM me the discount
  • @theseo1, the giant killer list is  FRESH identified list,that has been recently scraped,so basically you will the first one posting to these domains,so chances of you getting verified links out of this list is down to you and your resources. :)
  • Thanks, just last question. In social network, many engines are not contextuals, so i hope those are not included in the lists stats.
  • you are right not all of them but some social networks are contextuals.also,i wanna tell u,that ALL social networks are a huge factor in ranking CURRENTLY, especially after this new "pigeon update" infact,i ranked soley a blogspot site,medium competition within  a week with only social networks,i will make a review video once i get my microphone from amazon by next i find it shocking to see people ignoring social signals like social networks,
  • Ok I'm a bit confused, since identified is nothing superb with 100k unique domains to be honest. Basically what package has what amount of unique contextuals :) ?
  • I think only 1st list (Pocket hercules list) has verified contextual  links, others 2 lists have identified links from all the engines. Correct me if i am wrong
  • Ok,let me put this straight,as u can see above there are 3 types of list.
    1.Power hercules list
    2.Dark horse list
    3.Giant Killer list.

    The PH list consists of verified unique contexual only links
    The DH list consists of all types of engines,not only contexual links
    The GK list consists of pure contexual IDENTIFIED list,BUT out of this list,the amount of verified links are endless,am running the list right now,and here are the stats below 

    12k unique (1)
    and thats around 3hrs now,its still running,so the potential this list has is endless,its all down to your resources,invest a little more on 2nd captcha solving service,and you will be amazed,how this list can improve your seo to another level :)
  • I'm interested, please PM me the coupon code :-)

    Many thanks!

  • altocms (1) Just a sneak peak of the free update list you will recieve.. been focusing more on altocms live street.Pure 16k unique domains :) more to come ;)
  • @young_gooner Have been scraping contextual list like crazy for the past few months, interested to buy PH.

    Drop me your discount code, might end up buying all of them :P. 
  • Bought the Hercules list. I was amazed to see how well it worked!
    will definitely buy again and recommend to friends. Great support too :)
  • Please PM me the coupon code

  • I'm Interested. Please send the coupon code.
  • Hi @young_gooner, I'm interested in your Gaint Killer list and the huge amount of contextual links. I've one question. Is your list scraped from Google? The reason I ask is, I prefer "Google Indexed" links.

    And what's this offer? "P.S You will get a free update based on keywords of your choice after 2weeks of purchase"

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    @olve1954, thats a free customized list,that you will get after 2weeks, based on a keyword of your choice,meaning the links will be relevant according to your keywords.
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     just a quick update,most of you guys were asking for zendesk,well,here's a quick sneak peak 

    zendesk screen shot  X_X
  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    Looks good...can you pm me a discount code please?
  • what are you using for an OCR program to solve all of zendesk
  • edited August 2014
    @tommy89 ,i will announce soon,kindly wait  :D
  • can I please get a pm of the discount code
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