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    Awaiting for the list. :)
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  • young_gooner 
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    Waiting for the list :)
  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    edited September 2014

    I thought I would post my review and experiences with the list seller @young_gooner.

    I initially purchased the list advertised in this sales thread. However, on page 1 of this sales thread, you'll see 2 screenshots of alto cms sites and zendesk sites. The numbers looked phenomenal.

    Alto cms: 16402
    Zendesk: 200731

    I contacted him on skype to see if it was for sale. After a lot of sales spiel he wanted to sell the list for $500, but after, made me feel special by offering it for $300. Over 200k unique contextual platforms, I thought that I would give it a go.

    I followed his instructions and imported the list into a campaign and let it run. I also had special proxies and recaptcha solving with dbc as backup. Didn't get many links though.

    I imported the list into ser using the "import urls and identify" option to see what ser made of the urls. After removing duplicate domains, I was pretty shocked to see the actual numbers for unique domains.

    Alto cms: 1200
    Zendesk: 12,000

    Quite a big difference from the screenshots he advertised on page 1 of this sales thread! The zendesk sites were all subdomains on Pretty worthless links.

    I spoke to him on skype and at first he said there was a problem with ser and how it removes duplicate domains. He reassured me that the list had only unique domains. I believed him as it sounded like he knew what he was talking about.

    Regardless, I pasted the list into excel and sorted urls A-Z and also into scrapebox. In all cases, the list was filled with duplicate domains. After contacting him a 2nd time, he then appologised and admitted his error and promised to replace the list. He did provide another list a few days later but nothing close to 200K unique contextual platforms.

    To make matters worse, my $300 purchase was set up as an automatic recurring subscription. I had no idea this was the case as I would have cancelled it weeks ago. So to my surprise, he billed me $300 again today and sent me an updated list. I just looked at the updated list and can see tons of duplicate subdomains of and!

    He either is clueless to the concept of what constitutes a unique domain and a sub domain. He feels multiple instances of subdomains are unique domains, and it is ok to charge extortionate prices for lists filled with duplicate domains. Then say "we look after our customers" but "we offer no refunds"!

    Hopefully all of my 2checkout purchases with this seller have been cancelled now. He has refused to refund me. I will be raising a dispute with paypal to see if I can get my $300 back.

    Be warned, don't buy anything from @young_gooner ... you will only be ripped off as I have been multiple times.

    PS. He said on skype that I falsely accused him of selling lists with duplicate domains. If any senior member of the forum wants to view the lists he sent me as proof, I will be happy to forward them on for review.

    Screenshots of the most recent list he sent that "apparently" has only unique domains:

  • Once again you are here,is this what you wanted to accomplish? are you now satisfied?
    Your screen shots show no prove of duplicate domains,i told you to import the list in scrapebox to check for duplicate domains,and the list has absolute no duplicate domains..This is a plot to tarnish my name for no reason at all.Thank you so much and i hope you have succeeded in what you wanted
  • And once again all your information is false,i will not enclose any more personal details on this forum.My team has always been there to help out anyone who experienced any problems with our lists,and we always help them..You say you got a list of duplicates of list is totally different from what we offer other clients,you requested a customized list,and we provided you with a customized contextual list.if in the list there are domains, this doesn't mean its not a contextual platform.Its a contextual platform and in any list,you will get a few types of web 2.0's,thats normal.I have never scammed anyone in my life,i have taken my time to help you personally before,now you come out and say i have scammed you? seriously?
    Thank you so much,and may you achieve what you wanted here,to tarnish my name and you know there is  something called customer support.
  • @sven i kindly request you look into this type of forum members, what they do is take advantage of the nature of this types of service and end up asking for refunds,am sure other list sellers have experienced from this seller the same issue,so in order to protect other list sellers and forum members please,look into this.matter
  • I just received my refund, so many thanks for that.

    If you had provided the refund in the first place when I asked you to, then I would not have posted my review above of what I experienced with your service.
  • and notice how this guy has no experience whatsoever,he doesnt understand that  zendesk is a support service and that most are subdomains of If any forum member is reading this,please ignore what this guy posted above,you have used our services before and you know our customer service is the best.

  • I have no problem with young_gooner's list and service.
    The list arrives on time and I found no issue until now.

  • @rocketride, thanks for the good comment,you are not the first to say this,if ANY of our customer has problems with our list,i personally make sure his problem is solved by our team,but the above guy has more issues with us,we refunded him his $300,we dont need anyone's money if they are not satisfied with our service..Infact soon we will have our forum where we show only our customers on how to use gsa effectively to rank sites,i personally dont use any other software or "pbn network" to rank sites,purely GSA ser,and am sure others too :) 
  • I know personally sickseo a few years.. 

    He is far the most advanced guy i know regarding seo and seo tools like ser and senuke. He is also know what he is talking about..

    P.S. He haven't made me to write this. Just expressing my opinion here. 
  • @justice i will not reveal more personal info about him,but this statement " Quite a big difference from the screenshots he advertised on page 1 of this sales thread! The zendesk sites were all subdomains on Pretty worthless links." made me realise more that he is not "advanced" with all due respect.. 
  • I am not talking about your difference mate.. I am talking about if the guy knows stuff or not.. And trust me he knows the subject...
  • well,that doesn't relate to the topic here,if you have a problem,do you go around complaining or do you consult customer service? people who live a life of complaining instead of finding a solution don't get the best out of point is,if he had a problem,he knows where to find help.i personally have helped him in regards to our service,but he comes out tarnishing my name like that.calling me a "scammer" seriously?
  • It does relate.. It means i don't think he is telling lies about this..
  • @justice,i wont argue with you,try out our services first,then judge us.
  • Wont argue either...
  • edited September 2014
    @ awesome then   :)
  • i am interested in Giant Killer list. are you still offering any coupon code ?
  • @ajitray,coupon codes were valid only until 31st august.
  • When will forum be available?
    Expect me in few days i will probably buy killer list.
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