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301 Redirector, The Best Mass Url Shortner! 301's From .EDU Domains!




    Please Post Here I You Would Like One!

    301 Redirector
  • I'd like a review copy please :)
  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    I'm interested in a review copy .. Cheers
  • edited July 2014
    I am intrested in this. Got any more review copies?
  • edited July 2014
    I would like to try it out! I´m in for a review copy.
  • Hey,

    Review copies have been sent out. There is 1 more spot!

    301 Redirector
  • I'll take a review copy if still available pelase
  • Thanks for the review copy and also verified site list :D
  • Review Copies are now Gone! Lets see what they say.
  • thanks for the good work guys you can send a copy
  • Sorry seroQ206 the review copya are now gone. BUT! You can try the trail version.
  • We are opening up 3 MORE REVIEW COPIES!
  • @301Rediretor I would like to test a review copy
  • Test copy sent out Vijayaraj. 2 More Spots!
  • KaineKaine
    Want see too ;)
  • Yeah I'll take one if there's one left. I have a similar product but want to see what this one is like and will leave a review.
  • All review copies are gone! Lets see what they all say! In the mean time why not try out the free trial.
  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    edited July 2014
    Right, I’ve been playing with this tool over the weekend and it does what it says on the box

    After adding my url and keyword I went and followed the steps to set up a project, which was pretty simple and straight forward, so no issues here. You get a DETAILED step-by-step PDF user guide that comes with the download as well as a free verified list that can be used in GSA SER. 

    I own a similar product and when placed side by side the 301 Redirector has a lot more url shortening services in its database and comes with more options like website PR that you can pick and choose from PR N/A up to PR6, or select all.

    I selected all PR options and saw that I had potential of 678 301 redirects, which is pretty impressive! With quite a few .edu’s too!

    You also have the option of adding proxies which is great if you’re hammering out lots of 301’s.

    I found this tool a little slow, but for me that’s not a problem I just set it up and hit go and carried on with other work and came back once it was done. but you do have the option of changing you threads to speed up the process.

    Once completed you have the option to export your result which you can then add to GSA SER and build some contextual links to or submit to your preferred indexing service. 

    It’s a shame that 301 Redirector doesn't have a built-in API for indexing so that 301 links can be sent over automated – maybe this could be a feature that is in the pipeline to later be added?

    When adding your target link (money site link) and keyword/s the only option is to import a text file containing your link/keyword. Maybe giving the option to just paste a single URL/keyword into the box would be a good option. I tried but couldn't so I had to load a .txt file with a single link/keyword in that. 

    However I understand a .txt import feature is great if you have a long list of URLs/keywords that you need to add.

    I did receive a review copy but after giving it a try I would be more than happy to pull some cash out of my pocked and purchase it.

    If anyone is one the fence about purchasing this tool I did notice that they offer a free trial so why not give it a spin and see for yourself. 

    It’s still too soon to comment on the end result i.e. rank increase for my target site but from what I’ve seen it seems to be working just as good as other similar 301 tools in the market

  • Hey Morph Man

    Thanks for the great review! I will keep the indexing services in mind for my next update.

  • I wanna review this. Kindly provide a review copy.

  • Hey,

    Sorry herby all review copies are gone but you can still try the 24 hour trial copy.

  • edited July 2014
    301Rediretor) for the copy. Good job!

    MorphMan review. It works exactly as advertised. It´s stable, somehow quick and it has a nice GUI so it is a really nice software to bulk create 301s redirects through URL shorteners and it also has a fair price. Recommended for anyone!

    MorphMan suggests, some indexers API integrated.
  • Ask and you will receive! Thanks for the great reviews guys. I have just released Version 1.4, comes with Indexers API Intergration! 

    Indexers include:

    Instant Link Indexer
    Link Centaur

    Thanks for the suggestion guys!
  • any discounts for people jumping in first ?!
  • Hey,

    I can give you $10 Off which is 33.3% off if you would like. I will send you a PM
  • Tell you what! The next 5 Buyers post here and i will give you 33.3% off! 
  •  I think I will grab a discounted copy but I have a few questions : 

    1. How long does it usually take to complete say 500 submissions? 
    2. How can we usually rank websites with the help of these? 
    3. What kind of SERP movements have you seen so far? 
    4. Can you rank websites with only the URL shortners?

    Pardon my ignorance but I would like to know all of this before I jump in. 

    Thanks a lot 

  • Hey,

    1. It takes around 1 minute to 2 depending on your threads and internet connection.

    this explains how i rank my small affiliate sites using 301 redirector.

    3. I have solely ranked with 301 redirector, but i will be honest i have never reached position 1 with this method which i explain in the PDF. I normally rank between 3 to 6th position in the end.

    4. This is also explained in the PDF, you wouldn't be able to rank with just url shortners. Again i am been completely honest. You probably could for keywords with zero competition but i doubt they would be worth ranking for.

    If you still would like a discounted copy let me know 
  • I would like a discount too please.
  • I had the opportunity to test out a review copy

    It delivers everything promised in the sales thread. It comes with neat step by step tutorial which also explains about the strategy used, the feature which I loved the most is to build links based on PR. I have followed the steps and completed a project let's wait for the result and will post it once I see the results

    The only down thing is what Morphman said USER INTERFACE adding to what he said I would like to add the option to paste from clipboard and internal updation instead of downloading it manually and a facelift for UI :) other than that it delivers what it promises

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