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eLiquid & CCarter present SERPWoo - Destory Niches And Rule ORM Today

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And now you're thinking... what the hell's  about to happen. 2+ years in conceptualization, 8+ months in  development... It's time...

Have you ever wondered how some of these top SEOs seem to ALWAYS be  ahead of the curve. How can so many of them be ahead of world events...  There are 2 keys to this; first is to be a player making the world  events happen and second is to monitor world wide movement. We're giving  you the first tool, in a line of many to come, to perform BOTH. ;)

There are dozens of big money niches, hundreds of money terms, and  thousands of competitors all vying for the same top 10 rankings. For a  long time, the kings of the serps have had some of the most  sophisticated monitoring tools available to them; and they've use them  to their advantage by dominating the rankings.

Now we give you the same tools. Monitor niches that matter to you, to  SEOs, to spammers, to blackhatters, to whitehatters, and any other web  marketers worth their weight.

eLiquid and CCarter present to you SERPWoo

Starting off at only $19.95 a month for SUPER Beta Testers (beta tester pricing is grandfathered in and locked for life - so get in on the beta asap).

It's a quick way to see what competitors are doing for a keyword, how  have they moved up and down, hover over to see their (Ahrefs, Moz,  social signals and more. That screenshot doesn't even do it justice as  to it's power.

Wait a minute, what's the difference between traditional rank trackers and SERPWoo?

Traditional Rank Trackers - Can't really help you with your SEO strategy can they?


SERPWoo - See everything, manual reviews, updates, plus 3rd party metrics and A.I. bots that analyze data for you.


SERPWoo is a niche monitoring tool, the real missing tool that the  online marketing community's been lacking. Unlike traditional rank  trackers which only allow you to track your site through the rankings,  we monitor ALL the positions that matter for your keyword so you can  have a better understanding of what's really going on in your niche.

Overtime, the charts fill out and you'll have a historical account of  who the real players are, with the ability to look up their backlink  profile from AHREFS, see their PageRank, Moz metrics, SEMRush stats,  Majestic data, and more - oh yeah, we aggregate this data in charts as  well.

So enough talking... As I update the threads with bumps, I'll be giving  out more details, tips, tricks, and things we've got going on. Anyone  can create a free account and test drive it. We give you a nice size  list of default keywords which do not count against your current limit  with each account. But the folks that sign up who become SUPER Beta  Users will have more power, priority data requests, and access to each  new engine as they come online.

Just and fyi, there will be bugs, if you find them, just hit the  feedback button, and let us know. Also give us feedback on what you  like, don't like, and want to see. Here is a quick list of coming  features:

1. Parasite detection -  Currently in infancy - this a.i. bot is learning the different signals  of a parasite, and once out of the sandbox, it'll send global  notifications once one of it's crawlers finds a new parasite, web 2.0,  new social and viral sites property that's ranking in the top 20 of the  SERPs.

2. Time Portal - This is probably the most  badass feature and was probably supposed to be classified but... Anyways, the ability to go backwards in  time for most SERPs even if you weren't tracking them. In Alpha stages,  the farthest back we've been able to go so far is 2007.

3. [ Classified ]- Regarding on-site...

4-10. [ Classified ] - [ SERIOUSLY Classified ]

Fun story about the most recent update, and how we were  able to see it a week before it happened... Grind was there... actually  I'll save it for the next bump. Let us know what you think. I know, I  know, it's a lot of information, sign up for a Super Beta Account and  open your eyes.

There is a lot more but I don't want to overwhelm you guys with the  potential and what we've got going on within the tool for SUPER Betas.

- CCarter & eLiquid

P.S., Don't forget to run and tell the haters... #DatFreeBump

P.P.S. Click to LOCK! Click again to unlock! <- this will be important later on...


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    Parasite Hunting 101:

    Now I will say this.. What I am about to show you is slanted slightly for data that is in SERPWoo and NOT the whole Internet. You should also be hunting for parasites and results in YOUR niche to see what's working.

    Now that I have cleared that up, lets take a look at all the domain that are ranking across all our keywords in SERPWoo to see what domains pop up multiple times based on URL that are ranking today.

    I took the time to pull these results for domains that at least appeared 20 times or more today across all our data. Below is the dump: = 20 = 20 = 20 = 20 = 20 = 20 = 20 = 20 = 20 = 20 = 20 = 20 = 20 = 20 = 21 = 21 = 21 = 21 = 21 = 21 = 22 = 22 = 22 = 22 = 22 = 22 = 22 = 22 = 23 = 23 = 23 = 23 = 23 = 23 = 24 = 24 = 24 = 24 = 24 = 24 = 24 = 25 = 25 = 25 = 26 = 26 = 26 = 26 = 26 = 27 = 27 = 27 = 27 = 27 = 27 = 28 = 28 = 28 = 28 = 28 = 28 = 28 = 29 = 29 = 29 = 29 = 29 = 29 = 29 = 29 = 30 = 30 = 30 = 30 = 30 = 31 = 31 = 31 = 31 = 31 = 31 = 32 = 32 = 32 = 33 = 33 = 33 = 34 = 35 = 35 = 35 = 35 = 37 = 37 = 37 = 37 = 37 = 38 = 38 = 39 = 39 = 39 = 40 = 40 = 41 = 41 = 41 = 41 = 41 = 42 = 42 = 42 = 44 = 44 = 44 = 45 = 45 = 45 = 45 = 45 = 45 = 46 = 46 = 47 = 48 = 48 = 48 = 49 = 50 = 50 = 50 = 52 = 52 = 52 = 52 = 53 = 55 = 55 = 59 = 61 = 63 = 67 = 68 = 69 = 69 = 70 = 72 = 80 = 83 = 86 = 87 = 89 = 93 = 97 = 101 = 110 = 110 = 110 = 113 = 114 = 126 = 126 = 134 = 137 = 145 = 161 = 179 = 186 = 223 = 254 = 256 = 257 = 261 = 265 = 326 = 559 = 650 = 684 = 1411

    Only Those In The Top 10, Same Set: = 20 = 20 = 20 = 20 = 20 = 20 = 20 = 21 = 21 = 21 = 21 = 21 = 22 = 22 = 23 = 23 = 23 = 23 = 24 = 24 = 24 = 25 = 25 = 25 = 25 = 26 = 26 = 26 = 27 = 27 = 27 = 27 = 27 = 27 = 27 = 28 = 28 = 28 = 29 = 29 = 30 = 30 = 31 = 31 = 32 = 32 = 33 = 33 = 34 = 34 = 35 = 36 = 36 = 36 = 37 = 38 = 39 = 40 = 41 = 42 = 42 = 44 = 44 = 45 = 48 = 49 = 50 = 50 = 51 = 52 = 53 = 54 = 55 = 66 = 68 = 69 = 69 = 74 = 74 = 78 = 87 = 100 = 100 = 107 = 108 = 109 = 129 = 135 = 154 = 165 = 230 = 424 = 540 = 763

    How About Since Last Monday?
    I actually had no more room in this post for the list above, but this is the kind of data we not only want to bring to you globally as we track it and show you it, but also show you this same data SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUR NICHE/SERP/KW

    Guys, we have big plans for SERPWoo. If you don't get in now, you candy ass will be sorry when you're softer than Roseanne's son


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    Hey guys, nice to see you posting this over here too. 

    I can speak to this service as I've been in on the Super Beta for a while now. Incredibly handy tool, the only beef I have is that I will inevitably be forced to upgrade to gain access to more keywords as it's just that good. You get 20 keywords with the Super Beta so if you track a ton of them it might be worth buying more than one account.

    It's only $20, get in now and give it a test drive. It takes a couple of days to really get rolling but if you can't make your money back within the first month... you have no idea what you're doing.
  • I signed up on day 1  . It feels like the  SER-awesomeness all over again
  • Thanks guys. I really appreciate all the love! (obviously it wouldn't be a party without a neg rep/red brick alt account hating - I guess that guy doesn't use rank trackers, ahrefs, majestic, or any tools to get the upper advantage. It's always only 9 out of 10 dentists recommended, always got to wonder about that one dentist.) We actually didn't anticipate this many people joining so quickly. We're already looking to speed up each engine's processing rate to keep up. Love it!

    It's been a hell of a journey, 8+ months of solid coding, design, research, throwing out algos, bringing them back - more mathematics then should be humanly allowed to code. This thing has been recoded 4 times over - 98% of the code was re-done first to make it faster, then to make it smarter, then to make it more powerful, then to make it faster again. What we are looking to do is build a powerful tool that will pull data that's really going to help you rank. What this also will mean is we aren't looking to create bloatware. This is what me, Grind, and eLiquid use on a daily basis to spot stuff, so let me get right into it and show you some of the power you now have at your finger tips.

    Here a screenshot of the manual review of Garcinia from 4/21 (focus date is 4/21):

    The next day's data (focus date is 4/22):

    Me and Grind were looking at this while it was happening then exactly one month later we get this (focus date is 5/20):

    You can literally see the crashes/clifs happening and the rankings get cutt off and then the guys that were hanging around, jump in and have their moment in the sun. Quick Video Exampling this manual review:

    For a quick update on the video there was in fact ANOTHER manual review on 6/19. So we have found a pattern here. Conclusion about every 28-29 days there is a manual review for Garcinia in effect - You got 28 days to rank mates. We don't see this for long-tails though... (hint)

    See, now it's very difficult for Matt Cutts, these SEO bloggers, and the propaganda department to lie about what's going on in these niches as we are no longer blind, and can see. In this scenario, you look at what's still ranking, what factors they have in common (filters, man).

    I'll give you one more - 'Replica Gucci' (focus date 1/1/2014):

    What you are seeing is a highly volatile niche - not because of manual reviews though, but because spammers are taking each other out, but there is that one man... that one that survived the longest even though they ranked on this focus date of Jan 1st, 2014. So what do you do? Look them up and see what they're doing that's different than the others. If you switch the focus date on this keyword to 2/1/2014 then 3/1/2014 and so on, you'll see each months winners and losers. Watch what the winners are doing, and apply that towards your own niches - fly under the radar with long tails mang...

  • i have no idea about your service i just want to +1 for uploading 1440p videos :)

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    The Background Info:
    Some time ago I got fed up with modeling my services like SpamWow and personal SEO sites after a couple high spam ranking sites in niches like Payday Loans and Green Coffee. Why? Because when you follow the high ranking spammers around, you end up deindexed just like them weeks later. 

    Copying the big "one hit wonders" was a losing method. I knew there had to be a better way.

    I knew that certain sites weren't number 1 or 2 in my niches, but they did rank front page and always seemed to stay there. However, I wasn't sure if I should copy their links and anchors/strategy and also risk getting hit next time around in case they did too.

    The plan I came up with was to build a rank tracker, but not for my site or for 1-2 of my competitors ( like normal rank trackers ) .. BUT for the entire SERP of the keyword I was trying to dominate. 

    With this information and some time, I could see who the real authorities were in my SERP and who I should model my sites after so I wasn't playing a game of Yo Yo rankings every week.

    How I Did It:
    I started off with a sleazy and extremely fragile script tracking certain keywords and the top 20. It was all I needed.

    I knew that tracking this over time I could see who was coming and going in my vertical and also who was sticking around.

    What I didn't intend to find was data that supported when a manual penalty was coming around or when an algo change was about to happen.

    I also didn't expect to have the power to see things like this:



    I wont bother you with a ton more images like this, but we have data that shows if you are not position #1-#3 in Google, you're NOBODY.

    Now we all know that #1-#3 gets all the traffic. That's not what I am talking about.

    Do you see that if you're not #1-#3, you're going to get bounced around the SERP all day every day in different random spots like #4-#20? Is that a business model you want?

    Google pretty much grants authority to those that can capture positions #1-#3 and KEEPS THEM THERE. We have the data across tons of keywords for months on end to prove this.

    More Shit I Found:
    When you can monitor a whole SERP, you start to see what parasites and other sites are making a move on your turf.

    By collecting this data in my own verticals, I can see what new competition I have that is inching up from #18th to number #11th before they hit the front page.

    I can also see what parasites are actually working in my vertical as well and hop on them before everyone else destroy them ( here's looking at you XE guys )

    Would you like to see "wannabe" competitors before they take over your SERPS?

    Would you like to jump on new parasites and new link tricks before everyone else?

    When I coded this, I meant to keep it personal and for myself. That's why tools like SpamWow got better and better and services I offered privately to ORM guys also killed it for months on end.

    CCarter stepped in and helped me grow this larger than I ever thought. He is the reason so much more has been added to this today.

    Online Reputation Management:
    We are going to kill this.

    The old way was to spam a bunch of URLs and then put them 1x1 into a rank tracker and try to monitor them all. With our tool, you just watch the SERP and get a CRYSTAL FUCKING CLEAR view of where your client is in the SERPs and all your parasites and 301's.

    You can even see NEGATIVE reviews and press about your client bubbling up from the second page so you can hammer that POS down before your client see's it and bill him extra for the proactive work your doing.

    Are You A Rank Tracker:
    Hell No

    Why in the hell do you care where you rank today? You should care where your going to rank tomorrow ( penalties ) and what everyone else is doing in relation to where you are now.

    Listen, with our tool you can see where you are right now today, that's covered big boy.. What you really need to know is the health status of the SERP you're in and all the intel you can get from it to find out how to stay ahead of the curve.

    How? Do I really need to spoon feed you this info?
    Look at this SERP for a moment, what do you see?

    Here's what I see... a SERP that is ripe for "one hit wonder" spammers that want to rank and bank and don't mind getting hit 30 days later because you can rebuild again. This is a great rank and bank niche based on it's history.

    What else do I see?

    I see that only 1 authority site has outlasted all the algo updates and reviews. Meaning this SERP is ripe for someone to come in and build an authority site and become King Shit of this mountain.

    There is only 1 authority site ranking in this SERP, its fucking RIPE for you to come in and take over spot #1-#3 and stay there with the right site!

    Listen, Green Coffee would be a horrible one to do like this. Sure there is lots of money in that term, but there is already a ton of authority sites there. See where I am going here guys?

    Why You Want Paid Beta Now
    It's $19 right now, and once we hit a threshold of paying customers, I am turning the $19 beta off for new customers. 

    You free demo account guys.. well once we work the bugs out, things might be changing for you too. It's expensive to run this service and the amount of 3rd party APIs we are adding PLUS the frequency we plan on using them is going to skyrocket. I am not saying we will kill off free demo's, but things will be changing once we work the bugs out. 

    Test it out for free and then migrate over to Paid Beta soon to ensure you lock in grandfathered status with us for the new and updated features as they roll out. You free guys might not get those new benefits.

    Why? Because me and CCarter are bug testing this with the paid beta clients. Once we work out the bugs and insert the new features we are adding ( oh shit son, you aint seen everything yet ), I don't have to sell this at $19 anymore.

    You need to get in now, it WILL cost more later because I am going to have to pay more to keep the service up later with all the new API's and features we are adding, features like:

    1. Insert your main keyword ( let's pretend its Green Coffee ) and automatically get all the relevant ranking data not only for Green Coffee as a term, but terms like "buy green coffee online" and "green coffee weight loss". We can probably get you up to the top 20 KWs for your main kw so you have data on the whole niche.

    ^^ OWN THE DATA ON YOUR ENTIRE NICHE, NOT JUST YOUR KW SON!! This is God Mode activated to the 10th degree. OWN THE WHOLE NICHE

    2. More API's for gathering more data on your competitors, not just on a monthly basis, but possibly every change on a daily basis. Find out when your competitor got more links or more social signals ( like today or on the 25th, etc ). Find out why those sites really moved up ( more links? more social?.. we will find out on a daily basis maybe )

    3. Secret shit I can't let out

    So what are you waiting for?

    You dont have time to sit on your ass on this. It will be more and it will be more soon. 

    If you ain't in this, you're going to wish you were when we start overtaking your SERPs.
  • I've got a question. Seems like a great service so my bro and I signed up as we do a lot of SEO. We have some custom keywords that we want to track. Not stuff like Apple or Gucci or whatever. We put them in a project. How long until we should check back for some results? I totally get that these keywords wouldn't be anything you's have from the start. But we've got tons of small keywords like this that we want to kick the SERP out of.
  • Generally by 9am EST we have collected data for at least 1 day on your keywords if you put them in the day before. That is for rankings

    On Moz and Ahrefs data, that is done during the day once we collect the URLs from ranking.. so at the max 48 hours depending on when you inputted the keywords, but as soon as 4-6 hours sometimes.
  • Awesome. Thanks!
  • As of today at 10:00am PST on 7-17, I can't really recommend this service. No data has been added for keywords that were entered in Tuesday at 2pm. I emailed the Feedback/Bugs contact email and haven't gotten a response. I don't get it at all.
  • Is there any option to pay via PayPal??
  • @Grover69 I've not bought into this yet, but I'd be surprised if CCarter or @eliquid were going to shaft you.

    Both are well known and respected within their circles and I'm fairly certain neither of them would release a "product" that would end up muddying their names.
  • I agree with @davbel - I added my keywords and they started showing data within 48 hours..
  • webgrafix  No Paypal at all, ever.

    @grover69, what KW was it? I dont see a feedback or bug ticket from you or any that mention not being able to get results on a KW.

    We are tracking thousands and thousands of KWs at the moment and I have none in SQL that do not have today's date on them. The only way you would not have gotten your KW with results is if it was not inserted into the wizard correctly and dumped into SQL.

  • If anyone is curious..

    Not ONLY do we have a demo account that you can play with, but we offer a fully functional FREE account that is limited to tracking 3 KWs.

    Not cost or time limit on either the DEMO or FREE account so you can play around with it and decide if it is for you before upgrading to the new paid tiers ( which are rolling out this week coming up ).

    The $19 paid Beta plan is getting phased out as we roll into phase 2 of Beta, but you can still play with the demo or free account we give you.
  • grover69 working perfectly for me.
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    I'm not sure of the allowed bumping situation on this forum so please forgive me, but I saw @grover69 and his comment and wanted to discuss it a little further. I've personally replied to every single feedback request or bug which has been inputted into the system. All of my feedback responses go directly to YOUR email on your account - currently there is no interface to communicate back and forth within the system.

    I am also the person that responds to all the emails back from the feedback. The feedback system doesn't automatically send out an email once you hit feedback - if you see "Feedback Response" that's ME sending you an email back. I've also responded to every single response of the "Feedback response" - but since you got the "feedback response" and replied that means you got my response.

    Okay, so I just literally just manually went through ALL the feedback and corresponding usernames, and there is an account for a grover69 which is a free account with ZERO feedback inputs in the system. If you did put in a feedback please make sure you hit 'submit' and got the confirmation on the screen that the feedback was submitted - should be in green. If you are using the same username, and I apologize if that is another individual, then there is no feedback input at all from you. I apologize for any confusion. Looking in the backend if this is indeed your free account then yes - you have not inputted any keywords into your project through the project wizard, and it doesn't look like an attempt was made to input the keywords either.

    There was also another individual confused on how to use the system earlier and I gave a photoshopped diagram of how to input the keywords using the project wizard. They thought the input was simply in the top search box, which is not the case (those are CURRENT keywords in your project), you have to input your keywords into the project wizard so it can start tracking, and that requires simply creating your first project.

    I'm here if anyone needs anything or is confused with the system. We are creating tutorials (in 1440 HD ;) ) on how to navigate the interface, and properly get started. This was one of the reasons we went into beta as a first round to get feedback and see if people can intuitively understand how the system works, how to use it, and what needs to be corrected going forward. It's a lot of data and can be overwhelming, like flying an alien ship at first, so I definitely want to get any feedback on usability so we can correct it during the beta stage.

    I hope this helps anyone looking to get started with SERPWoo and helps you @grover69 the most.

    Thank you,

  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    This looks pretty damn awesome! Just signed up for the beta account.

    I've been noticing certain patterns in rankings as you highlighted already. Usually I see them at the beginning of the month. I always thought it conincided with my own link building and the time frames it takes me to get campaigns finished and links indexed. But having "28 days to rank" till next update makes a lot of sense to what I have seen in my own niches. Looking forward to seeing what other patterns this data will reveal.
  • My bad. System is up and running as it should be. It is just a bit overwhelming but it works a treat. My fault for jumping on the negative train so early, just been burnt plenty with systems that don't work as advertised. This one does work and it is going to take some time to see results and wrap my head around everything. So please forgive my rush to judgement. 
  • Oh and just in case anyone is wondering, I'm keeping the subscription (it's not actually under the grover69 free account) as I work with my brother to track keywords and stats. I will be digging into this further as my time becomes a little more free. Again, I'm the first to admit when I'm wrong and I was. This is good stuff if you want and need data about what is ranking. 
  • Thank you for the clarification, @grover69. Don't worry about getting burnt from us - I'd rather give everyone a 100% refund before taking a single dollar from an unsatisfied customer. We use the system daily to watch and take over our niches, so you are using the same thing we use so as long as we continue being in SEO, we'll continue making improvements. Originally this was never meant to be a public project, but somewhere along the way people got a wind of what we were doing and we decided to pivot to make it public. If there is anything you ever need or think we can improve upon please let us know - and that's just not be saying it. You might see something that could take the data analysis to a whole next level which everyone can benefit from. We are here to use the system for the same reason you want to use it, controlling ORM and dominating the SERPs.

    Unlike rank trackers, this isn't a project that's going to just 'stop' one day since it's complete. As the SERPs continue to evolve, new 3rd party systems come online, and old ones disappear we want to stay one step ahead of everyone in bringing fresh new SERP data and analysis to the SEO world - that's our mission objective. Is it possible? Well, let's just say we are just getting warmed up and have some really exciting new features on the way that should continue taking deep SERP analysis to the next level. :)

    @sickseo, Thank you for the kind words. We've got several other patterns we are monitoring, and think we are near cracking Google's new update pattern. We've found some signals which we believe is Google testing new algos in certain niches, then bam, 7 days later a new major update happens. Our vision is to get to a day were we can detect Google updates 7 to 10 days before they happen with that particular A.I. Bot experiment - if we can pull that off - who knows where that will lead.
  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    @CCarter, all sounds truly awesome. I actually stayed away from all of these external link tools and data providers. I refused to subscribe to any of them. I have a very different way of doing seo to most.

    There were quite a few things you mentioned in the opening post that really made me think...DAMN! I need to get in on this. This is not just another data provider, but a real way of actually analysing what is going on in my niches.

    I don't know what your plans are for future pricing but the one beta account was not enough for my current number of sites, so I went a little crazy and got a few of them. Lol Will have to decide what to keep as is/upgrade once you launch the next phase.
  • I signed up an account on serpwoo but it looks like the system doesn't support utf-8 character format. Would it be possible to enable it since many of my targeted keywords are utf-8 character?

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    @bangkoklad, yes we plan on adding full support for utf-8. We're working on internationalizing all of the 3rd party data point, but some of these guys don't play nice, so it's a bit painstaking. With utf-8 support comes full global support, so it's at the top of our priority list.


    Can you spot the individual using a new type of backlink strategy to rank in this niche?



    She can - cause she has SERPWoo and has God-Mode enabled.

    Get God-Mode Today!

  • does this service working with chinese keywords and taiwan google search result?

  • At the moment, no. 

    However, all of those are in the works
  • Recent update -

    Bug fixes and testing out the addition of results for keywords.

  • Rolled out Google AU live to all users.

  • goonergooner
    This looks great fellas, not sure how i haven't seen this thread before.
    I might have to give this a test in a few days when i've got a bit more time to play with it.
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