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➽➽➽ CAPTCHATRONIX.COM - Cheapest and Most Accurate Captcha Solver [RECAPTCHA SOLVING] + GSA SER/CB

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Heya Guys,

Most of You know me pretty well and use my kickass proven link indexing services InstantLinkIndexer
and Indexification trusted by thousands of IMers.

I provide groundbreaking reliable SEO services with 100% positive feedback, totally smashing down competition, making my customers absolutely happy and relaxed trusting their business to me!

Now I am here to present You my next masterpiece

How Do You like Performance and Results Like These?
Have You ever dreamt about such numbers? 


What if I tell You that You can get it for as low as $15.97 a month? Don't believe me? Keep reading...

How would You like paying 300% to 500% less on Captcha Solving? You say Impossible? Well, Think again...

Our Captcha Solving service saves You 300% - 500%
and sometimes even more money compared to what You pay at ANY other Captcha Solving service! Wanna know why?? Well, it is simple.. WE DON'T CHARGE PER CAPTCHA! While all rest services charge per solved captcha image... With any of our plans You can Solve UNLIMITED Captchas with absolutely NO Restrictions! See the difference now? Let's repeat it again: WE DON'T CHARGE PER CAPTCHA!

Turbo and Nitro charge Your SEO Linkbuilding Tools!

Are You ready for Captcha Solving that makes Your SEO Linkbuilding tools like they're moving in slow motion? As We already said our service does not rely on humans, but is 100% AUTOMATED!
The average captcha solving times of just 1-4 seconds EXPLODES Your SEO Linkbuilding campaigns to the sky, making the tools work 500% - 700% FASTER! Yeah, no kidding! That means Your SEO Linkbuilding tools are now more efficient, fast, stable and reliable! How do You like that??

Here's exactly what You get with Your account

100% Automated Captcha Solving
Solve Unlimited Captchas, absolutely no pay per captcha
✪ 60% - 70%++ reCaptcha Solving success rate!
✪ Tons more Captcha Types will be supported soon!
✪ Constant Improvements and Updates
✪ Lightening Fast Solving Times
✪ Remote API Access, Documentation and Code Samples
✪ SEO Linkbuilding Tools Integration
✪ Fantastic Statistics and Charts
✪ Blazing Fast, Reliable and Stable Servers!
✪ Free Lifetime 24/7 Customer Service and Support

Fully Integrated with GSA Search Engine Ranker & GSA Captcha Breaker for ease of setup and use!
All You need to do to use our service with these tools is only pasting your login credentials!

You wanna use us in a tool not yet integrated? You have no worries! We provide Emulator program that enables You to use our service with any tool and software out there that has any captcha solving service/API integrated!

All sounds pretty good, but whats the price?

Well, here comes the best part!
Alike all my products I provide You my new service at lowest possible price - the lowest prices on the market!

I provide the most Flexible Plans among all Captcha Solvers online!
I have a solution suitable and affordable for Starters and Large Corporations alike!


5 Captcha Threads ~ 25 Software Threads $15.97 only
10 Captcha Threads ~ 50 Software Threads $27.97 only
20 Captcha Threads ~ 100 Software Threads $47.77 only
30 Captcha Threads ~ 150 Software Threads $69.77 only
40 Captcha Threads ~ 200 Software Threads $89.97 only
50 Captcha Threads ~ 250 Software Threads $97.77 only
75 Captcha Threads ~ 375 Software Threads $129.97 only
100 Captcha Threads ~ 500 Software Threads $147.77 only

And that's not all! I can provide any kind of custom packages to meet everyone's needs!


Instant Account Activation! Purchase with confidence even if it is 2:00 AM!

Wait, that's not all at all!

I provide Special 10% DISCOUNT
on the listed prices to GSA users!
Simply post "Give me 10% Discount" in the thread and patiently wait for a PM!

Want some teasers?
Here they are from another forum and more to come in the thread


Feel free to ask me any questions You might have here in this thread. For support / issues reporting on my service it is always best to use my Ticketing system at my website as that ensures fastest response times!



  • Where is my review copy ;) ? Just kidding, good luck with sales.
  • edited June 2014
    do you break newest recaptcha and blob ones ??
    If so than "Give me 10% Discount"

  • innozemecinnozemec

    Thanks man!

    If you want a review trial, just let me know :)
  • innozemecinnozemec

    Thanks for Your interest in my service!

    Yep, solving all kinds of recaptcha!

    Ofcourse the toughest - double blob ones which are barely readable to the trained human eye, can't be expected to be read by a software, so those have lowest success solving rate. But if you operate your proxies good enough you shouldn't be hitting those types.

    My service even has a feature to control the solving time in an effort to provide You artificial "slowdown" to give your proxies more life, so they don't hit the hardest recaptcha levels!

    Please check Your PMs for the discount code I just sent you.

    I hope you will like my service!
  • @innozemec seems good enough.
    waiting for you to add more capctha types like k and mollom

  • Hi @innozemec, I'm already a happy subscriber to your CaptchaTronix service. I guess it's very unfortunate for you to launch your service here when Google just released their new recaptchas today,



    Can your service solve these recaptchas? If not when?...

  • innozemecinnozemec
    edited June 2014

    Well, it is not unfortunate at all. Google is updating everyday nowadays, so I am just used and we all need to either adopt and survive or get out of this business.... Too bad Google started updating and recaptcha very often, not just the SE and YT ranking algos..

    Ofcourse my service can't solve these as they were released few hours ago. It will require some training time until they are supported

  • >so I am just used and we all need to either adopt and survive or get out of this business

    Good! I like your attitude. Shows that you're really committed. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise. If you can "crack" this new recaptchas before the "others", you'll have lots of ready customers here.

    Looking forward to it...
  • innozemecinnozemec


    I will try and do my best as usual!

    Time will show who will be first :)
  • edited June 2014
    Selling a service that 100% doesn't work now. This thread is unfortunate.

    Since you're the kind "business(corporate talk)" would you talk about your other "instant" service which is not instant anymore but you still advertise as instant.
  • Give me 10% Discount for this service and also your indexing service.
  • innozemecinnozemec
    edited June 2014

    Well, i am working on this service since months and I did not begin selling it now. I just launched a thread here today.

    So, you propose to throw away the months of dedicated work on the service, just because Google updated part of Recaptcha images today? If you give up on each Panda/Penguin/Hummingbird and whatever animal update, well I don't!

    What about my indexer? It still works as it worked before. It is constantly being monitored like any other service/product I offer

    If for some reason you aren't happy with my services, it doesn't mean thousands others are not happy!
  • innozemecinnozemec

    Thanks for Your interest man!

    Please check your PMs!
  • I'm running 210-240 threads with SER. What package do you recommend?


    P.S. I want the discount.
  • Happy with instantlinkindexer and I want to give this a go as well. "Give me 10% Discount"
  • edited June 2014
    "Give me 10% Discount"
  • innozemecinnozemec



    Thanks for Your interest in my service!

    Please check Your PMs for the discount code I just sent you.

    I hope you will like my service!
  • please send me discount code also..

  • Give me 10% Discount

    Please :)
  • 0852108108521081 Thailand
    Give me 10% Discount
  • innozemecinnozemec



    Thanks for Your interest in my service!

    Please check Your PMs for the discount code I just sent you.

    I hope you will like my service!
  • hit me up with the discount please..
  • innozemecinnozemec

    Thanks for Your interest in my service!

    Please check Your PMs for the discount code I just sent you.

    I hope you will like my service!
  • Dear @innozemec


    "Give me 10% Discount"

    Thanks, marc
  • Do not know how you got the nerves to sell a non working product . OCRs are failing pathetically after the recaptcha update 
  • innozemecinnozemec

    Thanks for Your interest in my service!

    Please check Your PMs for the discount code I sent you.

    I hope you will like my service!
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    @spammasta I don't know what's going on either. If it doesn't work, why are people buying it right now?

    I have no doubt it will work sooner or later, but nobody has solved the new recaptchas right now.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Their probably using it as a captcha breaker replacement, some people might not have the capital of $100+ to purchase CB.

    Still, I don't get it either, the only reasons I'd purchase a captcha service is for captchas CB can't solve.
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    For those of us that just purchased, like I did, are we going to get some type of credit or something since your ocr is not working at all?

    I should have taken my refund I think a few days ago when I asked for it instead of giving this a little more time.
  • like to try it

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