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★SERVerifiedLists★2+ Million Verified Targets★Realtime-SYNC★Boost LPM & VPM



  • seopowerseopower Los Angeles
    you should upload my performances.i'm sure my performance are better than yours :P .all the best man your lists are rocking.also there is a buzz that penguin is rolling out ^ ^
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
    seopower why don't you show us.  TBH i really dont care about big Gs update at all. Even their pay day load filters are sucks . I still see spammy affiliate sites on page 1st. spam- a - thong always work lol.
  • I have the monthly membership... and I log in... but I am not sure where to go to get the newest lists. Any help?
  • I try to login :
    You do not have permission to view this content."

  • vkp1988vkp1988
    edited July 2014


    Yes. I just upgrade membership area with new payment processor. Had to restart my server. It was only for 15mins :D  now you can log in :) sorry for issue.
  • vkp1988vkp1988

    Love to see your stuffs too.
  • Really a great list, i'm a monthly sub and SER addict so i really need fresh list every week, no other seller can offer that in such time frame with this quality.

    Good luck bro.
  • edited July 2014
    @vkp1988 Hey, did you include some guide to use your lists to get the maximum of LpM?

    I don't have any OCR do you think I still be able to get high LpM?

    I have 50 semi dedi proxies, a dedicated server and everything to get high LpM.

    Do you think I can get 500+ LpM? If yes... man, you got a customer for life! :)
  • vkp1988vkp1988

    I do included a PDF but its just a basic. I am not a native speaker so had to outsource.Will be ready in near future.

    if you have 50 proxies and dedi thats all you have to get over 500+ LPM.

    Basically ,
    LPM depends on

    Good connection - Proxies and fresh list which is already verified with SER.

    VPM depends on

    Quality of contents.I use AB - BSC

    Do you think can get 500+LPM ? Why can't you ?

    I am getting 1000+ LPM and 800+ VPM with all engines no filters and Dedi (enabled bad fitler)

    With strict settings i am getting around 300+ LPM and 250+ VPM

    There is no secret of my lists.

    My lists are

    • 100% verified - and Fresh .Every 6days you will get a new fresh list. So they are super fresh. (No broken links and other reasons which comes with outdated lists)
    • Most of targets are from contextual
    • Bad word filter - No bad /Junk sites  

    And best part is as you know many of lists are on public and black hat forums they share and buying as GBs .But my list comes with 2 unique URLs .So if someone do i can find it. So my list is truly limited and private.

    That's the best part its truly limited and private. Cause i want to maintain quality of my lists.

  • @vkp1988
    I bought the list from about 15 hours ago. I've been running it on GSA but got 0 result. Support ticket sent to your gamail acct and skype, but haven't heard anything back from you yet. Please help. Thank you.
  • vkp1988vkp1988
    edited July 2014

    Thank you purchased your list. Yes you have sent me an email 8hours ago and 24mins ago.

    1st mail about you have got zero submission and your screenshot .

    I just up.  I was sleeping :) .

    I have noticed you are on GSA SER demo version .(according to your email)

    Would like to copy paste email here since you have made a post here as well.

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Rosanna L <>
    Date: Sat, Jul 26, 2014 at 10:42 AM
    Subject: Re: Thank you for the purchase
    To: SER Verified Lists <admin(at)>

    I bought your list 12 hours ago and have GSA running on VPS for 8 hours, but got "0" result. Please see screenshot:

    Please I need help. I don't know if I input the list incorrectly or your data is bad. Please respond to me ASAP, or please issue a refund.

    Thank you.

    First of all i want to say

    I am the only seller who offer SKYPE and TEAM VIEWER support for clients. So for weekends my VA and me not active much since its weekend so sorry about late reply.

    I have already sent you a massage. Even its a garbage list there's no possibility to not submitted to 0 . So you must be done something wrong. And as i know GSA SER demo is limited. And you can t import projects there.Also theres submission limts too. So make sure to use your list on licensed GSA SER copy.

    I am going to Team-viewer you.

  • vkp1988

    I owe him an apology. He is very good in suport, only because I was too frustrated and had no patience. :(
    It was NOT vkp1988' s list, but my proxies were DEAD. (I just bought them from buyproxies yesterday!!).

    I'll post again if I get successful results.

    Sorry, vkp1988!!
  • vkp1988vkp1988
    edited July 2014

    LOL! you are sweet :P

    No apologies.. Get your licensed SER copy now and enjoy full functions of this wonderful tool.

  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at

    When are you thinking to release next list for membership ?
  • SupraTRDSupraTRD New Jersy
    Interesting!  Is there any spots available here for monthly reccure ?
  • vkp1988vkp1988

    Within 5hours :D


    here you go :

    Next list will be ready in 5hours. You can sub now and get all monthly lists :)
  • edited July 2014

    So I'm using SERlist and getting 140 LpM. Then I found this saying a basic VPS was getting 500 LpM, so I bought. But the true is, my LpM decrease to 30 lol. I created another projects, used my other dedicated but no increase on my LpM. When I change to SERlist my LpM goes to 140LpM again.

    So I tried to find the @vkp1988 yesterday to help me. He joined on my Team Viewer and was not able to figure out the problem and say my GSA was bugged LOL.

    After that he said to me to wait until 2 AM because he needed to sleep. Ok, I waited him and he didn't show up all day long. Today I'm trying to contact him through skype but probably he got mad when I say he is very unprofessional just because he leave me waiting from 2am until 21pm on my weekend, not big deal.

    Anyway, I have 2 dedicated, so I logged on my other and install GSA and everything, to see if my first dedicated have some kinda of problem or I don't know. I created 1 project and duplicated everything 6 times but still 30-40LpM.

    I asked a refund today and no answers, he just become offline skype lol

    Well for who are going to buy think about it :P Take care of my money bro ;)
  • vkp1988vkp1988

    Mate i think you are a kid . Seriously.

    I have been working as a affiliate marketer recent years. I am not only here i am on different products and services at many services.

    First of all i want to say ...

    I am the only one who provides SKYPE support and TEAM VIEWER support together. You talked to me around 2AM and i tried to help . You are a kid and you are just satisfying with other lists or your performance around 140LPM .

    LOL! Mate here many of us experiencing high LPM and VPM . I wanted to fix your issues i was away with some clients and you saying i have lack of support ??? That cause i came to your PC and tried to help?

    LOL! just for some bucks ($37) you think i am going offline and escaping ?

    Be professional man . May be your are a kid .

    I don't want to take your money at all i don't refund at all. But i do refund here you know why you making me angry lol! cause you are a jerk .

    Just left my Skype for 30mins and you saying im ignoring ! LOL !

    I sent you a massage 20mins ago (before i see this) and i didn't get reply at all .So is that mean you left ??

    I will do a video about and show how list in action!

  • edited July 2014
    @vkp1988 You just say to me on skype "why should I help you for $37". Well... you should increase your price if you are really going to offer a decent support. 

    But no, you just want to keep saying that I'm a kid and won't refund me anymore because I post a bad review and now you are mad. 

    Like I said, take care of my money, I know you are not going to refund.

    Btw, you saw my dedicated live, and said the problem of my LpM was my GSA is bugged...
  • vkp1988vkp1988

    You are mad. LOL ! I am selling very limited copies and l have got some decent clients.You are the only who said i have worst support. Yes i wont do support for what ? After saying that i am mad and unprofessional why should i help you ?

    In my terms theirs no refunds . Yes i do refund if you ask me apologize i will do. (for all bad words you said)Do anything you want mate i have confident and once again i am not a list seller. I do this to cut off my resource budget. Even i have mentioned that on forum.

    After 6pages here and everything you saying my support is worst just cause of late Skype response .

    Keep enjoying my videos. I wont refund you!  ( I just decided no refunds cause of the way you talking here and Skype. No respect at all)

    PS : Showed him video with 900+ LPM ( i was recording video while chatting with him due to privacy he asked me to remove the video and removed .

    I believe you wont talk bad / No respecful stuffs here.

    Thank you. Please do not contact me again.

    Live video :

    Removed his name and didn't publish here.

  • edited July 2014
    @vkp1988 You was very unprofessional. We set to talk 2AM you didn't show up all day long.

    For me this is unprofessional.

    And don't cry about how I talked to you on skype, I talk the same way you did it. You don't even care about money, why are fighting against btw? Like you said on skype "Mate i am not sure you are new to game lol i am doing this not for money . Why should i help you"

    Thanks for removing my name from the video btw.

    gl on you sales.
  • I have tested this list on my dedicate VPS 8core, 32gb ram, real 1gb/s.
    I have 300 stable lpm and 120 vpm.
    I think this is great list and support via skype is great...

  • vkp1988vkp1988
    I don't care money that's true. What i meant by that i want to sleep.i want to stay with my wife kids. I have a life mate. You were massaging 2am and do you mean to say whole night chatting with you ? LOL!

    btw thanks least you watch video.Its not 100 or 30 lpm mate i am expericing over 1500+ LPM like you shown on video.

  • edited July 2014
    I downloaded a new list from the Members area. It had well over 100,000 urls, but a lot of duplicates (your lists normally don't have duplicates). Is that the correct new list?
  • @vkp1988 I was wake up until 2am... You said to wait you, you did'n show up until 20pm LOL

    I really don't care about your wife, kids and you life. You said to me to wait until 2AM, so be there, or at least contact me saying you will can't. Ah, of course was 2 AM on my country, for you should be 10 AM I think, I don't know.

    I don't know why you think you right, you don't keep your word, that's all.

    Anyway I'm seeing you like videos and don't want give up. So what is wrong here, help me understand why your list can't get 500+ lpm? Or you don't want to make support too?

    It's a simple Churn and Burn project. Last time I leave running for 15 hours and I got 30 LpM.
  • Both of you guys should take this out of the forum to a private area. I am not really interested in reading it.

    I subscibe to the service... and using his lists with instructions I received from vkp1988 .

    I was having problems accessing the member area, I submitted a ticket, and he helped right away.

    Sorry you are having not great results, but as you will read in the many other responses... we are all doing well.

    Try double checking all your settings.

    The things that slows me down something fierce is the CAPTCHA services screwing up... not the lists I am using.

    vkp1988 My two cents here... but don't argue with a paying client in public like this. Does not look good for people who might be considering purchasing your service. Just saying. I like your product and the service... but don't like to see "vendors" call clients names.
  • @luckskywalker it took me about 5 seconds to see why you're getting low LPM in that video and it looks like you pretty much have no idea how to use GSA SER properly. Let's break your video down and see where you're going wrong.

    First, look at the engines you have checked off. There's just a small handful there:

    - Article
    - Social Bookmark
    - Social Network 
    - Video 
    - Web 2.0
    - Wiki

    Of about 114,000 URLs in @vkp1988 most recent list, you're trying to post to a grand total of 10,549 of them. That's less than ten percent:

    Category – Article…………: 4478
    Category – Social Bookmark….: 287
    Category – Social Network…..: 3621
    Category – Video…………..: 770
    Category – Web 2.0…………: 433
    Category – Wiki……………: 960

    Next, you're only using GSA-CB when you should already know that a lot of the engines you've selected will be using Recaptcha. You're never going to get 100% out of a list using GSA-CB only. You're also not using a text captcha provider like - I can see a ton of "text captcha found and skipped" whipping by in your log. Not sure if you're just being cheap here but you're throwing away loads of links by not having proper captcha solving.

    Moving on, you only have 50 proxies and I'm not sure if they're shared but it's clear that you're running far too many threads on them (460 threads on 50 proxies? Good luck with that). Almost every frame of your log that I looked at had 'Download Failed' errors in it.

    Finally I have no idea what your OBLs are set to as you didn't scroll to this in your options but I'll guess it's something low, which will eliminate even more URLs.

    This is a clear case of operator error - stop trying to blame your list vendor and start learning how to use GSA SER properly. Cheers
  • edited July 2014

    - You know what is CDF right? You are so smart that ignore this fact. My secondary tiers have almost every engines checked, except the worthless links, that I think you know what they are, right?

    - The OP said that I can get 500+ lpm without any recaptcha service.

    - Almost EVERY single person say 100 threads to 10 proxies, I should be using 500 threads lol, you are the first one saying that 460 threads it's too much for 50 semi dedi proxies.

    - This is my LpM with another list with the same settings:

    - I'm not blaming, I just leave my review, that's all.


    I agree with you, sorry about that. I was just leaving my review about the product, the op just started fight posting a "proof" video and calling me kid lol.
    I'll leave the thread alone.
  • vkp1988vkp1988
    edited July 2014
    29th JULY LIST 4 Out!

    Unique Domains 135164

    Hello Guys we have updated with new list. You can get now while its available. 


    FINALLY~~ We could offer over 100K targets!!

    Also we have noticed very fast effective movements for Youtube videos with new list. Seems Google crawling fast these targets. Plus 15+ Domain authority for most targets.

    If you have any question feel free to contact me on Skype. Also i do provide Teamviwer support if you need technical support. ( This is extra support.Skype support may vary with time)

    List to 4 100% verified with GSA SER .13,516,4unique domain targets.

    go here to check new list stats:

    Get your SER verified list now

    -  "GSA FORUM"

  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
    edited July 2014

    Glad finally you could get us over 100k targets..Going to fire up.

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