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Massive Rank Drops

Hey guys, a few days ago alot of my niches dropped from being ranked on page 1/2 to nowhere.
Now when I look some niches are rank 100-200 and some are 200+
Has anyone else experienced this. I am still building links and I have checked webmaster tools but there are no messages and my site still shows when I search



  • There is a lot of chatter by various industry "experts" about a Google update on the 7th.  Possibly Penguin related.

    Don't know for sure, just saying what I've read elsewhere...
  • Tim89Tim89
    I've not experienced any drops..
  • @davbel my ranks seem to be bouncing alot!
  • @Tim89 me either, but there are various tweets / discussion about something happening e.g:

    Guess we'll just have to wait and see ;)

  • Tim89Tim89
    Cheers mate @davbel will have a read when I'm in the lavvy :p
  • @davbel
    Yes I have read that, my site actually lost its ranks on the 10th May.
    Not sure why, some niches come back briefly, then off again, seeing as I am indexing tiers at the moment maybe this is the reason
  • I believe there is really a massive update this week. some of my sites had just lost its ranks today. :(

    Site 1: from 11 to 109
    Site 2: from 2-4-5-10 in Serpbook now 0-1-1-1

    really need help and advise.

    Right now, I am continuously building links like nothing happened. 

    Will this be ok? Or i need to restrategize,if so please advise.


  • Everyday I am loosing site/sites, that shit never happend to me before :/
    There is also another thread about it
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