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Crashes when running for a long time

Hi. Every time I leave the program running the night, it is always show an error in the morning.

Some weeks ago I sent bug report through the error popup shown by the software itself.

When I found the program crashed, URL queue contains about 5 millions of URLs and extracted addresses are about 10.000; the extraction is still running well but with only 2-3 threads.

Leaving the program running, even when it didn't crash, number of active threads slowly go down (even if I start with 100 vactive threads, after many hours the number is down to 1-2 threads; often is 1 thread but queue won't going on at all).

This happens even with only 5 threads.


  • It's already a known bug and the developers are working on it:
  • Thank you.

    More info: I'm not using Captcha Sniper, only GSA Email Spider.

    Also RAM usage raises to 1,6 GB (when spider is started is about 300 MB), there should be a memory leak somewhere, and it isn't the long URL queue (if I empty then the RAM usage don't lower).

    Thank you.


  • SvenSven
    I don't think this is a memory leak but the nature of having so many URLs and Data in the memory. You can limit that in options to e.g. only hold XYZ URLs in queue before adding new once. This should help you to stay away from this error.
  • ability to restart CaptchaSniper every 30 minutes (in case you have
                 this memory leak bug from CS)

    where to find that option?
  • OzzOzz
    edited November 2012
    that option was removed again as it could have cause some issues for some users and captchasniper already released a patch regarding the memory bug in CS for it.
  • Hi, I heard about Captcha Sniper. Where I can find it?

  • SvenSven
    The issue is for GSA Email Spider not "Search Engine Ranker". You don't need CaptchaSniper for this program.
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