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Bulk import project URL

Would be great if there is an option to bulk import "project urls" and divide them like the bulk email import function.

The "project url" I mean is



  • SvenSven
    Hmm don't see that being useful for most customers.
  • It's useful for those who build lots of T1 & T2 and want to split them to several projects for faster link building.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited April 2014

    @Sven with the work flow and how I use my copies of GSA, this would be quite useful if I think it will work the way fengli has suggested, I'm not sure how it would be integrated though.

    For example, if we work with a x10 link building ratio, we would start with 100 tier 1 links, with this, we would then create an additional 10 individual campaigns and import 10 urls per campaign, we would then have 1,000 tier 2 links..

    We would then need to create another 10 campaigns and import 100 urls within each campaign, we would have to split our 1,000 links into batches of 100, then individually import these batches of 100 into each campaign.

    I work with a much higher ratio though, so you can imagine, I'm creating 100's of campaigns then importing 100 urls within each campaign, it can be time consuming and quite tedious..

    again, I'm not sure how this would be coded though.
  • +1 for me also...
  • +1 for me. I need in this function
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    +1 from me too. I tried to hire someone, but he can't do the bulk email import because of the hash that you use.

    I have two full time people that just create campaigns right now.
  • +1 from me too for this feature.

    i need it badly.
  • Any chance this could be implemented @Sven? I have 4 SER copy/licenses and it is so tedious to manage/create projects now, anything that can help to reduce my workload is much much appreciated.  ^:)^
  • +1 here too... would love to see this functionality if at all possible.
  • I know I am late to the party on this feature request but I am a big fat +1 for this please. I found this thread by Googl'ing "mass target url importer". I would use this feature every day of the week and I currently have 8 installs of SER.
  • edited October 2014
    I stop requesting this feature as I've found the "LazyBlue Tool" by @dmrt which can bulk import target urls and divide them evenly at just a click, there are many useful features other than that, the creator @dmrt is very helpful. Definitely recommend it.
  • thanks @fengli. sent you a pm @chadisa
  • +1 for this in SER ...very useful and time saving.
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