Regarding use of folder macros in the Data tab in Settings

Hi @Sven,

So I'm using the %article% macros and the %article_title% macros inside my "Data" tab in "Settings", this is okay but is slow as it still require to import the articles for the project.

So my question is if instead of that is it okay to use somehow the folder macros so a title of article and a body of article can be pick randomly from folder? something like the following macros I guess? %spinfolder-<folder>%, %spinfolder2-<folder>%, %spinfolderdelete-<folder>%

Regards, and thanks as usual for great work.


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    yes thats also ok.
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    edited July 2017
    Ok, i guess then %spinfolder-<folder>% is what i need with a folder for titles and another for bodies. Thanks
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