"Your IP address may have been blocked by {search engine}- how to fix?

While using GSA with captcha breaker today, I received the error message and my submissions stopped going through.

What is confusing to me is that, when using Google manually, I am not asked to input a captcha and can still make searches as usual. If my IP address has been blocked, wouldn't I be unable to do this as well?

I have (perhaps foolishly) been using without any proxies configured, so I guess this is unsurprising. I am a low-volume GSA user and would prefer a free proxy option if available.

What I am wondering from the community is:

1. If my IP address has been blocked, why can I still make Google searches as usual?
2. Are there any free proxy solutions you recommend, or should I just buy a monthly service (keeping in mind I am a light user and not making my living on this like all you blackhatters ;)?

Thanks Sven for a great product!


  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    The message is "may have been blocked". Turn on debug mode and double click on that entry to show the content. Maybe there are just no search results.
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    Recently getting more IP may be block and IP getting block by some search engine on the gsa message tab and is that really the real thing that the private proxies cant use to search website on search engine anymore because i just start the project around 3-4 hour only?
  • There is definitely a bug in the system. I had the same error occur on a brand new project with a fresh set of 50 private proxies five minutes into the campaign.
  • This is not a bug.

    I have IPs getting blocked left and right by Google and I am using the same proxies and setup I have been for over a year now and its getting worse ( i never got blocked before ).

    Im using 50 private proxies and I have about 33 engines selected in my options tabs ( half diff google countries, half diff BING countires ). I also have my threads on 25 and wait time 60 seconds. I am not using keywords in my searches and I am getting proxies disabled left and right from google now.

    The issue is, when I noticed they get disabled/banned I go into the proxies settings and have the check down on all my proxies with Google and they come back all fine and green in GSA SER ( which I think is messed up ), but as soon as I run the project the proxies get banned from the start of the project.

    When I take the proxy and put in my browser and do a google search it comes up with captcha I must solve on my own.

    So questions for Sven:

    1. Why is GSA SER telling me my proxies are good in your proxy check function, when in fact they are not? I think the way you tell if proxy is good or bad is flawed.

    2. I dont think the 60 second wait time is being used in settings. When I watch log it will run like 15 of the Google ones back to back within 1 second

    3. When GSA SER encountes a blocked proxy on google, why doesnt it try to solve the captcha for us so we dont have to hunt down the problem and do it manually?

  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de

    1. Show me some samples.

    2. It is used for sure. However the more proxies you have, the faster it goes as this waiting time is used per proxy and domain.

    3. Thats in fact something to improve, but in my eyes someone should just use other or more search engines than just google to get around this instead of increasing captcha costs.

  • goonergooner SERLists.com
    I get soooo many IP might be blocked messages too, but SER still builds links like crazy.
    So i usually ignore it, but i do have wait time at 120 and all English search engine selected... Those settings helped me a lot.
  • @Sven -

    The best sample I could give is you.. GSA SER reports while running in the log that my IP is blocked by Google. I go to proxy area of GSA SER and run the test on all proxies and all come back green ( the pink one for the banned proxy now becomes green ). I go to google in my browser ( google.com ) and use the prior banned proxy in my browser settings and all looks fine. I do a search though and it comes back with the captcha sorry message.

    GSA SER knows the proxy is banned, but your tester says its fine and turns it back to green. However, in real life when using it in Google for a search shows it still is banned. Even when GSA SER gets turned back on with the proxy now green, it immediately says in the log its banned again when GSA SER uses that proxy on Google.

    for #3, you can say we can use more engines.. .but Google is getting wise to this. Sure I might get the IP banned on Google DE and you think.. well just go and use Google RU and Google AU and Google MX instead.

    However, I already am as I am using 33 engines with lots of different Google countries already. I dont want to have to rely on Bing and ASK and others as those results are NOT as good. Also maybe I just need Google DE results only as my niches is DE related and I only want DE results? Bing and ASK and others are not as good so I just want google.

    Your users are telling you what they want, so why do you care if it costs us more captchas? We can turn option on or off and those not wanting to use it wont. We get options like "test proxies" that doesn't really work as its not doing a real search query on Google, but we can't get a "solve captcha on banned proxy" solution even though there are several threads on this forum for it?
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de

    @eliquid ... slow down cowboy!

    There is no pink color!? There is just a green and light red one.

    How do you test it? There are different ways to test things....even a custom one you can configure to your needs.

    Google.de is treated the same as google.com or any other google.* domain. SER knows that when google.com is used, it can not use google.* before the waiting time is over.

    When I mean different search engines, I mean others than google.* ...like yahoo, bing...

  • so any way to get rid from this ?
  • You can request that Sven enables CAPTCHA entry for Google, as I did. Maybe it's possible I don't know
  • bloupbloupbloupbloup France
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    GSA isn't the only software with this issue. For instance, SEO spyglass which is a software that can your backlinks online is also blocked by Google. I guess google has a strong algorithm to detect browsing of results by robots even if it comes from two different proxies.

    Usually a URL isn't only indexed by Google but other search engines, that's why it is not such a major issue since GSA offers many different search engines. 

    For now on, i have noticed that proxies operated by GSA are blocked by Google, Duckduckgo and startpage in my own case. I think it is related to proxies IPs as i use semi-private proxies from proxy-hub

    Here is the output of the page from google that trigger the error: "IP ... may be blocked by". I used the link from debug mode windows.


    Interestingly enough, when i type the URL in the browser when i connect directly with my ISP IP, there is no captcha and results appear right away. As i said it looks like a proxy issue. Does Google record proxies activities, that's a good question.

    Here is the GSA request to Google.

  • goonergooner SERLists.com
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    This problem is not really new, if any of you use keyword research software you will notice that you get these blocks for many months now, on home ip, proxies or whatever. If you query Google enough you will get a block.

    It's always been there just in the last 6 months maybe Google lower the threshold to cause to a block.

    And yea the only solution is for sven to include the Google captcha.
  • maybe we can create an engine that unblock private proxys from google...
  • goonergooner SERLists.com
    Just realised that this has become a major issue for me too, so either all my 150 dedicated proxies from 2 different suppliers just got maxed out at the same time (unlikely i would say) or Google has lowered this limit again.

    My LPM on 3x VPS has dropped from around 50+ to less than 10 on all of them, very not good!!!

    I need a solution or looks like i will have to scrape links externally from here on in.
  • goonergooner SERLists.com
    Ignore last post - I forgot i was testing not using my verified lists at all to see what the results would be.
    Turns out the result was all my proxies are blocked in less than a day! lol
  • This thing really needs to be solved soon coz i see this blocked messages in los of engines
  • goonergooner SERLists.com
    How many threads and proxies do you have?
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    600 threads and 20 Semi Dedicated proxies from buyproxies
  • goonergooner SERLists.com
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    i think there might be your answer... that's a lot of threads for so few proxies, especially shared proxies.

    I have a total of 900 threads (across 3 vps) and 150 fully dedicated proxies.
  • hmm oki i think i have to lower them 50 is good ? actually i have just started with gsa and saw a guide about this but i think i have to learn some good points to make it work in a manner :)
  • goonergooner SERLists.com
    Try maybe 200 threads or maybe try 100 and then if it's ok you can increase it slowly.
    But now your proxies are already blocked it might be a good idea to request buyproxy send you new ones.
  • hmm oki thanks for the suggestions :)
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    Got new proxies from buyproxies also lowers the thread to 50 still proxies shows blocked on google :( , their issue in gsa @sven please fix it
  • OMG! I just test all my proxies in GSA right now.. " All proxies are blocked by Google.." I test with bing.. all proxies just works fine.. Something is going on here..
  • any one else still having this problem ? i am
  • I wonder if @sven can consider manual captcha entry of Google captcha in SER yet? :)
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
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    OK. Out of interest what % of stopwords are you putting in search query settings? Has anyone tried something like 80%?
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