Super-Low Verification on Verified Links.

SheilaLSheilaL chicago
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I scraped a list of 10k urls from SB that I later verified in GSA. But now I'm trying to build to them and currently my Submitted is at 400, and Verified is only at 30. Can someone tell me why this is? 

BTW, I have my global options setup pretty generically to allow for a high LPM. Most common msg is "no engine matches".

Sorry if someone has asked this before, but I can't seem to figure out the issue.  :/



  • @Sven, can you advise?
  • SvenSven
    If a form field cant be filled: change from SKIP to RANDOM

    Beside this little glitch, I don't see much being wrong right now.

  • So you're saying that submitted/verified ratio is normal???? especially if i already verified the links?
  • SvenSven
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    with blog comments as engine it is indeed normal sorry.
  • Oh ok, thanks.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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    @Sven, as I understand this, it's because the comments we post with SER roll off the first page rather quickly.

    Is this what is happening? Or is it something else?

    If so, those ARE still successful postings, just not ones we can verify. I guess the implications then are that we can't build tiers with them, either, but maybe we wouldn't want to b/c our posted backlink and comment moves down from page to page?
  • SvenSven
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    Thats one reason, the more important one is that most blog comments are now moderated and if not that, they use some really good anti-spam protections like askimet. You can hardly beat that.
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  • I hadn't even considered that, I just thought since it said "no engine matches" that there was another issue. Thanks guys!
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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    "since it said "no engine matches" that there was another issue."

    @Sven, could it also be that although those sites were initially found using valid footprints, the form page had been modified, even in a small, but crucial way?

    Therefore, the sites would be found, but SER wouldn't be able to post to them.

    @ShielaL, you stated that these were, in fact, verified with SER? So this confuses me...did you already successfully verify links to them on a junk project? Just trying to learn and help at the same time. :)
  • SvenSven
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    IF a site was found with a footprint but later SER decides that this is not really matching (footprints are used to find the sites, later check if it is a valid one is done with content in script from the variable "page must have"), it will not even try to submit.
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  • Firstly u have to use tiered project
    secondly uncheck anything regarding PR cuz it not working anymore ,, mostly (95%) wrong , just use moz for free to check the site pr or why bother its a numbers game so just keep posting and u will rank evantully if u use good strategy.
    thirdly dont send to gsa indexer and redirector cuz it will cause some delays , when ever they reach 10000 send them in bulks to those softwares and dont send all links cuz u dont want google to index all ur site in one time . U have to do irregularity as much as possible.
    also use a good captcha solver. I would recommand xevil as first line and gsa cb as second line and from within gsa cb let it send the failed again to xevil so it have another round with them . And that mustly wont happen cuz xevil will solve them on first line 
    Only one discount i found for it :
    then u need to use private proxies for submission and search engines only. Leave all others without proxies , also use solidseovps , they are crazy fast and i really suggest u use there 10gbps new vps, i build over half million backlink daily in xrumer and about 200k in gsa ser and i dont manage to use half of the network power
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