View Account Data Option.

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Evening Sven,

I have been playing with SERE for the past two days and my current plan is to allocate a set captcha budget per niche for my projects to make web 2.0s and then set their time between account creations to a year so the project doesnt make any new account but just posts to the ones it has already made.

Would it be easy to make a view account data option similar to the export option as shown in the screenshot below?

So that when the view account data option is selected it shows the account data for the project similar to how the show targets in a folder option currently works as shown in the screenshot below but with the number of accounts per engine that project has access to.

This is just brain storming for when I get the content for my next money sites but I can imagine it being a bit of a nightmare to have to go over each of my SERE projects for each niche to try workout how many live accounts the project has access to for future posting.

Its no biggy if it will be a pain to implement though :).


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