The Future of GSA PR Emulator

kxpkxp United States
Hey @Sven,

What are the plans for GSA PR Emulator? I ask, because more and more tools are getting away from querying the Google PR endpoints. Do you have plans to allow PR Emulator to intercept other common endpoints?

My biggest concern is that if we're relying on these tools to only query the Google PR endpoints, then eventually GSA PR Emulator won't work. As an example, I don't believe you can query the Google PR endpoint from Scrapebox anymore, they only go directly to Yandex.

Another thing that would be awesome is including a service I found called DomDetailer. It has an API ( that looks really interesting. It allows you to buy credits from them, then they return the Majestic and Moz metrics. It would be really cool if that could be included in the PR Emulator. This would be helpful because it would allow you to bring Majestic and Moz back in very affordably for us, and if we could intercept the Yandex and other endpoints with PR Emulator, then we could get Moz or Majestic metrics into Scrapebox or basically any other tools we use.

I really like the idea of including Domdetailer because you can just by credits as you need them rather than having to have $150/month subscriptions to these services. I apologize if what I'm asking is just an insane amount of work, but thought I would offer the ideas in case you thought it was doable. I know this would mean that you need to mimic the responses of each API you're standing in for, but thought it made a lot of sense for the future of the tool.


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