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The Future of GSA PR Emulator

kxpkxp United States
Hey @Sven,

What are the plans for GSA PR Emulator? I ask, because more and more tools are getting away from querying the Google PR endpoints. Do you have plans to allow PR Emulator to intercept other common endpoints?

My biggest concern is that if we're relying on these tools to only query the Google PR endpoints, then eventually GSA PR Emulator won't work. As an example, I don't believe you can query the Google PR endpoint from Scrapebox anymore, they only go directly to Yandex.

Another thing that would be awesome is including a service I found called DomDetailer. It has an API ( that looks really interesting. It allows you to buy credits from them, then they return the Majestic and Moz metrics. It would be really cool if that could be included in the PR Emulator. This would be helpful because it would allow you to bring Majestic and Moz back in very affordably for us, and if we could intercept the Yandex and other endpoints with PR Emulator, then we could get Moz or Majestic metrics into Scrapebox or basically any other tools we use.

I really like the idea of including Domdetailer because you can just by credits as you need them rather than having to have $150/month subscriptions to these services. I apologize if what I'm asking is just an insane amount of work, but thought I would offer the ideas in case you thought it was doable. I know this would mean that you need to mimic the responses of each API you're standing in for, but thought it made a lot of sense for the future of the tool.


  • capayacapaya Bali
    edited June 2017
    yeah thats mean including paid service to pr emulator/metric scanner. not different with my idea ( , @Sven please include this feature! 
  • kxpkxp United States
    Yes, that is one part of my request. I also offered additional ideas that I hope he implements as well. I saw that you posted the message above a couple of times, I can understand wanting a feature, but bombarding Sven with the same request and hijacking other peoples' threads will just distract.

    To make sure the other part of my request isn't missed I'll reiterate it again. In addition to other metrics services, I would like to see GSA PR Emulator intercept other common endpoints. Google PR Endpoints are no longer useful, so as time goes on, applications will remove the option to send requests to those endpoints which means we will no longer be able to use PR Emulator with those applications. If PR Emulator could emulate other endpoints, then it would preserve the usefulness of this application.
  • @kxp

    I liked your idea and was expecting something like this. Domdetailer saw on bhw. Nice idea and helps guys like me who willing to pay for the quality. 
  • kxpkxp United States
    Yeah, I saw DomDetailer on BHW as well. Looks like a great service and the guy that made it seems to support his stuff well.
  • edited November 2017
    Any update on this @sven..  interesting to buy if its already existed. 
  • SvenSven
    Just added support for it, but I would need an api key to check if it works
  • Sven Going to buy now. 
  • SvenSven
    I have added support for domdetailer in latest updates of GSA Proxy Scraper (Metric Scanner + PR Emulator) and GSA PR Emulator.
  • kxpkxp United States
    Hey @Sven,

    Just wanted to let you know that this change is the reason I just bought a license for both PR Emulator and Proxy Scraper :-) Thanks for listening to your customers. You are one-of-a-kind in this business.
  • SvenSven
    I always listen...since years. Some suggestions might however take a bit longer till I add them sorry. But keep in mind that Im basically the only person coding and doing support for all the SEO tools.
  • kxpkxp United States
    Hey Sven,

    I hope that didn't come off as sounding critical. It was meant only as a compliment. You do a fantastic job. I was just thanking you for being so willing to listen to your customers. A lot of SEO software companies don't care. I didn't mean to imply that you haven't been listening. I see the near daily updates of GSA Content Generator! :-)
  • SvenSven
    naw I also was not meant to criticize, just took the chance to explain why it may sometimes take longer to add things.
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