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Hi all, 
This is off-topic, but does involve SER so I was hoping for some feedback. Thanks for any comments.
So, my 'day job' is running a business that manufactures a brand of products. We are small in our vertical, but have managed to establish a number of relationships with global retailers. Our products are listed on retailer sites in the US, UK, and Asia. The primary market is US.
At the end of the day, we would prefer to move product through the retailer channels as it reduces of customer service costs.
So in addition to seo-ing our own products, I was thinking how I might be able to use SER to benefit sales turnover on the retailer sites.
The question is, would it be a good idea to blast away at my product pages on other sites? Do you think setting up traditional tiers is the way to go? Or would it not even make a dent as we are talking about a global retailer site?
So my product names are something like XYZ Brand Widget Name, with Widget Name being pretty generic. My thought was if the retailer sites start ranking with my product page for the generic KW, then my brand site would get a relative lift. 
Or, should I just keep to seo-ing my own site and social media? I just think that having the good fortune of association with big players needs to be leveraged somehow but I can't get my head around this.
Any help/comment is greatly appreciated.


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    By retailer channels do you mean stuff like Amazon?

    I have a post planned about how ranking stuff like that has changed over the years I just don't have the free time right now.

    One of the first things I tried to churn and burn was Kindle pages. The below screenshot is from a pretty hard keyword from a project back in 2015 but I had to cut the project short.

    The below screenshot is the rank tracker for a much easier keyword started around the end of Feb this year with the same strategy as the above one, it's had little to no movement at all.

    I'm moving away from that back to my own sites with Web 2.0s as T1 now and hitting them with SER and RX but I would imagine that type of strategy would work for amazon pages, its just not really worth it with Kindle pages as its extra work and I only get 30 cents per sale.
  • @shaun your comments are always appreciated. anyone reading this thread needs to go to Shaun's site and learn about SEO. Lots of great content there.
    No, not Amazon. Think more Marks&Spencer type of sites. This thread is more about, how to help M&S increase turnover of my products at their site, and is it worth the effort? Or should I keep focusing on DTC (Direct to Consumer) business model?
    Having several M&S type retailer relationships, and not fully leveraging those to the benefit of my own site seo seems like I am leaving a lot at the table??
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @viking - seems like it's worth a shot, but only if you can keep it relatively low effort / investment until you start seeing some results. As for how to do it, I really have no idea what's working in churn and burn these days unfortunately.
  • @redrays Thanks for that. I operate in a crazy competitive consumer segment. It is all about 'brands' that all sell their own versions of various category products. I wish I could reveal more because I have a feeling I am missing opportunity by a wide margin and several of you on this forum could likely give me life-changing advice. In any event, my thought was again, let's say my product has a product page on the Marks&Spencer e-com site. It doesn't link out to my own site's product page so there is no direct benefit from an seo perspective other than it is my branded product, and G sees that a major global retailer is listing it. So, in a way, it is sort of like a no-follow link, right? If I build a tier to that product page using my brand as exact match KW, would that raise the bar for my brand indirectly? i.e. M&S site giving relative strength to my brand name. I get on the actual product name/type I have to seo that directly back to my site. I am trying to find the value in leveraging a few dozen global retailers all listing my products. Thanks.
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    @viking - no worries, and I don't think any of us hold the fact that you won't say more against you. Too much sleazy stuff goes on in search not to feel very apprehensive about sharing too much.

    As for your question, I've never seen any solid evidence that Google treats something like that as a link, and so I would be very surprised if you got any seo benefit from pumping up those pages. That said, you never know and it probably won't be very expensive to find out :)
  • I have not been doing this long enough to be giving advice but I will throw my hat in the ring.  Churn and Burn by throwing products out there, I think might be a waste of resources since you will be creating a lot of duplicate content or just shit links. Which in the end will be deleted or not even seen by customers that you're hoping may buy it.  More High quality links will push your site up and depending on the quality of your content that your putting on other sites it will last longer which gives a better opportunity to be in front of the right buyers. Like I said take this with a grain of salt for I am still learning myself.
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    @Forthe300 - did you even read the original post?
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