Mass Planner is shut down

Wow. I just circled back to sign up on mass planner and the service is shut down. The homescreen references that Instagram 'requested' they shut down the service. Ha! I am guessing an army of attorneys made it clear that they needed to get out of the instagram business in short order.

So, the question for the community, anyone have a mass planner type service that they can refer me to? 


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    I tried follow liker in the past but MP was much better in the short time I was playing with it.

    There is a thread on BHW VIP section with screenshots from the apparent C&D letters being sent out and they sound fucking retarded lol.
  • golflovergolflover golf
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    about MP ..thats sad. i am a big fan of them. and also have their addons :(, this mostly happens with Australian vendors um not sure where are they but mostly Netherlands and german  / Russia are the most safest. 

  • Mike_RossMike_Ross Arizona, USA
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    there is a free script check bhw 
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