Is there a Rank Tracker That....

shows all URLs of one site that are ranking for what keyword even if it's unrelated/random?

I can't think if I'm asking the completely impossible or if it's been done before?

As this probably doesn't make sense, an example: ranks #2 cat shoes, #4 shoes for cats, #47 cat feet protectors ranks #9 sneakers for cats, #1 nike air cat sneakers, #99 cat sneakers, #178 cat in sneakers youtube

So, as the last keyword "cat in sneakers youtube" has nothing to do with buying cat sneakers or if it was a really difficult keyword or just 'cat' and it was at #162 then a rank tracking tool would show this.

Basically, I want to see ALL keywords that any given site ranks for. So, for my application, I would show a new client what they currently rank for and in a few months time I've helped them rank for 1000 more keywords and these are the positions and what pages, rather than me telling the rank tracker what keywords I want the site to be checked for. Like a full appraisal of where the site ranks for any keyword.


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