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Is there a Rank Tracker That....

shows all URLs of one site that are ranking for what keyword even if it's unrelated/random?

I can't think if I'm asking the completely impossible or if it's been done before?

As this probably doesn't make sense, an example: ranks #2 cat shoes, #4 shoes for cats, #47 cat feet protectors ranks #9 sneakers for cats, #1 nike air cat sneakers, #99 cat sneakers, #178 cat in sneakers youtube

So, as the last keyword "cat in sneakers youtube" has nothing to do with buying cat sneakers or if it was a really difficult keyword or just 'cat' and it was at #162 then a rank tracking tool would show this.

Basically, I want to see ALL keywords that any given site ranks for. So, for my application, I would show a new client what they currently rank for and in a few months time I've helped them rank for 1000 more keywords and these are the positions and what pages, rather than me telling the rank tracker what keywords I want the site to be checked for. Like a full appraisal of where the site ranks for any keyword.


  • shaunshaun
    SEMRush does this for keywords that receive over xx searches per year. Not 100% sure what the exact minimum search count is.
  • Ahrefs does that for you, pm me with your site and i will send you a full report of your website if you like.
  • Semrush/Ahrefs/Serpstat
  • I have SEMRush (groupbuy) but thought it was a bit lame when you compare to what's seen in GWMT, and GWMT only shows what 75% of what's actually happening. 
  • shaunshaun

    Have either of you compared a SEMRush report to an AHRefs report for this to see the difference?

    Until recently AHRefs had totally smashed the competition with its backlink crawler but it seems Majestic have upped their game a bit recently. Just wondering if they are better than SEMRush at this kind of thing.
  • @shaun

    I compared semrush vs ahrefs, and ahrefs has a boatload more data and is kicking semrush down its boots.
    Had both semrush and ahrefs subscriptions, but canceled semrush after finding that its sucks balls compared to ahrefs :)

    Majestic is decent, but i prefer ahrefs, its just works :)
  • shaunshaun
    Cheers, I dropped SEMRush last month as I don't think it is worth what they charge. I just checked AHRefs and it seems their basic plan only lets you check 25 domains per day though :(.
  • groupbuyseotools I just bought it the other day, have yet to play around with it - hence the stupid title/question/thread lol.

    I still think there is a drastic difference between GWMT and whatever tool but GWMT doesn't show all info because they're shit bags.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    Yep, I've been using SEMRush to do exactly what you describe for years. It's how I do my keyword research more or less.
  • I think semrush is the only service doing this. It is quite expensive if you need full report for s site but there are people of fivver selling the reports for a low price.
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