Simple question regarding GSA SER

Hi everyone, 

I just recently bought a list from serverifiedlists, but i am also using serengines. 

The list provider says to uncheck all search engines because i  be scraping google for targets, that makes sense. 
But what i dont understand is what will happen to serengines if i do turn of search engines, because now i have told GSA to use a list instead ? 

Will i still be able to post to serengines platforms when the search engines are switches of and using a list ? 
I am only planning to use serengines for Tier 1, so my question i forced to have the search engines enable because of serengines  and what will happen to the list. 

Will GSA SER scrape AND also post to the serengines at the same time  ?

Could someone explain this to me in a dummy way, so i understand this :)

Any help would be appritiated, i have goggled and searched the GSA Forum but did not find anyone asking this before !



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