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Simple question regarding GSA SER

Hi everyone, 

I just recently bought a list from serverifiedlists, but i am also using serengines. 

The list provider says to uncheck all search engines because i  be scraping google for targets, that makes sense. 
But what i dont understand is what will happen to serengines if i do turn of search engines, because now i have told GSA to use a list instead ? 

Will i still be able to post to serengines platforms when the search engines are switches of and using a list ? 
I am only planning to use serengines for Tier 1, so my question i forced to have the search engines enable because of serengines  and what will happen to the list. 

Will GSA SER scrape AND also post to the serengines at the same time  ?

Could someone explain this to me in a dummy way, so i understand this :)

Any help would be appritiated, i have goggled and searched the GSA Forum but did not find anyone asking this before !


Best Answer

  • shaunshaun
    Accepted Answer
    SERE uses built-in templates so it doesn't need to scrape or a list, it will post to its templates.

    Your list seller is correct when using a premium list there is no need to scrape and it will slow your rig down.


  • Awesome, thanks @Shaun ;

    Your the man :D 
  • @Shaun ;

    Just a quick question m8, i have the GSA Captcha breaker and also using 2captcha service, is there a way to 
    have GSA try to solve using the GSA Captcha breaker first and if it fails then use 2captcha. 

    In options i have GSA captcha breaker as first service and then have the 2captcah as the second service, but inside each Tier i have selected "Ask all services"

    Will it work like this :

    1: Tries to solve captcha using gsa captcha breaker
    2: If that fails then it moves on to 2captcha 

    Or do i need to do some magic in gsa first somewere ?

    Thanks a bunch 
  • I think i found out how to do that, your website has some really high value content :)

  • shaunshaun
    Cheers mate, yea that post covers it. In all honesty I just send all premium web 2 from RX or SERE direct to 2Captcha.
  • shaunshaun
    @servercookie Totally off topic, dont suppose you are from Burgen or Oslo?
  • @Shaun ;

    From a small town outside of Oslo, 20min drive :)

    Burger = I think  you mean Bergen 
    That City is in the west, about 7-8 hour drive from Oslo hehe
  • shaunshaun
    Fair one, Me and a few mates were looking to pop over to Oslo for a weekend but I think we are going to go to Berlin or Amsterdam now.
  • @shaun @servercookie Yeah it's a tough one that.

    Do you go to Amsterdam with its red light district and coffee shops \:D/  or go freeze your nuts off in Oslo. Decision decisions ... :))
  • shaunshaun
    @johan haha fair point :p.

    TBH I am planning some traveling right now and I love the look of Norway and Iceland so I will probably solo travel them later on.
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