Appear strange anchortext and strange domain GSA backlink

Hello everyone

I have 2 issues not understand:

1. I'm creating a test project with Kontent Machine to create content for my tier 2. But after getting some links veryfied, I checked and found outside 2 anchortext and my website's link also appears more of a link 1 anchortext and other webiste. Why are there strange anchortext and other sites link on GSA's post? GSA have created one another backlink or content of kontentmachine insertion order or because I misconfigured?
2. When placing links from tier 1 to my moneysite, I should put full text link? (Head or foot of the website) or put links in each article tier 1 point on my moneysite?
  3. If I have a 15 page in the Web 2.0 (tier 1) I should put links to all 15 this page or just 1-2 links is enough?

Thank you very much ! 


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