Can someone please help me


I ran 3-4 projects in GSA SER, but all verified links come into 1 link campaign in indexer (i use link centaur)

Is that possible to split the link campaign on link centaur for each GSA ser project?

I did open a ticket on link centaur account, and here is what they said:

-- Hi

-- we offer the option to send links to a specific campaign via our API but apparently GSA doesn't implement this feature, so what you could do is ask them to make a change to let you specify within GSA to which link centaur campaign your gsa project links are sent

-- Thanks

-- Best

i tried the link that Sven gave there, but its dead link now...

anyone have suggestion?



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    Accepted Answer
    all links are usually sent to the same project within indexers. Sorry.
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    BenzBenz My Laptop
    alright then, thanks Sven
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