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Link Centuar Intergration - Anybody in the know?

I contacted Link Centaur support - they responded to check with GSA - The following is the core of our conversation:

(Me) - Hi,

I can not figure out much from the API tab. I want to use Centaur API Key in GSA-SER - this setup is in general options of SER (not specific projects) so how dose this work?

If I have to I can keep it simple by having all verified links go to one campaign but how do I direct it to any campaign in my Centaur account? I see it must set up a generic "My Campaign"? Can I open campaign receiving API link feed and set?

Any info or help is much appreciated.

(LC support) - Hi,

We're not sure how the link centaur API is implemented in GSA SER,

Link centaur's API supports sending links to a specific campaign, but from what you describe we're not sure if GSA SER have implemented this, have you tried asking them to implement it in GSA SER


  • SvenSven

    I call

    URL: (post request)

    with parameters: apikey and links

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    thanks for the assist - Sven
  • haven't had time to post....I am using the catchall "My Campaign" for time being it is working well in this mode I have another API issue with TBS I will post in a moment. - thanks for follow-up Sven
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