Use Catch-All Email to verify links?

Hello, I own a domain and I have this Catch-All Email thing, can I use that to verify my GSA SER links?


  • SvenSven
  • @Sven ,thanks for the answer, but how do I do it? I tried putting the email, password etc in GSA, it confirms that the account is working, it starts submitting links but none get verified. Also, there's no verification emails what so ever in the Catch-All Email when checking it. 
    Thanks :)
  • SvenSven
    make a screenshot of the email account settings.....usually it is all working if you see it connect/login....and then you can click on "Catch All?" label.
  • No, no, the email works fine, but I receive no emails from the website GSA registers to, thus not being able to confirm any links. I just want to know why I don't receive the emails. :)
  • SvenSven
    make sure no other email client also logs into that account...because usually clients download all messages and delete them from server by default, leaving no content for other programs to check.
  • There;s definitely a bug when using catch all email accounts. Emails get deleted without being verified, or if the option "delete messages when the verification link was found" is checked, the mail don't get deleted but the accounts still don't get verified. I was running the spartans seo service for 2 days with no submissions whatsoever and now that I switched to gmx pop I'm starting to see some submission. I had not set up any e-mail client with these accounts.
  • I switched to a catch all a few months back and have results as good or better than when I was buying email addresses. No issue at all with my service provider and it syncs perfectly to SER
  • @viking @RaskolWhat services are you guys using? I've bought a domain using DirectAdmin and maybe that's the issue.
  • Accepted Answer
    @malcomkevin i use catchallboxes . good deal and more importantly the service works well. cheers.
  • Thanks! :D
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