New Software - GSA PR Emulator

edited May 2016 in GSA PR Emulator
Since Google shut down his API some weeks ago there have been a lot of trouble for all kinds of tools relying on this metric system. And there was even a good software called PRJacker. Some say it works for them, many say it does not.

Recently they released an update to it and still people say it is no longer working for them. I can not judge on that but I felt the need to do something about it and added support for this in GSA Proxy Scraper.
Though people complained about the price as they just needed that small feature in it and not the rest. Well I thought I would again need to do something about it and create a new tool just for this purpose.
So ladies and gentlemen, here it is:

Download (9MB)
Purchase (34 USD)

As it is v1.02, you might see some room for improvement. Leave them here in this thread and I will try to work on it.
Anyway, please consider buying GSA Proxy Scraper instead when you see that those functions are something you would also need.


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