GSA SER Needs To Support Audio ReCaptcha!

This thread is not to be offensive to @Sven in any way. He has already stated to me that adding the ability for audio recaptcha would be a little bit of an undertaking. I am starting this thread to show him how many people would appreciate such a feature added in though... why you may ask?

Currently we solve Audio ReCaptchas at 95% success rate. Sounds good right?

Well, we only solve reCaptcha (2 words) at 20%, and street sign reCaptchas are not solvable at all via our OCR.

So wouldn't it make sense to support Audio reCaptcha that is the same as image captchas? The only difference is it just requires the software to download the .mp3 file versus downloading the reCaptcha image. Our OCR then is able to solve it without any other modifications :).

Simply give a '+1' in this thread to support this feature request.

Thank you everyone!


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