How To Run GSA SER In The Beast Mode


today let's talk about how to make gsa ser go crazy and dance all night long with \m/ (google,yandex,baidu,bing,yahoo,duck~:>) 

firstly you will have to wait until @sven update gsa cb (soon i hope) cuz i improved and added over 30 captcha that solve 98% of what am gonna explain.

now the beast mode:

create new project and load those engines : Here

now from option check :
  - continuously try to post to the same site even it it fail before because the beast never gave up from posting
  - randomly use typos 10%
  - skip hard to solve captcha
  - fill unknow randomly
  - Search Engine Load this file: Here
  - allow post to the same site:
           - links on 95%
           - time to wait for further registration 15 min
           - time to wait before first post 30 min
           - time to wait between second post 60 min
           - maximum post per account 5
           - maximum accounts per site 50 +\- 10
  - filter site : avoid posing to ip sate without domain
  - skip site with following words appear

and use 5 catch all email for verification and delete message after verification link was found

then from gsa ser option turn off all indexer cuz we will index them after 6 hours manually to save memory and threads and to index only verified and alive links and deleted link would be noticed on ur site

and use 
- 1000 threads
- timeout 180 sec
- check use non block
- proxies for all processes except email checking 
- for captcha use gsa cb and let it try 15 times and num of st captcha is 10
- filter maximum site of site is 2 mb
- global sites check all of them and from the project let it take urls from identified and verified only

now if u use Vps and private proxies ur VoM will be over 300 and LpM over 800 for sure and if u were using only public proxies and not in vps but at home with week internet connection like me then u will get VpM image and LpM  image

if u think that helped then donate me a VPS lol 

@Sven this is an alternative of BeastPM i told about earlier :-bd

Peace ~O)


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