DeathByCaptcha fails to get the balance

currently i got some problem with DeathByCaptcha
yesterday, i just bought DeathByCaptcha balance around 5k 
got error massage when i tried to test it

""your host file is modified. this is usually done by captchabreaker to redirect captcha queries to its own. please disable this option. continue anyway?"
then after it done
"unable to get balance"

tried to check the login information and it fully activated on their website ? then how ? 
tried to email them but still no answer..

(before using DBC, iam try to use gsa captcha breaker and sniper but it already unistalled)


  • SvenSven
    Do you have Captcha Breaker running? If so, make sure you uncheck the simulation for DeathByCaptcha. Captcha Sniper is also modifying the host file as well as Captcha Infinity. Though I don't know if those programs remove the host entries ater shutdown (CB does).
  • hi sven
    i tried captcha breaker demo version but it already unistalled, as well captcha sniper too..
    then what can i do ?
    try to reinstall but the problem still same...
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    open the file c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts in notepad and remove the entries for death by captcha.
  • Hi sven.. its already done now.. few hour later it works..
    I didnt remove it but dunno why they can load my balance now
    Thanks alot
  • shaunshaun - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!
    I just had the same problem on a new VPS, CB was up as administrator SER wasnt, rebooted SER as administrator and it worked fine.

    Not sure if that could be a fix or if it was just luck.
  • Hi andretirto, 

    I'm a rep from DBC and I can help you out! 

    Please let me know if you face any other inconvenience with our service. 

    Best Regards, 
  • Hi, 
    Same problem here, "unable to get balance" ... dont know how to solve this
  • HoochHooch South Africa
    Hi guys I've just checked and got exactly the same problem in SER, responds with "unable to get balance" No problem to sign in to DBC website manually, all seems ok that side, Try to open and close the software but response stay the same, is any there solution in the works at this stage?.
  • I'm having a problem getting my balance from dbc
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