What is the best VPS for GSA search engine ranker

I am new to VPS. I purchased through Poweruphosting. Absolutely no support and their Cpanel is about worthless. Looking for a better solution. Unless there is something there that I am missing. For those of you with experience please advise.


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    davbeldavbel UK
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    I've used @SolidSEOvps in the past and they've always been helpful
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    solidseovpssolidseovps solidseovps.com

    Thank you very much for recommending us. Appreciated
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    PowerUp Hosting all the way! I've used them and still using them. Make sure you googe some coupons to save you some cash :)

    OP, maybe the support is sleeping when you posted the ticket? They are very helpful and will answer your questions right away when they are online..
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    solidseovps +1
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    I dont think PowerUpHosting is the problem I have used them before and always good.

    You say in title VPS for GSA SER but then in your post you talk about Cpanel.

    You need a windows based VPS for GSA SER.
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    solidseovps -1
    Dedicated server down too much times.... Some months it works perfectly, other months it's down, the server shuts down together with all your running softwares. Goodbye.
    I'm "packing" all my data/softwares and looking for another host, I'm thinking to try directly online.net, without any reseller in the middle
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    magicallymagically http://i.imgur.com/Ban0Uo4.png
    SolidSEOVPS sucks, no matter how you turn it around, with reference to the last data loss (OVH issue)...

    I too Lost all software and data when I was hooked up there....

    In turned out to be: NOTSOSOLIDSEOVPS...

    On top of that, several sites had blocked the entire datacenter, which made it pretty much useless - even before the mentioned data loss.
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    solidseovpssolidseovps solidseovps.com

    I am not sure how you lost the data, as we recovered all our clients data even the ones that was terminated. You can contact us anytime and we can give you access to your old vps.


    The dedicated server we believe had issues, the datacenter opened several intervention for it
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    I am using hostwinds and their support is amazing . Also their prices are very less and they have windows server 2012 which I like the most when using scrapebox in it .

    If you want I can provide you 25% recurring discount coupon
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    coneh34dconeh34d Des Moines, Iowa
    SolidSEO +1. I have 4 dedicated servers and their support has been the #1 selling point. I've tried several other providers but no one gets back to as fast when there is an issue.
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    The support is not always the best part of a server/vps. In my case, the support is excellent, fast, fantastic, but the hardware is bullshit, it's always off. I'm still not able to use Gsa Ser when the server is off, I tried many times but I can't manage it  ;)
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    I am using @shapehost shape.host atm.They are pretty good.No down time and their support is on top of the things.
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    solidseovpssolidseovps solidseovps.com
    @coneh34d Thank you for your continuous support.

    @peterperseo We did open several intervention for this dedicated, the datacenter checked the hardware several times even changed some of it and would come back to us that this is a software issue, not a windows issue, that is something causing this to happen.. We did work on this for you for really many hours and at this point i added a cancellation request for you at the end of billing cycle and we wish you find a suitable provider
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    I agree with you just about the support, actually it's always very fast 24/7. I also agree that the problem of my case seems to be of the hardware/software/datacenter and not of the customer assistance or of solidseovps company. As your company is a reseller, you don't manage directly the machines. As I'm your client since more than 1 year, I thank you for all the fast answers I always received.

    But... what can I do with just a good support? What if I'm paying a dedicated server (not a cheap vps), and when I go to check how my softwares are running, the server is most of time down? Since october 2014 it's on and off depending... maybe of the weather, who knows. Maybe I'm the only one customer with this problem, maybe not, anyway I'm not so wrong if I can't write here a good review of your servers. I don't care where is the problem, I only see that I'm not getting the service I'm paying.

    My best regards
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    +1 for solid
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    gsa8mycowsgsa8mycows forum.gsa-online.de/profile/11343/gsa8mycows
    I'm with Shapehost.
    If you want, please sign with my ref link http://vps.shape.host/pay/aff.php?aff=022 Thank you!
    Non-ref: vps.shape.host
    if you dont like the ref link, just remove it

    Use these coupons:  First month only 35% : SHAPEHOST35FM

    Lifetime 15% : SHAPEHOST15

    If you sign up, go to services, new services and order their free sharehosting which is 1 site with 500mb storage. U/L bandwidth and cpanel. However, you need to ftp up your installs.

    Very decent VPS provider.
    My VPS has the following stats, and is gonna stay for me at 37 bucks until I have it:
    Power State : Powered On
    CPU - MHz : 4 - 11199 MHz
    Memory : 8192 MB
    Guest OS : Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)
    IP Address :
    CPU Usage : 3031 MHz
    Uptime : 340h 55m 56s
    100% uptime so far, except for one restart I had to do for .net install. I think the drives are on Raid 1, but I don't really know any better.

    Low end box has several vps providers on there for hosting if you can manage servers.
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    soulasoula athens
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    Shapehost have free share hosting as gsa8mycows says, thank you very much for this info. I want to ask if anybody knows other reliable shared hosting to have free hosting (000webhost.com)
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    gsa8mycowsgsa8mycows forum.gsa-online.de/profile/11343/gsa8mycows
    the free shared hosting plan is very slow from shapehost. but you can put one domain on there if it's only for notraffic link site.
    Stay away from 000webhost. You can test scripts there, but their stupid popups will drive your visitors away plus they're free thus unreliable.
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    Any advice what would be the minimum requirements ( bandwidth / CPU / Ram ) I need to run ONLY GSA URL Redirect PRO and GSA SEO Indexer in VPS?
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    gsa8mycowsgsa8mycows forum.gsa-online.de/profile/11343/gsa8mycows
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    Do you already have them?
    In task manager, you can look at what resources they use and estimate the minimal requirements.
    On windows 8, an amazon 64bit windows 2008 server eats a solid 400-500mb ram on standby mode, while doing nothing.
    Although, there are a lot of svchost exes running on amazon free servers.
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    The Solid Seo VPS was good and helpful. Today I asked them for information which vps to chose for 2 GSA project only and I got this answer:

    "Thanks for the update, unfortunately staff don't have much information a note
    was added by management not to accept new orders on this account."

    @solidseovps  I like to know why.

    Can somebody suggest som another cheap but good VPS?


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    solidseovpssolidseovps solidseovps.com

    Some accounts has high risk history with us, normally if you get this answer your account is one of these

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    solidseovps what kind of risk history? I used the gsa proxy scraper and I got some email from you. Then I stop and changed the vps. Now I asked you for one offer in email with private proxies only and I got that answer.
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