How do you know how far along SER is when doing a huge blast?

I purchased Ron's "Red List" and it is a 200,000 URL list.

I am running GSA SER using ONLY that list, and I have set it up so that there is no scraping. I have never even used SER before, so it definitely isn't trying to submit to anything OTHER than his huge list :)

I have 2 projects running, both submitting to that list. There are NO restrictions on how many posts/day (etc.). (I'm not worried about penguin...)

Here is my question: is there any way to even see/know how far along the run has gone? I let it run for 4 hours at 50 threads, and it got to about 2500 verifieds, but it said that the "submitted" count was like 1200 or something (LOWER than the verified count? LOL)

Does the "submitted" count show only SUCCESSFUL submissions? If so, is there a way to see the total ATTEMPTED submissions?

And is there a way to see how many urls are left to submit to? (IE: out of the 200K that I have in my huge list)

I tried "show remaining target urls" but it just shows a few (it seems like it only shows the remaining urls that are in active threads, waiting to be submitted to)

I just want to get an idea of just how long it will take to complete my blast to 200K urls (well, more like 400K urls, because I have 2 projects running at once.)


  • I would like to know also
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    Assuming you have imported the list you got directely into your project, and assuming you are only using the imported list and not global site list or search engines, then YES there is a way to see how much is left.

    Right click on the project
    Select SHOW URLS
    It will show you how many target urls are left.

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    @royalmice‌ this is out of topic but can you show a screenshot so I can disable foreign anchor texts other than English. A lot of my backlinks are showing Chinese or other languages anchor texts
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    @sammy it is out of topic
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    ciao @gsaserlist posso avere il tuo database gratis? :P
  • Royalmice, I already tried that, and its not even close to accurate :)

    And yes, Ron's red list is all that I used, and I imported it just as his directions said, etc. etc.

    Ron did give me a good answer in a different thread, and he said you can do it, but its basically a huge pain in the butt. Not worth it by the sounds. No biggy :)
  • I do believe that I use Ron's list as a "global" list though... so perhaps your answer was right.

    But me being the GSA SER noob that I am, I wanted to use Ron's list exactly as his guide said to, which was to just turn it into a global list that could be used.
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