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How do you rank youtube videos nowadays?



  • I just got page 2 for some 'impossible' very high competition. Actually all my videos are moving up for one week now. The whole secret about youtube nowadays is to wait 1 more month. I find that after 1 more month after you generate backlinks it will drive the seo juice to the video. Patience is everything more than ever now...

    Im very happy cracked youtube algo again.
  • ronron
    @eLeSlash - It's hard to keep a good man down. Good job mate.  =D>
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    Yeah lol, i was little depressed about it. It would been my first time if i coudnt bypass google in all this years, but now its excellent.
  • With Youtube videos do you take a tiered approach or just blast it with the kitchen sink?
  • Both options are good, it just depends on the keyword competition strenght. If the keyword is high level competitiveness even 3-4 tiers might be necessary.
  • Thanks. 

    Good thread
  • @eleslash so kindly elaborate your method in points for us. That would be great help.
  • @eLeSlash I would like to give my experience with YT, because im managing some very famous artists channels in YT. What i have detect last days and was very interesting thing. 
    I had a video in the first page for a very competition keyword(monthly search 110K), i make just a small correction on the description and i added one more keyword. After that the video automatically went on page 19. 
    @eLeSlash could you share with us pls where are buying backlinks for youtube videos? 
  • @gonis,

    Gsa backlinks exell in ranking youtube videos. So you can use gsa to build link juice to youtube videos.

    I would say most likely maybe it is dance because you changed meta seo data. But what about your links, did they remain the same ammount? (live links today compared to the past days)
  • NeoleNeole Russia
    Hi eLeSlash,

    Did you notice any changes in YouTube ranking? I have been unable to rank since a week.

  • Hello,

    Yes. The random factor also appears.
    Been trying and still am. Will post updates if i have any decent 'how to'.
  • NeoleNeole Russia
    Ok please do. I have a youtube channel with lots of investment riding on it :)
  • Hi. What amount of link should i have for ranking. And what do you think about social sharing is it effective (and how many g+ should i buy). And if you know good service, please tell me. Thank you in advance. 
  • Very interesting thread @eLeSlash, Thanks for great info,

    I also have been ranking 10th videos in youtube since last year, but since last 1-2 moths I noticed strange behaviors done by YT!!! I mean for instance, at least 2 or 3 of my 2 year old videos with 100 000 views which were the firstest result of YT for some keywords recently went below to videos with 10 000 views! Do you know what's the reason and who to solve the problem buddy?


  • Youtube's ranking algorithm is changing every few months.
    All i am sure about youtube is that the most important factor in ranking are the views. Most likely that video with 10k views outpassed you because youtube though that video become viral. Few things you can check :
    - check if the video is new (if it was uploaded last 2 months it might benefit of so called "new content boost")
    - if he had alot of views over the past weeks (here the youtube thinks the video became viral due to its importance)
    - link building

    In my oppinion views are most important.
  • @eleslash

    I agree with you, but if you buy view you get slammed so fast. You really need good content and real views with decent retention times
  • Of course only high retention views will work. You can get banned really fast if you dont know where to buy views from.

  • Thank you for your reply buddy,
    Well the only thing that I can think of is that the said video has more videos (twice of me) in his channel.... The video is 5 moths old and has 1/20 views of my video... Yu mentioned that vieows are so important, but those 2 videos make me think that maybe not anymore!!! I am not still sure but I guess that YT might changed the game... Please let me send you a PM mate...

  • A lot of it is the title and description as well as tags
  • @epilot
    What im trying to say is maybe he received more views than you over the past month/months. This can boost your video alot especially when you receive more than 2.000-6.000+ views a day constantly. Did you tried to boost your views count aswell lately? try that and see how it behaves.
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    Hi eleslash,

    Thanks for your reply,

    Yes since last 2 weeks  I ranked my video with High retention views but no difference at all... Do you think that I should wait more to see the result? I sent more than 30 000 views to my video while the video of that guy has 15000 views total!!! So it is really strange that I saw no difference at all after feeding my video with those views! All of the views I provided for my video were +90% retention.
     I also believe that YT now not only acts as a random for "some" channels... We should wait and see what will happen...

    What about backlinks buddy? Do they still matter? Can I boost my video in G and YT by feeding it with say 1000 backlinks? 
  • Take into consideration that your views must come in very balanced and constant. This means you should do 'long term views campaigns'. Buy ammount of views per month not per week or per few days. This way you will assure the constancy and stability of the video.

    In the past i also 'sandboxed' some videos because i purchased so many views in a small timeframe. Basically it doesnt look natural at all, even if the views are highest retention possible.

    About youtube link building, ehh.. doesnt work for quite a while...maybe only on channels sometimes, but on videos i had very bad results because of backlinks. I guess you can try with views and backlinks at the same time, see what happens and let us know.
  • You need natural flow, all at once, backlinks, views likes comments and proper on page.
  • sagesage In Front Of My Computer
    if possible can you inform us where the place to buy views, comments and likes for your YT videos? maybe just PM me if it not allowed post it here.
  • I only use claim social authority because they are safe.
  • Honeybee918zHoneybee918z 607 8th Avenue Youngstown
    Yeah that is true that the YT videos are getting deranked, at first I was unable to locate the reason. But, now I came to know that actually there are some of the niches or the keywords that are unable to rank the video there. You must consider changing them I guess it surely will work.
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