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How do you rank youtube videos nowadays?


Everything i try it slowly deranks the video url little by little.
Did drip feed 2k links a day didnt worked, 1k links a day didnt worked, 350 links a day same result.
In the past (6-8 months ago) you could just posted 30k backlinks in a day blast and in the next days your video would be ranked... now its all crazy.
Bought 10k views every video.(drip feed 350-500 views a day).

How do you rank nowadays?


  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
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    I've been ranking easy comp keywords on page 1 of google by drip feeding 150 links a day for around 14 days. Seems to work well
  • The easy competition keywords you can rank even from mistake
    The high competition keywords im mostly asking about, how do you find the hard keywords behaviuour?
  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
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    Come on! I don't think you can rank even easy comp keywords with youtube nowadays without some effort ?... "by mistake" ... Lol
  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
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    The trick is using more than just SER! I have found social shares and embeds have a big impact in ranking, from what I've seen
  • Morph Ofc you can rank low comp keywords with only 2-5k views. No backlinks needed, this is how it worked in the past, never tried it now tho
  • KaineKaine
    Check that: 

    Rank Youtube Videos to First Page:
  • The tutorial is decent, but strategy 2 is not working, and number 1 tactic only works for a few days no matter what you do. I had video with 10k views bought and with the unlisted method i kept it on page 2 (on 110k searches a month) high competitive keyword. This only worked for 2 days once youtube saw my backlinks and views kicking in, video got slowly deranked and it stays on page 8+.
  • Some movements but still random i think....
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    Google and Youtube will have different ranking factors - views,likes,comments will increase YT rank but have little or no impact on Google. Similarly for Google you need lots of backlinks, yes this still works, but they will have no impact on YT rank. Try an Xrumer blast of 70,000 from fiver. I got mine straight to page 1 after a week. Don;t forget to optimise and backlink your channel also. Videos from a high PR YouTube channel will rank better in Google than those from a new channel with no PR (this has been testd)

    DO NOT BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS. I tried this method and almost got my account banned, 3 of my vids got deleted by youtube. They are coming down hard on this method cos they know everybody is doing it but get lots of natural views by working on your Youtube channel, gain more subscribers, etc. and your video should have no problem reaching top of YT. 
  • Thanx for joining the conversation simo, but i do youtube marketing for 5 years. Comments and likes never increased any rank from my experience. Backlinks do rank higher in youtube rank i just blasted 6 days ago and now my video is rising from what i can see (in youtube rank).

    I will backlink the channel also because i know as a fact you can rank wayyy more easily a channel than a video.
    As for youtube views provider here is the catch, you must be very very confident the service you are using for views is legit. For example all the other youtube view providers wont work now as you will get banned, but i know 2 services that do work. I use them now for the past month and its doing great. No bans nothing.
  • I never knew that about likes and comments, always thought it made a difference. 

    I've made the decision to never trust any provider with "safe" YT views. How do you know exactly where they are coming from? In fact it is very easy for Google/YouTube to find this info out and clamp down on it more. Natural views from social shares and embeds are what they are looking for, plus more watch time compared to other videos. 
  • I allways knew how my views are created. In this case (and 95% of the services) they use mobile views. They are considered by youtube 100% legit and natural. I got over 70k views (on 9 videos) bought from this provider so it is safe as i didnt got banned. Its working awesome, matter of fact i might close the thread because my videos are starting to get ranked pretty high and fast.
  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    @eLeSlash care to share your provider?  :-\"
  • Of course. Claim social authority. Using them for months. Even tho views are more expensive now they come with 100% refund claim (only if your video got banned because of his views, so if you buy views from claim social authority dont buy views for same video from different service). I've been using them for months now.
  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    cheers I will take a look
  • Where is all the people holidays all? ;p
    All the internet is so inactive this days :)
  • Hmm you may have just restored my faith … You say your videos are starting to get ranked again - is that for YT or G? Or both? 
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    They are starting to rise in rank on youtube.

    Okay this is how it works. First it will rank in youtube. This is what you will want to aim for the start. The reason is that google will only show the first videos that are ranked on youtube. So you will first want to rank top 5 on youtube. If you can reach there, and your video has enough authority you can rank or outrank the other youtube competitor ranking on google.

    In order to rank on google you 100% must rank in youtube first. After your video ranks top 3-5 in youtube it automatically update google's serp with your video ranked. You dont have to do nothing beside ranking in youtube.
  • That's just not true at all. I've seen videos that are ranked top of Google but not Youtube and vice-versa. 
  • If you have some arguments we can talk more, because like your example there are alot more videos that are not ranked in google because they are ranked #2 on youtube (and the #1 on youtube is usualy, again USUALY ranked on first page on google). But you go with your strategy and il do mine.

    Only the strongest video for that keyword will obtain page 1 google rankings. (im speaking of course very high competitiviness keywords ! )
  • Is it just backlink that matters or how we use the anchor tags too?
  • Hard to believe someone on this forum has success ranking youtube videos.
  • One of my videos is on the second position for the youtube search for that keyword, but it is NOWHERE on Google. I once got it up to page 2, but it wouldn't rise beyond that and then it suddenly disappeared.
  • ronron

    Good to see you back @eLeSlash. I don't do YT videos, but I love your passion and experience on the topic.


  • Hey ron, glad to see you again, how is seo for you nowadays, it is treating you good?
    My seo projects are doing excelent but its my first time i cannot crack youtube ranking algorithm. I still have some tactics i should try before give up, i hardly give up.

    The gsa community has grown over the past years so il be very active here from now on.
    Thanx for the welcome back !
  • ronron
    @eLeSlash - Yeah, I had way too much fun this summer, but that was because most of us in the States had the worst and coldest winter in history. Now its getting cold again, so I am getting very serious again, lol.

    It's always a mixed bag with ranking. I think I have a split personality because I like both traditional SEO and pure spam. So I keep connected on both approaches.

    You bet it has gotten tougher. But I just try to analyze the ranking properties to help find the best direction, and that is probably the only approach that can teach you what you want to know. 
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    Same @Ron i also combine traditional seo (high pr links - sape links that i buy myself) + gsa ser links. I noticed that the juice coming from gsa links is way lower than before so i mainly use gsa to diversify the anchor link profile overview. My old projects gsa ser alone projects are ranking top 3 strong for the past 11 months crazy isnt it? At that time i made the websites as 'churn and burn' but they never burned and will never happen. Thats cool.

    What approach specifically are you speaking of?

    What tier 1 links you use nowadays that you can push with gsa ser after?
  • What service you use for comments on your videos?
  • ronron

    @eLeSlash - Sorry I missed your question from a couple weeks ago. We may have gotten our wires crossed, but the approach I was referring to was simple analysis of the actual youtube videos that rank. I'm not a YT guy at all - I have never made or tried to rank a video, so I won't be any help to you on that.

    But even I noticed that there are a lot of niches where YT videos never rank. I think G gas an algo or something on niches where it makes sense to have YT results, and others they are nowhere to be seen.

  • bestimtoolzbestimtoolz High PR WEB 2.0 posting service - affordable !
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    I notice the same, I had ranked many YT in the past, but these days in some niches it is already impossible on mid-top competetive keyphrases, this what I do is to throw at them hundreds of Long Tails phrases
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