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Is anyone else still having problems with download failed sockerror etc messages. My lpm has gone down to almost nothing and is really slow (almost seems to be stuck). I have 140 proxies from buyproxies which I have checked with scrapebox. Please help as I am really stuck :((


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    I am facing this issue since last few weeks. I did contact Sven for help but still I am not getting LPM that I used to get earlier. I am getting Socket error messages too. VPS guys say its GSA SER issue and Sven says its VPS issue.
  • bellathecat78bellathecat78 Cardiff, Wales
    Sven said the same.
    My proxies are new and from buyproxies. Does anyone recommend another proxy provider I could try?
    Buy proxies are considered the best though.
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    I used to get this error all the time.

    I switched from Shared to Dedicated and got 100 Proxies per server and made the thread count 10 threads to 1 proxy and that seemed to have solved the majority of it.

    The shared,  If you are using those. are being hammered by like 2-3 other people. 
  • bellathecat78bellathecat78 Cardiff, Wales
    Thanks for that. I will try it now.

    Im running the Red List from SERLISTS and because of the download failed messages the verified count has been a maximum of 40-50 for my Tier 1 (PR3+) when i know it should be more than this. Need to get this sorted as I do not want to waste this amazing list.

    Thanks again.

  • I have the same problem.
    Sven says it is bcs of proxies. Proxy provider says it is GSA SER problem :( nobody can solve this issue
  • bellathecat78bellathecat78 Cardiff, Wales
    I've tried changing proxies to fully dedicated and even that doesn't solve it. I feel like it's holding my lpm right back.
  • guys, do you also check the sites which have those errors? You tend to post on the same lists and the sites are getting full of spam. 

    Also sometimes you set a huge number of connections and your internet can't handle all and on the sites with a lot of content they will timeout.

    From our pespective is simple, if they pass the gsa test they should be good
  • bellathecat78bellathecat78 Cardiff, Wales
    Fair point about the spam thing- maybe these sites are realising they are on a list then tighten things up until everyone gives up and take them off the list.
  • bellathecat78bellathecat78 Cardiff, Wales
    Thanks for the input :)
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