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Huge Drop in Verified Links

I have noticed very large drop in verified links last couple days. Mainly contextual links.


Anyone else experiencing this large drop in verified links? Was something changed in latest updates?

Check your projects and post results here.

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    Nope, you are not the only one m8.  As you can see from my stats here at instantlinkindexer I was getting 40k+ verified links per day, then once it hits July 12th/13th after that my verified links dropped to a fraction of that, even though i didn't change anything on my end.  It seems to be directly related to a update that was done during that time around July 12th/13th.  Note that I am not scraping any links and am using a verified list from asianvirtualnetworks.  I would like to see a fix to this asap and not just have it written off as a email or site list problem.  The problem is never going to get fixed if people just act like it isn't there.


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Are you scraping or importing lists? If its scraping of course verifieds will begin to taper off as time goes by.
  • importing lists.
  • Add a few more emails into the project and increase the "Maximum accounts per site". See if the verified links increases. If it does, then most of the 10,841 links are profile links and they do count as verified links...
  • I see the same thing. SER fails to create any new contextual links for me (for the engines I use). Hope this will be fixed soon.
  • Try Outlook emails, I swapped from a catchall type email service and getting much more contextuals verified.
  • Again, it is not an email problem.. so please stop talking out your ass. I had switched to all .ru email accounts several days ago when I first noticed this and ran GSA all night and guess what?  The same problem occured and my verified links were next to nothing.  Before that I was using all yahoo pop3 accounts and have had no problems with them up until the 12th/13th so I suggest you think real hard about that before anyone tries to write it off as an email problem again.
  • KaineKaine
    edited July 2014
    +1 @JudderMan

    "so please stop talking out your ass" ?
  • Started new project with contextual and getting very few verified links compared to before using my Verified List.

    Same with fresh scraped contextual list getting very few verified compared to before.
  • I have the same problem before  low vpm, after read somebody's tip  I turned off the spamvilla rechatcha service ,and avoid hard to solve type chatcha after that the vpm increase alot 
  • You are not having the same problem then.  This is a problem that just started recently for people that were already getting good VPM and just recently around the 12th or 13th the VPM has dropped dramatically.  I am not using spamvilla and I have "skip hard to solve captchas" ticked on all of my campaigns and the VPM is still horrendous.  Before the update I was getting 60% verified of all submitted links, today I am lucky if I can get 15%.
  • Also the problem seems to be connected to contextual link platforms.  I have my Tier 1 divided up into 2 campaigns.. contextual only sites and non contextual.  After 5 days of running both campaigns the one with contextual links has only 54 links.. the other has 1k+ for PR 2< filter with 9 links per site limit.   Before July 12th I was able to get AT LEAST 750 contextual per 1k non contextual with my campaigns.
  • edited July 2014
    I've logged into several of my outlook accounts that I have been using since the 12th. Theres still quite a few verification messages that were untouched everyday since the 12th. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it, but maybe you should log into some of your emails and see if SER is verifying everything.

    I'm not even sure what these messages are, I have not opened them, but some do look like verifications right?

  • my article verification rate been soooo horible  
  • I also want to share my results in terms of getting verified links.

    I am running projects to get verified links for my scrapped urls. My number of verified urls have been around 60-120 verified links per day prior to 15th (not exact stat as I only check increase of urls every 2-3 days). After that, my number of verified links have been very low at 15 or so. Yesterday, I recorded just 9 verified links.

    And I am running 40 projects, 600 threads on semi-dedicated proxies, each project has 5 email accounts that's working, and I manually import target urls and each project has more than enough target urls to run for at least 1 week, and SER is running 24x7 for this.

    I initially thought that it is just a problem with my settings, so I tweaked and changed, added new emails etc, but it hasn't improved anything until I saw this post, so want to chip in my results.
  • Works again for me with no changes made.
  • In the last week I've also noticed quite a dramatic drop in the amount of contextual links that I'm able to create (I'm using yahoo emails btw).

    No idea why, but hopefully @sven will have it fixed soon. I'm obviously happy to provide project backups or anything else that he needs, if required.
  • edited July 2014
    I thought it was just me honestly. In exactly 14 days I have only been able to make 380 verified links, at the maximum, per contextual project.
  • Can we get an expected ETA on a fix for this?  I, and i'm sure many others are ready to send over bugreports/screenshots or whatever is needed to get this fixed asap.
  • I've noticed that xpress engine is not being detected properly. Have messaged @sven
  • Notcing the same thing as well. :/

  • KaineKaine
    edited August 2014
    Same here, i have changed email (othe plateform) and same problem. Submission is ok only verified are very low, like 10 for 2-3000.

    @Sven ssl error ? see new version (1.0.2 beta2)
  • KaineKaine
    edited August 2014
    third different mail service (manually tested and working):

  • Hey guys, update on Xpress Engine platform.

    I sent sven a message about how SER wasn't detecting the plaform correctly, and here is his response:

    "try browsing those sites without javascript and you see why. they added a script that sets a cookie about user agents, cpuid and others with a hash (aes). Thats not really easy to break."

    So it looks like Xpress Engine is maybe no longer a viable platform for SER. This platform gave us a lot of links, but that's the way it is. Platforms come and go.

  • KaineKaine
    There may be no need to break but emulate a new customer (environmental partitioning).
  • Noticing the same problem. Only a small percentage of the contextuals are getting verified.
  • Ah so that's the problem. A good engine just died :(
  • I am experiencing a lot lower verified contextual links in general.

    Not just Xpress Engine.
  • i am using the same email account for few of my projects.
    is this fine?
  • goonergooner
    Hey guys,

    If there is a problem we need to try and find out what is causing it, if it only affects certain platforms etc:
    Here's my thoughts on some of the platforms:

    Xpress Engine - We are all now aware of the problem noted above.
    Wordpress, Drupal and Buddypress - Seem to be normal
    Zendesk - Virtually every site requires Recaptcha so if you have no external OCR you won't get links from there.

    Social Networks
    There was a problem with de-duping a couple of engines that was fixed in version 8.78 or somewhere around there. Prior to this the stats were vastly over-inflated, what you see in the latest versions is the true stats.

    Seem to be normal as far as i can tell.

    What engines are you guys seeing problems with? If we can identify the exact nature of the problem and give @sven the data he will fix it.

    I've done this 2 or 3 times in the past and every time he has taken care of it within a day or two.
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