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I Just Want To Burn & Churn :-)

Hey all!

As the thread says I just basically want to burn and churn sites in my niche as in that time I can bank some good money!

My question is with GSA what is the best way now with the new Penguin/Sandbox updates? Are the days gone where you can just throw 10000's links a day at a project?

Iv read through the forum and most post are pre before the latest updates, so just want to know if anyone is still having any luck? @ron @gooner

I was thinking 301 Nuke and then spam them links to death, looking at other sites in the niche, you can see there all doing Blackhat/spam techniques...

Any advice would be appreciated!

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    what is the niche?
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    G has some kind of unofficial update that effects churn and burn method.

    Im still testing and so far no luck churning and burning to page 1 within a week. Now rankings take over a month to see results. Page 1 rankings are on lock down.

    Test for yourself and check out top competition niches and you will see.
  • goonergooner
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    @aaw10 - I've never been a fan of C&B and so never really done much testing with it. There are more experienced people here to advise you i think ^^
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    Don't just use 301s, you need to use EVERYTHING and double or triple protect your links. 

    Google will chill out soon, there's no way that sites shouldn't rank within a month, it's absolutely retarded. It's just going to be a slow few months while they hit their new Adwords customer targets for the shareholders. Happens every year and everyone shits their pants over it.
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    I tried around 200 different web 2.0s with churn and burn since the last update. 
    There is definitely a "lock" on the sites, no matter how many links you make.
    Mostly it starts from the beginning of link building and sites remains at position 100+.
    Sometimes it gets locked  around pos 10-100(the closer to the top the rarer), from all this sites I have max 5 that are in top 20 and stuck there no matter how many links.

    If the only difference in ranks for weeks,while doing SEO is +-1 pos in Google, you are affected.

    jpvr90  Now rankings take over a month to see results. Page 1 rankings are on lock down.
    Do you have any results to prove this? In all my tests,  until now I have seen nothing go back to "normal" after some time.

    JudderMan Don't just use 301s, you need to use EVERYTHING and double or triple protect your links. 
    Can you throw around some ideas to protect your links? I tried tons of variations(submitted daily-contextual only - contextual&junk - all spam). Everything behaved the same way, google lock.

    Happens every year and everyone shits their pants over it.
    I have not been doing seo for that long, can you explain more? It makes absolutely no sense...
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    @cefege when I said protect your links I mean through expired high PR domains, PBNs, or 301s or double 301s or triple 301s. 

    When I said it happens every year and everyone shits their pants over it. Google does a couple of big updates Panda, Penguin, Farmer a year and it wrecks rankings and ranking times. It takes a few months to go back to normal, coupled with some strategy changes, testing and tweaking your link building, and you're good again. There is ALWAYS a way to rank a site, you just have to find it. 

    Too much information is on this forum and other forums which really annoys me and I think we should run a totally private forum, which even Matt Cutts has admitted to looking at BHW, and if we show our methods then they just roll out a new update to put a block on it. It's easier for us to change our link-building than it is for Google to update, so in the meantime we should rank and make some money to get through the slow times.

    @aaw10 this is my problem at the moment with my clients, they won't understand what Google does and it just sounds like excuses from do you approach the subject?


  • Well now that would be telling :P
  • I Just Want To Dance!
  • zerozero yashar
    edited July 2014
    nvm, edited my post.

    seo is dead guys, move on. :D
  • @JudderMan you make 2 very good points, ie just do everything! Who cares that the whole point of burn and churn right! And Google will relax soon aswell.

    Appreciate the links @bangkoklad
  • @cefege basically what @Judderman is referring to is Google need to get more advertisers on board, so kind of a scarce tactic in all fairness.

    At the end of the day for a normal site away from C&B waiting isn't an issue i.e. when doing regular SEO for my clients I have let them know about the "Sandbox" etc.

    When it comes to my sites, as I currently have a lot it kind of gives me time to experiment in the waiting period...
  • @JudderMan: So this happens every year? :) Didn't knew it if that was the case. Hope, it will be like what you are saying.
  • @Judderman with my existing clients its not so bad explaining as the trust factor is there with previous results with them etc, 

    with new or more recent clients Im just straight with them, 1 company didn't want to know about it and decided not to go with me - but is that someone I want to be working with long term? I don't think so.

    I tell them that if a seo person/company tells you anything different then we will probably be talking in a months time :)
  • SEO is not dead.
  • @aaw10 yep, it's tricky to send end of month reports without much growth - or not as much growth as previous months. 

    My test sites and my new affiliate sites (built in May just before the update) are just starting to move now after being fairly stagnant for 2 months. I usually see results in 3 weeks, so this has been a long time. 
  • Yeah exactly that - were in a results business! Yeah majority of my sites not able to get past page 2 *sigh* hence wanting to give the C&B method a shot.

    Also testing a bit on Parasites - see if can revive some of the less used ones
  • Hey,

    Churn and burn can be quite profitable, but you have the right idea with the 301's. I suggest you have a look at your competition carefully and how they are doing. Also Bangkoklad has posted some really informational threads. There is one on blackhatworld which is quite good as well. 

  • @301redirector yeah 301 is nothing new, but still very effective at the same time, I can see for a fact pure spam going on on some of the competition. i.e. 1 site 14k backlinks. 401 referring domains since June and thats just from a glance!

    So Iv started to test now Bing and Yahoo picked site up already number 20, Google must be still urming and thinking about it, need to ramp things up so may buy a few lists from guys of here
  • Hey @aaw10

    Yeh, Google has definitely stirred it up a bit!

    Bing and yahoo have always been a little slow for me. I normally just accidentally rank on them, but the traffic I got was ok'ish. I also bought some lists off some sellers on here and i've got some great LPM! When blasting them out.

  • Wouldn't expect anything different from Google :) 
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