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Your favorite parasite website to rank ?

I hope many here are using parasite ranking strategy if the money site is not moving up. For those who dont what is parasite page ranking.
Publish your article in a High Authority like rebelmouse, slideshare, scribd, hubpages etc.  feed it into GSA SER and build links it will rank easily.

So what is your favorite parasite website to rank ? 
My favorite is .

Best Answers

  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    Accepted Answer
    I'm trying to rank a few hubpages at the moment as an experiment
  • Accepted Answer
    The website is invalid.
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
    Accepted Answer
    If you have SEMrush account you can do this very easily you can check whether parasite is slapped with big G or not.

    Just check para root domain with adword values and search engine traffic. This is what i do after every google update before i do anything else.

    Also building some buffer sites and spamming always help

  • Accepted Answer
    Slideshare, tumblr, wordpress rank easily for low competition and long tail keywords. The content must be unique, if not they disappear in few days.
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
    Accepted Answer

    That's what i exactly do . BTW i am into you-tube videos and para sites. So i build least 10 Sites per day and some are ranking and some are going down.

  • Accepted Answer
    I use wordpress and tumblr.
  • Accepted Answer

    are non sub-domain. I didn't tested them so can't say if they are good or not.
  • Accepted Answer
    @balajiseo Are parasites just for getting people to click through to your money site or is the parasite your actual money site?
  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    Accepted Answer
    You can sell on a parasite, Amazon products etc. not sure why you say you cannot
  • Accepted Answer
    davbel :D
  • davbeldavbel UK
    Accepted Answer
    @balajiseo I'm not a guru, I just don't give out wrong advice and then contradict myself in the very next post when someone else points out I'm wrong.

    Plus it's not that I think the WF and BHW are not good forums. Both forums have some great threads and some genuinely decent and helpful contributors.  The only problem is that both forums have become full of newbs who think they know SEO by adding seo to their name.
  • Accepted Answer
    davbel good WSO name - become a SEO expert by adding SEO in your nickname - 900$ per day guaranteed LOL
  • edited July 2014 Accepted Answer
    balajiseo bad try, I'm truly a bot developer :D
  • Accepted Answer
    please keep this thread related to

    Your favorite parasite website to rank ?

  • VijayarajVijayaraj India
    Accepted Answer
    Break it up guys.. this forum is a great one lets keep it that way


  • @flydi sorry its
  • @nawshale thats a good idea. but i suggest picking a random high PR domains that have postable platform in it.
    Create pages in it and build a very small links to it then check if the thread ranks in first 2 pages after 5 days of building the link.
    You will end up with some high authority site that can rank for most of your terms sometimes even for broad terms.
  • @newshale - Cheers bro :-)
  • Any NON-SUB DOMAIN based sites ?
  • Then u just include call to action for your money site?
  • @Chess4532 just include a image with link or create a link in first two lines the visitor will surely click it in 99% of the cases if your niche is not too techy.
  • I used to rank the Cr@p out of, but then they made it so there are no clickable links on the first 4 slides, so now I don't use it ever.

    Since the May updates I've been unsuccessful ranking any parasites page one for medium comp. keywords. I've tried Blogger and Blogger gets close then G shuts it down.
  • @HUBBA Exactly that's the problem with was ranking well but not now. it had a big G slap.

  • balajiseo The only parasites I see on page one are Youtube for low comp. keywords. Have you seen any parasites (other than Youtube) for medium+ comp.?
  • balajiseo  Could u show me one of your prasite pages so I know how to make a good one?

  • @chess4532 just search in google for cheap web hosting cheap insurance uk


    you will see a lot of marketers pages which were created with intention to rank,
  • Parasite could not be a money site, you cannot sell  a product in a parasite it is just for driving visitors.
    You can consider it as a gateway to your money site.
  • @MorphMan i was confused when he asked money site. Parasite can be used to sell products Yes.
  • @balajiseo you're on the wrong forum.  Try the Warrior forum or BHW where you'll find plenty of other ppl who also don't know what they're taking about.
  • edited July 2014
    Here comes our guru thanks davbel but i dont need your suggestion. Show some respect to learners there on those good forums they exist way before this forum was launched and even the creator of GSA SER should have a handsome time spent on those forums.
    We can understand that you are one big heavy weight in IM ooof dont underestimate any one. let some air comes.
  • @davbel yes yes i got your point VERY WELL just stop detailing :-) you push it so hard.
    @botman so you add bot to your nickname and earn 9000$ per day guaranteed by being a BOT expert?

    Why you guys try so hard to supress someone for no reason, i contradicted myself YES so what ? i accepted i made a mistake even before you reply.

    Grow up. This is not a place for bullying. 
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