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Why do some keywords randomly never rank now on sites but always different ones?

Is this Ron's elusive 'randomness metric' :P?

Its weird before these dreaded last couple of updates sure only a few kws would rank in the top 100 within the first week or two, but sure enough the others would trickle in to the top 100 and fall into line gradually increasing thereafter.

Now tho on sites Ive duped many times 2 or 3 kws will rank in top 100 but then NO OTHER KW WILL SHOW EVER!

Now it would be understandable if it were the same keywords each time cos you could just surmise these were the easier ones to rank but the weirdest thing about it is its always different keywords that will show and stay like it's totally random. Ie each new site I make using the same kw it will be a different couple of kws that show in top 100.

Cutty boy will be laughing as he sips on his decaff and nibbles his baguette he just picked up from the google snackbar.


  • Tim89Tim89
    What are you currently doing? How do you structure your projects? Are you using tiers? How many target keywords are you using? How are you link checking?

    There are many possibilities to pay attention to not to mention the strategy you are using... It's pretty hard to diagnose the problem when I don't know what your doing in the first place to suffer from what your suffering from.

    I don't believe there is a randomness factor algo, they can't simply rank a site by 'chance', this is my theory anyway.

    Different people do SEO differently, people use different tools.. Services.. No one SEO individual is the same, so it is very difficult to see where you are going wrong, I always recommend back link monitor as you can see what is happening with your SEO efforts, I'd say you'd be able to know why you're not ranking for a certain keyword within 10 minutes of analysing your backlinks within BLM.

    There are many SEO's that just use the, build a site a day and have 1000 sites to SEO and then set an forget their project/campaign with the same old spammy settings and expect to rank like they normally do.. Well that just don't work anymore.

    The 'luck' or the 'randomness factor' has to do with where your links end up hitting and sticking, you could have 3 identical sites and use the same identical site list to build your links, but without knowing where your links are or see what's actually stuck, and see 1 of your sites ranking and the other two not.. you can not simply put it down to luck haha, it's more to do with the site that is ranking, simply had a better stick rate in your link building project or perhaps SER created more high pr EMA on certain domains which yielded better results for that keyword..

    The sooner you stop putting SEO down to luck / chance / randomness the sooner you can buck up your ideas about this line of work and make a lot of money!
  • Betcha your on-page sucks or is conflicting between pages. 

    Give us an idea of what you do and we should be able to help. PM me a site if you like, I do consultancy for a living and on-page is where 99% of people fail. If your on-page is poor then no amount of powerful backlinks will make it rank as high as it could/should.
  • @tim89 2 tier structure,

    50-100 links on t1,

    60k-130k on t2 (depending on the site)

    All links are contextual for t1 and 2.

    Im using EI on all links and have checked them and they are getting indexed at around 40-60%. I reverify every day so all those that are shown should be live pretty much.

    Im just looking into onpage again as 2take2 suggested that might be a prob.

  • Tim89Tim89
    edited July 2014
    50-100 tier 1 links in total? That seems very low, how many target keywords are you going for?

    In the niches I work in, I build 10's of thousands of tier 1's which include at least a couple hundred EMA links.

    I need at least a couple hundred exact match anchors in order to compete in my keyword market, which are all powered up by at least 100 ibl's and then a further 100 ibl's to those tier 2's.

    If you're not ranking for your terms it is an obvious indication that you're not doing enough.. Simple as that.. The first thing I would do is build more tier 1 links making sure you don't go above the 1% - 5% ratio for any given anchor text, then proceed to build your tier 2 and I would definitely advise building a tier 3, it does seem to me that google has looked at upstream links, by which I mean, the authority or ibl's going to your tier 2 sites, SERPS increase dramatically when a tier 3 is applied, not only does it increase the overall indexing rate but it also increase authority to your tier 2's and eventually tier 1 / money site.

    Ranking is easy nowadays.. High authority links is all you need and this is what gsa SER is good at doing, fast! With SER you're able to falsely manufacture this authority using your site lists.. Which is what I like doing and things just get better as time goes by.

    On the other hand you could go the easy/quick avenue and just buy high pr links and then set up a completely generic/variation keyword campaign and also blast your site, you'll rank in no time.

    Judderman = 2take2?
  • edited July 2014
    Thanks. Well I used to do big t1s myself like you many tens of thousands, until ron 2take2 and co said that is a nono, but now you mention it thats just about the time i stopped ranking all my kws lol. So guess I should try again with the bigboy t1s.

    The problem was tho I kept getting sites penalised I thought due to doing too many links on t1 too quickly, but in hindsight maybe it was an anchour text problem.

    and no 2take2 = 2take2 :P. he also recomended i look into it recently.
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited July 2014
    My ears were burning.....

    LOL @peterparker - I don't remember saying that about the size of your tier 1 being a problem, but you can rank a site both ways, "the devil's in the details" as they say.

  • :) well maybe id been missing some stuff out on the small t1s but i wouldnt know what else to do to make them work...
  • Tim89Tim89
    If you're wanting to rank with fewer tier 1 links, it is possible but the volume of juice you would need... It'll be roughly 100,000 ibl's per tier 1 and so on.
  • edited July 2014
    And conversely how many t2 do i need if im making bigger t1s? what ratio then?

    Im not attached to either way just want to find a way that works ! :P
  • edited July 2014
    So isnt there a worry of getting penalized for builgding links to quick to the money site on a fresh domain when making big t1s?

    And as for how many kws im targetting, mostly only 8-10 and another about 20.
  • Tim89Tim89
    I bought a brand new domain on the 19th of June, in just under 11 days Ive built about 40,000 tier 1 links, 500,000 tier 2 links about about 1 mill tier 3 links so far and I've only seen positive results.

    Top 30-40 for tough keywords or shall I say competitive keywords.
  • edited July 2014
    Interesting. I shall keep thsoe metrics in mind, ta.
  • @Tim89 are you expecting that site to stay or tank?
  • rank and bank and tank
  • KaineKaine
    edited July 2014
    Do you use nofollow in t1 ? (me yes).

    Whether you are building a t2 on t1 nofollow ? (no for me).
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited July 2014
    sure @davbel I think it will stick around aslong as I can maintain those numbers, there wouldnt be any reason for it to blow up, but this is a test anyway, to see how fast I'm able to rank.

    I am still using a drip feed through EI though.

    @kaine Yes I only work with do-follow links, I delete the no-follow links after index processing them at least once and no I'm not building any tier 2 links to my tier 1 no-follow links no.
  • edited July 2014
    @tim89, are you ranking all your sites exclusively using GSA tiered contextual links only? Do you do any high pr private blog network links?

    By the way, what is ibl? EMA will be exact match anchor right?
  • Tim89Tim89
    ibl = in bound link

    Yeah, all using SER, I don't use any paid link sources.
  • @tim89, do you separate your pool of tier 1s vs your tier 2s? Meaning, if you use a set of links in tier 1s, you no longer use it for tier 2s, and vice versa.
  • wow Tim is throwing a lot of gems these days. Thanks Tim
  • Tim89Tim89
    @umerjutt00 "these days" no mate, I'm always throwing gems lol, ever since I joined this forum :P
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