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How does content affect GSA?

Another call-for-help thread excuse me for asking much but i'm not a new user yet keep failing with new google bogus updates.

I am generating content from WAC to GSA for game hack niches. What i find posted usually is some unrelated bull shit like for example:
there's a game called throne rush so basically the articles generated from WAC is about thrones related articles( not the game ) or rush related articles but never any info about the game and the main kw not mentioned once within the article.

What i want to ask is what is the effect of this on ranking, would this call for spam and derank my stuff or google doesnt care? Also how often should i include my main kw,long tail kw and such within articles,guest post and blog comments?

Thank you very much

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  • Tim89Tim89
    Accepted Answer
    Just make sure the keywords within the article and title relate to your niche, then if you are powering up your articles with a tier 2 and 3, make sure you are using niche relevant keywords as anchors for them which will trick the search engines into think that this article must be related to this subject because it has a lot of incoming links with THESE keywords.


  • @Tim89 so i should just insert KWs randomly and manually into those unrelated spun articles that WAC creates?
  • Tim89Tim89
    basically, yeah...

    SER does this for you though when you set it up, all you need to do is import your anchor keywords and then select where you want your link situated, link in ending sentence / link inserted in a random place etc etc
  • edited June 2014
    In short words WAC articles are very hard to index (As per my exprience with WAC)
  • @rpkruks what's your index percentage since you view WAC content to be hard to index? I've seen up to 60% indexing ratio on all kinds of garbage links (comments, profiles, etc.), and I'm also word spinning all my content in WAC.
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    My GSA index check rarely say any article is indexed but i maybe doing something wrong(many say its about Titles) ;)

    Or maybe its because i dont use any indexing service,natural flow ,you see :)

    BTW In 2013 Most used to get indexed quickly
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