Express Indexer refuses to refund me

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Express indexer refuses to refund me
i bought a package for 15000 and i submitted my links i kept 7000 points for some xrumer profiles that none is indexed i talked to anthony and he's saying that if i haven't used all points he could refund me and i said to him that none of my xrumer profiles are indexed and he refuses to refund me


  • Xrumer profiles

    Xrumer profiles

    Xrumer profiles

    Xrumer profiles

  • Tim89Tim89
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    I've already explained to you many times, this thread was not required.

    You purchased a $16.99 package which is 15,000 credits, you used 8,000 credits and you had no issues, I checked your submissions and you were obtaining at least a minimum of 40% index rate just after 1-2 days of submitting which is a good rate and you had no issues what so ever.

    You then use your remaining 7,000 credits to submit an xrumer blast of links 2 days ago, This morning you spam mail me demanding a refund? You said that NONE of your xrumer links were indexed? I beg to differ, I checked your xrummer submission and some ARE indexed and I can prove it by posting the indexed links here if you would like... So your accusations are false but as I said, for proof I can provide you with your INDEXED xrummer links right here on the forum for everyone to see.

    Anyway, moving on, you now have a remaining balance of 23 credits and you are demanding a refund, it's not for the $17 that I did not agree to give you a refund, it is the sheer audacity you have, to complain about my service when in reality it's working fine and I do actually state quite clearly that my indexing service indexes links over a 14 day period, so links will continue to become indexed for an additional 14 days, but you don't want to understand this and you want a refund after 2 days of submitting.

    You just wanted a free ride, but unfortunately I don't give free rides my friend.

    And in regards to refunds, I do issue refunds when they are requested by customers that aren't rude and are within the refund policy.
    Besides, you've opened up a paypal dispute now, so we'll have to wait and see. I do not want you back on my customerbase after this has been concluded and I will be deleting your account and banning your subnet.
  • as i said in the mail no more arguing i will wait 30 days to see results
  • Tim89Tim89
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    Too late now, you opened a dispute and I simply refunded you and deleted your EI account.

    I actually don't want your custom, I'm sorry to say, you're a freeloader and I hope every service provider here knows this.
  • ronron
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    @Tim89 - I am paying close attention. He joined 1.5 days ago, ordered your service, tried to index xrumer profiles (are you fucking kidding me?), and then filed a paypal dispute. All within 36 hours.

    No scamming going on here, right?  :^o

    We have all seen it with our own eyes.

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