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Ahrefs+GSA=Gold Mine?

Hey guys,

Say I have a competitor and I download his backlinks using ahrefs. Assume there are some 100,000 links. 
If I identify and sort the list, save it and use it for one of my projects, how would that work?

Has anyone tried it? What would be the success ratio to posting to those sites?
Is there anything that can be done with your competitors backlink data using GSA?
I'm just thinking out loud and would love for you guys to join in and throw your ideas/theories.

@ron @gooner you guys have any experience with this? Sorry I keep bothering you two :)

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  • Satans_ApprenticeSatans_Apprentice
    Accepted Answer
    If his links are made using GSA, it's a pretty good idea. If they are natural, it's a waste of time.
  • Accepted Answer
    I've done what you're suggesting and it works great, but take note of the amount of unique domains. A lot of people are just building tons of backlinks on the same domains over and over again which has resulted in a big amount of backlinks.

    Also, you should be able to quickly judge from the anchor profile whether or not the website has been spammed with SER. I'll also check a couple of backlinks manually to make sure it's an appropiate candidate.

    Hint: some engines are mostly unique to SER, and you'll be able to find a lot of websites spammed by SER on such websites if you open up a verified url of your own.
  • Accepted Answer
    I do it all the time. Built my own list of about 5 mil links this way. Have to store them in mysql now as text editors and excel are no good to maintain this list anymore :D


  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    @Satans_Apprenticeβ€Œ agreed. You ever tried it?
  • What you definietly can do with the link profile is see how they got where they are now, so this would be an indication of what you need to replicate to outrank them.

  • Satans_Apprentice  you are really amazing if you are able to make 100.000 natural backlinks... Congratulations!
  • Tim89Tim89
    Yes, it's a known method.
  • edited May 2014
    @system0102 Congrats man! <br>
    How do you manage? You pay for the api? <br>
    How do you know the DB is good for SER? <br>
    Do you filter by SER supportd engines? <br>
  • @cefege I pay for the standard subscription which allows up to 20 mil. links export per month.  

    Not sure I understand you DB question. Mysql DB is just for storing links. Then I export them from the DB into a file and import them into projects. And let them rip :D

  • edited May 2014
    @system0102, notepad++ allows me to view text files of up to 20 million lines. I'm not sure exactly why you'd use a mysql database, but maybe notepad++ will make things easier for you?

    Edit: Oh, and VSlick will allow you to open text files of hundreds of millions lines. I'm not entirely sure, but I think it's called Slick Edit now, as the version I'm using is probably 10+ years old.
  • @fakenickahl I actually have no problem with using mysql as I've been working with for awhile. The thing is not just about viewing the file but also edit and extract what I need in a more efficient way. 

    I mean, 500mb .txt or.csv files take forever even to open (if they ever open), at least for me. I'm not even thinking of editing lol.

    With mysql I can write a simple query to extract what I need and export to use quicker. 
  • Satans_ApprenticeSatans_Apprentice
    edited May 2014
    @Nefretete: Yes, I would be amazing. Right now, I am only incredible. ;-)

    @sagarpatil: If you have Majestic, you can also work upstream. Take a link and find the links to it. That will show you his Tier 2. 

    If AHRefs or Majestic could automatically give you a list of tier 2 and tier 3 links, it would be awesome. Do they have APIs that could do this?

  • sagarpatil  I scrapped links from ahrefs some time ago when ranked viagra :D LOL
    But that was for Xrumer not for GSA SER. Worked good. I suppose that same method could work for SER also. 
    I even did not paid for subscription, but made 1k accounts in ahrefs and scrapped other user doors and got loads of links.
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