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Using %spinfile-<filename>% for a big size file

Anyone knows if SER slows down when the macro %spinfile-<filename>% is used with a big file? 

I pulled together a list of keywords of different languages in one file which is weighing now about 40 mb. I was thinking to split into a smaller chunks and use %spinfolder% macro but all those file splitting tools do not keep the encoding and some letters are turning into weird signs. 

So was wondering if I eventually end up with a 100mb keyword file, would it affect the scraping speed by using %spinfile-<filename>% on such a large file? 

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  • Thanks @Sven

    @Kaykay thanks man, I have your tool and use it occasionally but it doesn't keep the encoding when splitting the file. And that's why I asked the question. But Sven said it doesn't matter so I won't bother splitting it up  
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