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[FREE] SERTools v1.0 List Editing Tool

edited November 2013 in Buy / Sell / Trade
Here is the Free SERTools v1.0 version


SerTools v1.0 Free Download

.NET Framework 4 needed!

SERTools v1.0

1. Set Working Directory
2. Choose any task
  • Split Files : Splits the list into smaller files
  • Remove Duplicates : Removes duplicate entries in lists
  • Generate Spintax Files : Generates spintax from the list
  • Reverse Spintax : Reverses spintax to normal text
  • Drag 2 Files : Drag two text files onto this panel and the duplicates get removed
  • Batch Processing (Add Tools) : Any task can be added and saved as template. Run more task with just one click

Many more features planned !!!

Best Answers

  • goonergooner
    Accepted Answer
    Wow really? Actually it was not my request and i was just kidding. But i'm sure it will be useful for many SER users. Excellent tool btw, i will be making a donation.

    Thanks @kaykay
  • Accepted Answer
    I have suggestion about new feature.. but i don't know it is possible or not.. or only developer can do it.

    Every time you got the successful submitted or verified list.. then is it possible to save the list according to certain requirement for future use? for example the list will be save to certain platform with desire PR range and also dofollow/nofollow. Then for example, if i want to create new campaign/projects only for submit to dofollow links and certain PR range for instance links with PR3 above, i just can use the list that i already saved from previous project.Hope you understand what i am trying to say.  :D
  • Accepted Answer
    My sincere thanks to KayKay for spending some time helping me to understand the software this morning. He even went to the trouble of recording a video when I still didn't grasp something.

    The software does exactly as he says and he's a really nice bloke to deal with - Highly recommended :)
  • ronron
    Accepted Answer
    This tool is outstanding. @KayKay, I just sent you a donation, and thank you for saving me loads of time.

    Literally with point and click, I just removed non-ascii lines, removed dups, split the top 100,000 terms into files of 250 each, put them in spintax - just click, click, click.

    Freaking phenomenal!



  • MrXMrX Germany
    Awesome, thank you!
  • This is awesome :)

    How hard would it be to add a feature that deletes lines with words that have non-ascii chars in them?

    Thanks again for the tool!
  • edited August 2013
    SERTools v1.01 Update


    SERTools Free v1.01 DOWNLOAD

    1. Set Working Directory
    2. Choose any task

    Don't forget to choose your working directory for the tasks!

    • added remove non-ascii lines
    • enabled generate spintax for free version (have fun but please donate if you like the app)

    Kreist i added the remove non ascii lines method for you ... please test it and if you got some problems please provide me with a text file so i can test

  • Holy moly, this thing is fast. And spins the files for me at the end.

    It took me about 3 minutes to figure it out, remove non-ascii, dedupe and then spin over 1mil KWs.

    Thank you, sir! Will be sending a donation your way ;)
  • edited August 2013
    Great to hear @Kreist makes me happy :) ... i am too lazy to do all these time consuming tasks per hand every time ... so i automated them ,)

    btw i am open for new suggestions .. so if you got an idea just let me know
    and thank you very much for your donation!!!!
  • edited August 2013
    Some new features coming soon:
    • File Mask for "Set Working Directory"
              i.e set mask to: *.txt|*.new_targets and it would only grab all .txt and all .new_targets files
              default is *.txt
    • Templates for the batch processing
    • Multi File duplicate entry search
              compares content of a file against a bunch of other files and their content
  • Why v1.01 says "Reverse spintax only in PRO version"? Did I miss something?
  • Main features are all free (reverse spintax / batch processing only in pro)
    and if you donate a bit you'll get the pro beta too still developing and adding things
  • edited August 2013
    Updated Pro Beta


    • File Mask for "Set Working Directory"
              i.e set mask to: *.txt|*.new_targets and it would only grab all .txt and all .new_targets files
              default is *.txt
    • Extract Domains - Extracts domains only from a list of urls
  • goonergooner
    Nice tool, maybe you can make it do this too:

    I'm sure some people will be happy :D
  • edited August 2013
    will implement it these days @gooner atm i add remove duplicate domains

    i will develop it like this : you add a file with domains and another with keywords and it mixes them together to get the SER format in the end :{kw1|kw2|kw3}
  • yep sounds useful so i implement it ,) thank you very much !
  • Updated Pro Beta :


    • Options : Sort Output List - The output gets alphabetically sorted
    • Remove Duplicate Domains : Only one url per domain will be kept inside the list

    next thing added will be @gooner wish ;)
  • edited August 2013
    Another update to Pro Beta


    • Drag And Drop a file with urls and a file with keywords (it automatically recognizes if there are urls inside a file) the result looks like:

    @gooner 's wish added ,)
  • edited August 2013
    Next Update to SERTools Pro Beta


    • Multi File Support - All files inside the working directory are checked for duplicates and a unique list gets generated - dedup many files and get a single list without duplicate entries
  • edited August 2013
    Next Update to SERTools Pro Beta


    • Progress statistics added and some minor fixes
    • Improved Remove Duplicate Domains Algorithm
  • New update



    • Added another SER Format for the drag and drop panels
  • Hi KayKay, I sent a donation earlier today, I'd really like the beta version that builds GSA format url / kw combos as in the screen above


  • Thanks alot @filescape sending you a priv message !
  • @eyman so what you mean is to sort out the verified / sucessful lists for platforms kinda sorted by PR if available in the list?
     ... i plan to build in a file monitor where you can set a timeframe when it should automaticaly get the current verified / successful lists and others and process them like the user has set it.

    Current work in progress beta version ;)


  • ...i am still open for suggestions ;) so just write them into this thread and we'll see
  • Yes that exactly i imagine.. so by sorting that.. then for the next new campaign/project.. i can choose to submit links only for dofollow link plus by certain platform i want and also certain range PR i choose
  • @eyman ok i will keep that in mind
  • It look great and tested your tool yesterday. But the only thing that I can explore is just Generate Spintax and all other features on the NON-pro tool is not working. Its just for Pro only. Hmm, but i can generate spintax via

    Maybe add some working feature for non-pro version for us interested people to explore your tool and have a higher chance for us to donate. Thank you.
  • edited August 2013
    uh lrichard2112 ? the free version has all enabled but not reverse spintax and the batch processing... everything else works!

    Don't forget to set your working directory first ! (pro beta got many things optimized)
    Just checked the free version source again you have to use .txt files for the tasks,,
    Rename the list files i.e list1.new_targets to list1.new_targets.txt !!!

    Pro beta got a file mask so you can choose whatever files you want. Also i build in a mass file name / extension changer ...i haven't updated the free version for a while now.

    I will make a new free vesion sooner or later ;) but focusing at the pro version optimizing algos adding new features and so on ...
    Atm i build in a Engine File Editor / Project Files Editor ... for mass engine file / project file edit...

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