awaiting account verification ?

Hi,everyone, nice to be here. thanks for all your help, i have a new question,
there are about 20,000 submit,only geet 10,000 verified. my hotmail works well, and about .
i checked the submitted url,most of the urls show awaiting account verification.
Is there something wrong ? how should i do ?
Thanks everyone.


  • 2 thins are normal:

    1. account verification
    that can take up to weeks or never
    sometimes mail server of target site NOT working or NOT properly configured

    2. submission pending approval
    similar to above
    some are auto-approval
    others manual
    manual approval may be from several hours to several days

    a while ago I did lots (some 20'000) of manual account verifications and profile updates
    the largest list of pending approval found was 300'000+ (300+k) articles (!!!)
    needless to say that such accounts are most likely DEAD for good
    many others had between several thousand up to a few ten thousand pending articles
    again most likely NEVER being approved = dead sites

    looking at your ration submitted vs verified
    I am sure MANY here would ENVY you and be more THAN happy with your results!

    keep in mind that MANY submissions can NOT be indexed because they are on moving pages
  • @hans51  Hi,hans, thanks,

    actually, i found in the first few days of a project, it doesn't show this situation.

    actually the 10,000 verified urls were all created in the first few days of my project.

    and after that, it slow down. and all almost every url shows awaiting account verification.

    i changed the emails, it still doesn't work. i just can't find out what is the major factor cause this.

  • did you check if your IPs blacklisted ??
    or are you using monthly new private proxies ?
  • @hans51 is right, I really envy your submissions/verified. :P

    And what you mentioned happens with me all day long. And that also comes with luxury of a bad LPM. How much more great it can get? You're really having a nice setup so that's what is important. :)
  • @hans51 i run SER on my home pc , and at first i didn't use proxies at all. the submissions/verified is really better .  but recently it dropped.  it becomes like 20:1  and i tried with 10 proxies, and changed all the email accounts, all email accounts are not banned, and i did set the spam filter.

    @Pratik  hi, do you mean the 20,000 submissions and 10,000 verified ? now it is 20 submissions and only get 1 verified. the same project.   And my LPM is really low, but today, it got 50 LPM,it usually to be 20~30. i'm running gsa ser on my home pc. with 10 mbit network. it is a  surprise. what is your lpm ?
  • Mine varies around 10-20 on good days and sometimes even less, haha.
  • Accepted Answer
    There are many factors that could contribute to your current situation,
    I could list them all, but others surely might be more qualified with SER
    as an example, I just (this minute) interrupted a SER run of approx 3-4 hrs:
    submissions = 1002  - verified = 647
    that is amout my own "norm", sometimes higher - sometimes a little lower, deending on what target URL I load
    currently on "identified" only, NO submitted = I try to add as many as possible NEW domains, but also add new articles to the "ARTICLE MANAGER" yesterday just added 4 new ones.

    hence the result depends on such things as
    the precise selection of submission engines / platforms
    where you get your site lists

    when you use SER to scrape, keep in mind that you scrape again and again the same results = find same sites and at one point get more and more "already parsed"

    NOT all drupal sites or WP sites accept public submissions
    same for wikis and other sites
    even if footprint exists and matches
    the "art" is to find those sites that welcome 3rd party submissions of articles (human readable + quality)
    = sites that have already accepted articles by OTHERS = by EXT link extraction with SB addon

    most SE, incl G give you 300, 600 or max 1000 results
    the top 600-1000 sites are almost exactly same between different SE,
    small x-xx % variations only if you change country TLD of SE

    hence a SER newbie has exhausted the regular SE, except if you do extreme keyword lists as some do,
    that may NOT work at all if you just want sites with matching SER-engine footprints for the precise engines you want to submit to (as mentioned in SER) = some footprints only can be found on very particular (single) pages of a site and often those pages have NO keywords or other text at all.

    after the first many weeks of using SER for scraping,
    I then moved to SB for new target URLs and instead of scraping, use creative link extraction w/o SE use
    scraping only rarely and if then for specific country TLDs only
    I belief many others HERE may do same procedure for new target URLs
    SER very best for submission / verification / PR stuff
    all else by SB to get new target URLs

    your above pics have the most important CUT OFF = what engines you actually CLICKED / selected for submission?

    another factor surely is the kind of captcha services YOU use / want to be solved
    I use
    CB = 66%
    antigate (human solved any leftovers from above)

    and the minimum domain PR = 0 (NOT N/A) + HTML time out 75 seconods, 33 threads on max 1-2 MBps MAX shared www access from home, usually less than 1MBps down to half MBps

    for me, a critical factor is the CPU usage to get high LpM!

    more thread = lower verified % = because my CPU (32bit ATOM 1,86GHz, 2GB RAM) is fully loaded with 33 threads (for RE-verification done separately - 88 thread), with verification of some accounts going on = 44 threads
  • hans51 , i got 99% cpu usage of my home pc.
     i guess maybe because i turned the verification to custom 7200 mins before.
    now i just set it automatically. and it seems it works much better.
    and i get about 30~40 lpm. i will change a new pc to run it.
    about 2,400 submissions vs 600 verified.
    i use cb only, 61% succeed. maybe i will buy spamvilla in these days.
    and i didn't set the minimum pr. 

    Thanks for your help !
  • :) if your CPU at 99%
    THAT SEEMS in SER = 100% = fully loaded
    make sure you monitor your CPU% repeatedly and you see that your 99% drops every few seconds a few % below 99
    else you may have overloaded your PC
    which results in my experience in MUCH lower verified !!
    re spamvilla = see the thread, many ppl unhappy with frequent downtimes
    I quiet samvilla to9day

    minimum PR assures quality
    may be set it to 0 or even higher if you need fewer links daily
    at the very beginning I run all my projects at PR3
    the Tiers PR0
    few weeks later when I needed more sites / links I lowered PR to 0 but never N/A

    a new PC ONLY make sense when you have fast www access of more than 2MBps
    currently I have max 2MBps but shared with several others
    and my CPU + www is just fine = BOTH maxed out
    new PC would need more bandwidth to make use for me

    basically you can optimize a lot to improve results
    just understand step by step SER
    remove anything that wastes resources (CPU and bandwidth wise)

    if you play with your thread numbers
    you may notice there is an IDEAL number
    you exceed that = your verified goes down but your LPM UP
    only the verified really count
    I have LPM of approx 10 sometimes up to 15
    of course if I do only or mostly blog comments or guestbook comments or URL-shortener
    I get MUCH higher LPM
    at the expense of quality

    If I am lucky and doing NO tests of new stuff
    I get often extended period of time 65-85% verified at 10 LPM

    do the math and you see that I may get same number of verified at 10 LPM
    = may be lower threads = lower LPM but higher verified ...
    play with your settings = go below and above and find YOUR ideal numbers

    I do RE-verification once per day - manually - at night when all www free at 88 threads = approx 1 hrs
    I do highest Tier (T3) NEVER verification or every x days manually
    that keeps my line free for submission
  • I would be asking for refund because it doesn't seems to be working. I am really very fraustrating because this prog. if only ding blog comments etc spam all over. But not articles and bookmarking etc. I wasted about $20 on captchas and gets only 500 submission...98% keep saying awaiting account verification. while I can see GSA is verifying link but this number does not reduce.. I don't thing is good sign for this software. Its looks like waste of time and money as well.
  • SvenSven
    @spa3212 you must have set up something wrong here. And I don't remember you asking for support before.
  • Instead of asking me to shut,, you should have answered something in support of solution as I can see you never give a good answer to above queries. I think you should make some changes in this regard so software can identify bad sites on its own..(I know you can do this after creating such a great software :)
  • SvenSven

    I asked you for more details to help you, not to shut up. Thats a difference. And since the program is not based on a fixed database it can not tag sites as being bad or not before submission.

    I have however replied by email to this by now, please use one way to communicate next time.

  • Thanks for being super active..I really like the software, and yes you are right we can't know about a site is bad or not till we fully explore. Thanks please be active like you have been so far. I will ask questions in email, But here may people having similar problem can get answers... anyways its really a cool software.
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