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Lost Verified

Woke up today and saw that numbers in the "verified" column have dropped substantially for all of my projects. Some dropped from >400 to 5. My guess here is that could be dead proxies used for re-verification. 

I have auto "re-verification" set for my contextual tiers. And I don't have auto check proxies on, I check them manually once a day. So what happened is that I added new proxies and forgot to removed old ones which were still running yesterday and are supposed to expire today. They did expire obviously since midnight. 

My question is can it be that SER, using dead proxies, was not able to re-verify my links and removed them? Cause SER, as I understand, treat proxies as alive after the last verification so basically it's my mistake of forgetting to remove the old ones. Just need to know for sure to prevent this in the future.


  • Crap. now I'm really scratching my head  #-o
  • Do you use public proxies ?
  • No public. I have semi-dedicated ones from buyproxies. Never noticed this issue before tho
  • This is strange, i use semi-dedicated from buyproxies too and i have the option to re-verify links enabled on all my T1, i hope i will not lose my verified links.
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