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ability to re-verify existing links automatically

edited March 2013 in Need Help
Must this be turned on somehwere?

ew: ability to re-verify existing links automatically
             Please note that a tier project will also remove existing URLs,
             if the main project removed the URL that the build link points to.


  • yes, its right below where you set your custom verification time in project options -> options
  • :-(

    found it.... need some glasses I think
  • pclwebpclweb UK
    edited March 2013
    how does it work tho.. if we select it on tier 1 will it verify and delete dead links and the tier links below it on tiers 2,3 etc? or do we tick it on every tiers
  • good question @pclweb .. please tell us @sven ,)
  • great feature. works. finally I can go on my 4 weeks Japan trip now ;-)
  • I believe it's just going to delete the dead links on the project it's turned on for.
  • ronron
    edited March 2013
    That is my understanding as well.
  • SvenSven

    It will only delete URLs on the project where this option is turned on. But if you e.g. turn this on for all tiers and the main project, they will update itself and in the end they will all only have verified URLs with all existing tiers in it.

  • edited March 2013
    Amazing functionality @Sven, but I feel a bit uncomfortable to have links automatically deleted, especially the higher tiers.
    Any chance of adding this type of check (red highlight:manual remove) from the verified URLs popup box?
  • What happens if proxies goes down when this feature is enabled ?
  • SvenSven

    @sawa73 It only deletes URLs if there is actually something downloaded (none empty page).

    @Sjoerdovitch sorry than please don't enable it.

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