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    GSA Data Pack - PLUS add on has been released

    • 1 Project
    • 5 Complete Tiers
    • 3 clicks to set up

    I have done a complete blog post showing detailed information, including a walk thru video of each Tier showing the selected platforms, data fields used, options etc. Please visit the below blog post for the detail or see the video over view.  

  • YEAH ...i will very much give you positive review  send me one toooooooooo  and i will contact you on your site for further talks 
  • My 2c. I've ordered twice now. In both cases the package was delivered quickly and to specification. I'm a newbie to SER so these pre-built packs are very nice to have something to get started with. I certainly plan on using this service again.

    I was wondering how you came the the 5 layer design of the Plus package? Did you consider something like this one?

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    Samx  Thank you very much for taking the time to share your experience you had with my data packs, i really appreciate you doing so and more so i look forward to continue working with you.

    How i came to the 5 Tier design is basically based on my experience of using various SEO tools over several years and most importantly the shared knowledge of power users on this forum such as the suggested tier diagram you mentioned from Ozz, of which i have a copy on my wall next to my monitor :D
    I am sure the 5 Tier i have now can be fine tuned and i will continue to look into it and take in suggestions and recommendations from others.
    But as i pointed out in the videos i done for the plus pack - it is a foundation from where it can be individualized to suit your specific needs.

    Those whom did not see my blog post on the optional PLUS pack add on i encourage you to look at it over here:

    netpro -- I look forward to get started on your project, let me know if you need help.

    QUESTIONS: I have a live help on my site, and i am online most of the time so if you have a question feel free to go to my site, just use the link i mentioned and you will see the chat option in the right bottom.

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    Just made two orders for the pluss data package :)

    Looking forward to trying it out
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    bnaimy - Thank you very much

    I have completed both of your GSA Data packs - plus and you should have received the email with the download link. You will find 1 single .ser file which will restore both project (10 tiers ).

    Thank you for the support and look forward to working with you again soon...

    Have a great day...

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    Going to order 30 packs. Can you offer a bulk discount?
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    I just tested the datapacks and the results are just simply amazing, i dont know what Royalmice did, but he did his magic. LpM skyrocketet to 30 and its just grabbing backlinks left and right.

    Will make new order shortly, def worth the money.

    I would highly suggest this to new customers to GSA SER, instead of mocking about with settings just get these datapacks. It will save you time and you can also make note of how he has put his settings.

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    tawsifhossain Great stuff, Sure i will be happy to give you a bulk discount, I will drop you a PM in the next hour, or if you online now you can go to my site and get me on the live chat.

    Love It -- Glad you like the packs and glad it has helped you to increase the LPM and backlinks. I look forward to work with you again soon

    It is 07H05 AM here in Thailand where i am (No i am not Thai),  and i got only 1 eye open and hugging a mug of strong coffee, will start processing the order received as soon as the coffee starts to kick in.

    Have a great day....
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    LpM is now 50 and in 8 hours its done 8200 verified links :)

    Just amazing
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    bnaimy - Great stuff, keep it up...

    All orders fullfiled, awaiting your new orders...
  • just purchased with add on, eliquidonline guy
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    eliquid Many Thanks for the order.

    I have completed your order and you should have received a email with the download link in it.

    Many thanks for the support and have a great day.
  • Got my two orders today and setup is really easy. All I need to change is the proxy. Will check the LpM tomorrow. 

    Great service! 
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    Hi @royalmice, just curiouse about one thing about these tiers.

    Is it not considered best practices to have the Tier 1 to be high quality backlinks and then have other lower quality backlins to to the tier 1 . When i look at the tier 1 , it does not have a minimum PR settings, so it will post links to pretty much everywere and even post on spammy pages.

    But one tier 2 you have set it to be PR1 or higher, and the rest it pretty much backlins to anything it comes over. Just trying to clearify if it would be better to have tier 1 to be of higher quality, as that seems to be the basic tier backlinking best practices.

    Great if you could enlighten me here m8

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    Thank you very much for coming back to lave feedback about your experience with the GSA Data pack of which you received the free review copy.
    I am glad to hear that you are starting to see upward moving with your campaigns, hope it continue that way.

    If you thought the standard Data pack which you got is a time saver then you should try out the GSA Data Pack PLUS version as that is a REAL time saver. 

    Thanks again

    Many thanks for your feedback, and glad you did not have trouble setting it up.
    Looking forward to be of service again.

    Thank you for the feedback.
    My Tier 1 settings are higher than the other settings, first of all they are set to post only to Tier 1 and higher whereas non of the other Tiers have that option selected (should not), my Tier 1 also have selected to not posting to sites with more than 75 outbound links, non of the other tiers have that.There are a few other filters in Tier 1 to make it more strict. Have a look at this blog post, as it show all the Tiers in detail:

    Every internet guru and his dog seems to have a different opinion on what the best settings are, that is then the reason why i mentioned several times including in the videos, that the settings are a good solid base which in it's own is a perfect platform out of the box, it is up to the individual to fine tune the settings to his or her liking because no glove fit all.


    Right folk its Sat. morning 06H28 AM in my part of the world. I have a strong mug of coffee and will soon start processing data packs, so if you are in the que you should receive your order soon.

    Many thanks and have a great weekend
  • @royalmice i see you sell german articles on your website, is there any way to build datapacks in german?
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    Thanks for the interest and for stopping by my site.

    Unfortunately I am only able to do the GSA Ser Data packs in English at this time as none of the tools i use for constructing the data packs does other languages, and i don't believe this will change in the immediate future..

  • @royalmice

    Thanks for getting back to me and with some info, from the info i just got from you i would have to say that
    the Tier settings are not correct according what you just told me. This is what i see, i later also tryed to reload the project from the file you sendt me, and its showing the same info, i have made zero changes to these Tier projects. 

    Order: 1254 Christian dating

    1: On Tier 1 there is not 75 outbound limit, neither PR or any other filter.
    2: On Tier 2 there is 75 outbound limit, and PR 1 limit and other filters
    3: No filters at all one Tier 3
    4: No filters at all on Tier 4
    5: No filters at all on Tier 5

    Order: 1254 Asian dating

    On this there is no filers as all, starting from Tier 1  to Tier 5
    So its basicly posting to anything it comes over.

    Please see attached pictures, would be great if you could look at those files you send me
    and check them out. I have stopped the projects now since its creating 5k backlinks pr day but majority is to spammy sites on the Tier 1 as well.

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    With kind regards
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    Attachement 1 :

    Attachment 2 :

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    Wow , all you could have done was send me a quick PM or contact me via the live chat on my site, and i could have had you sorted out in under 30 seconds. Whilst i welcome constructive critism and feedback i would be grateful if you can just pm if it is support related.

    I took a look at your 2 projects and yes it seems i missed 2 clicks on tier 1 filters. It took me 10 seconds to correct it and already send you a PM with the updated project file to import.

    Wish you a pleasant weekend.

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    Sry about that royalmice, my bad.

    Royalmice fixed the issued i had and i have allready gotten new files from him.

    All credits to royalmice :)
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    You are welcome --
    Just remember i am like a 7/11 i am open almost all the time \ 7 days a week. You can send me a pm, or use the LIVE chat support on my site - I am online from 06H00 - 23H00 (GMT+7)
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    I thought i will share some stats about my service  with you.

    Since i started this thread on the 23rd of July, below are the stats.

    • 43 GSA Ser Data plus packs created
    • 19 GSA Ser Data Regular packs created
    • Created PDF's = 205
    • Tiers Build = 215
    • Email accounts used = 936
    • Created Outlook alias addresses = 9360
    • Created 537 Project Files in 170 folders using 1.75GB space
    • Live chats handled:  34
    • Bulk quotes send out: 4
    • Refunds : 1  (I refunded because no content on topic)
    • Discount coupons issued:  20

    I look forward to continue to be of service to the GSA Forum, and i hope to continue to improve on what is being delivered.

    Next week will be my birthday so9 you can expect some Freebies on that day.

    Thanks for all the support and special thanks to all who left feedback.

    Have a great day

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    Well, if you could create the money site as well I'd order more packs :-)
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    svobada So you want a GSA Data pack and you want a full set up Site ---  Not a problem, i can do the money site for you and schedule the post o it for you for the next 1 year, each post will have random video or images and links to whatever you list as your URLS u want to promote

    My only obstacle would be your budget  :))

    Seriously i like challenges, so just get me on PM and tell me what you need, whats your budget and i will see if i can knock something together for you.
  • Hi royalmice,
    Is your data pack plus is ok for ranking a french site ?
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    simvui Non, je suis désolé, mais je ne peux le faire en anglais
  • Then, I have to translate my keywords in English or I can let them in French when ordering ?
    Another question: what url do you want when purchasing: the money site Url and the tiers Urls I have made ?
    Thank in advance.
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    simvui Yes i will need the keywords in English please as i need this to scrape relevant content and also to generate the long tails.

    The URLS i need is basically the URL of the product \ website \ service you would like to promote. If you have existing URLS   from say article submissions you done or web 2.0's then you can also include this.

    Some people only provide 1 single URL for there site which is ok, but not very SEO friendly, especially not to your money site -- I highly recomend that you list as many URLS as possible, otherwise every single backlink are pointing to the same URL, and that is not neccesary good because Google are looking for link variety and diversity, so what you can do is instead of just listing : your main site :, you could include things like  your contact page, about us page, feed url, comment feed url, link all your categories and any pages, including your sitemap. You could also list your social accounts attached to that domain, like twitter, Facebook, interest etc etc.

    Hope that makes sense, if not, please het in touch and i shall try and explain

    PS --- What you could do is on the check out page -- there is a area where you can add a note or comment, in there you can include the French keywords, i will see if it is possible to scrape for content with them, if possible i will let you know.
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